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Maneuvering the digital marketing maze: Is your dental practice making wrong turns?
A dental practice is one of the trickiest businesses to effectively market, either by traditional methods or by utilizing our available digital technologies. Many times, providers and practice managers are overwhelmed by the wide array of available tools and by vendors that are knocking on their...  Read More
Twitter for Dentists: Update Your Profile Now!
If you regularly use Twitter for your dental practice, you may have noticed the remarkable changes to your profile page. Twitter has been rolling out an update to user profiles, with an emphasis made on visual content. They’ve made images a huge focus of the new profile page, reflecting the...  Read More
Thanks for Calling, I'm Listening
Good morning, and thanks for calling Tooth Talk on station WSML. That’s WSML - where we’ve got miles of smiles of oral health tips on keeping your grill luminous and your pearlies on perpetual high beam. I am your host, Dr. Franz Crasier. Joining me in the studio is my trusty right hand...  Read More
Restore now or watch and wait? CariScreen Testing and patient restorative urgency.
How are dental professionals using the CariScreen test on a daily basis?Restorative UrgencyWhen patients present with current decay, the dental team willdevelop a restorative treatment plan specific to the patient. Dependingon dental benefits and the cost of the restorative procedures, manypatients...  Read More
Be Ready When The Earth Shakes #3
Earthquakes make things move, shake and fall: check windows anchor bookcases, cabinet doors, refrigerators, water heaters (it's the law), furniture heaters andstoves other large appliances have flexible connections for gas appliances air conditioners use plastic containers...  Read More
Be Ready When The Earth Shakes #2
Put together asurvival kitfor earthquake preparedness: tools:ax, shovel, broom, screwdriver, pliers, hammer, adjustable wrench, rope, plastic sheeting and tape safety and comfort:shoes, gloves, candles and waterproof matches, change of clothes, knife, garden hose, tent, blankets and sleeping...  Read More
HIPAA Compliance:  Not on These Dentists’ Radar
Recently I attended a healthcare networking event and met a dental practice management consultant. After exchanging some opening pleasantries, we started an engaging conversation regarding HIPAA compliance for dental practices. With more offices turning to the use of electronic health records and...  Read More
What Happens to Your Practice When You Sell?
Here's my latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.If you do everything right, what happens to your practice immediately after you sell it and retire is up to you, for the most part. You can have a custom transition process, and ensure that everything is executed to your liking. That...  Read More
What To Do If You’re A Conflicting Client
Finding the right SEO agency for your business is important. Especially if you . You need to find a company that will take care of you needs and get you more leads and patients. But sometimes when you find the right agency for you and your practice, they already have a dentist as a client in your...  Read More
How To Effectively Market Your Dental Practice
I’ve written before about SEO, different internet tactics for acquiring new patients, and the importance of having a strong internet presence. And how they have helped . But there are still ways that you can get new patients and hold on to your existing ones without internet marketing. It...  Read More
What is the secret of a long lasting implant?
We all wish for a surviving rate of 10 years and more for all our implants. But how do we achieve that? It is already clear that a successful integration of the implant in the bone is not enough. This is maybe one of the missing complements in the equation. The other components of this equation are...  Read More
The ‘NEW’ Social Media Strategy That Has Been Proven to Improve Patient Retention and Increase Referrals
Still Searching for the Most Effective WayTo Retain Patients and Increase Referrals?This ‘NEW’ Social Media Strategy May BeExactly What You've Been Looking for. Only 4% of patients trust Dentist advertisements as their primary source of information when searching for a new Doctor, so...  Read More
Boot Camp For Training Your Dental Staff to Become Your Social Media Army
Ever wondered how many new patients you could attract if you had an army of social media marketers working for you?Surprise! You actually have a whole staff of employees right now you could put to work for you if you gave them a small amount of training.90% of your staff is already using social...  Read More
Be Ready When The Earth Shakes #1
Here's what's recommended for your earthquake preparednessfirst aidkit: hydrogen peroxide antibiotic ointment alcohol wipes over the counter pain medications current prescriptions anti-diarrhea medicine eye drops bandages elastic bandages gauze Q-tips adhesive...  Read More
Tooth Loss Ramifications
Today there are 25 million people in this country who have no teeth, and that number will increase to 38 million in 2020. As age increases, so does the prevalence ofedentulism(no teeth): 22% at age 45, 36% at age 55, 42% at age 65, and 56% at age 75. In addition, another 80 million people are...  Read More
Dental Practice Marketing: Managing Your Online Reputation
These days, patients are going online to conduct research when looking for a new dentist. According to a 2013 study by, 70% of respondents said that online dentist reviews are just as important as a dentist’s professional credentials.Word of mouth marketing has been revolutionized. While it...  Read More
How to Get a Flood of Dental Patients to Your Doorstep
Dentists of today no longer just focus on dental care, they also need to perform management and marketing responsibilities. Getting dental appointments filled has become quite a challenge for dentists setting up a private practice. Some dentists are not equipped to face competition, while others...  Read More
Testimonial about the Superiority of SAF-Self Adjusting File System
Please watch the video Testimonial about the Superiority of SAF. GO TO for more videos and to register for discounts. Testimonial of SAF by leading Endodontist   Read More
When Growing Your Dental Practice is a Bad Thing
Here's my latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.Growth can be good or bad for a dental practice, just like for any other business. Growing simply for the sake of it is not smart. Growing at a rate that’s well-thought-out, strategized, and steady is far better.Many dentists...  Read More
Why Patients Stick:  New Data Reveals How To Improve Retention & Increase Referrals / Infographic
In 17 years of private practice and the 10+ years I've been coaching I can’t remember having ever met a Dentist who didn't believe that word of mouth is the most effective and powerful method for generating quality new patient referrals. Having said that, I can count on one hand (with fingers...  Read More
Can Botox Relieve Chronic Pain?
Living with chronic facial pain can be very difficult for the sufferers and their loved ones. Often, diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain can be elusive. Since the pain can radiate outward in an area, it can be difficult to pin down the source of the pain. The source of the pain may be related...  Read More
How to Buy Pre-Owned CEREC® Technology - Get the 411 on Cerec Technology
IntroductionWelcome to our blog! Allow us to start by sharing a short snippet about the company behind this content- Four Star Dental Service, Inc. We have been pioneersin the pre-owned CEREC business for the last 10 years. Over this time, we have received a world class education in the art of...  Read More
Stolen Laptops Lead to Important HIPAA Settlements by HHS
The following announcement was recently posted by HHS-OCR:Two entities have paid the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) $1,975,220 collectively to resolve potential violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy...  Read More
6 Hot Viral Marketing Strategies For Attracting New Dental Patients
My first piece of advice isDon't Try To Create Viral Content. Sounds odd for me to say given the title of this post, huh? Well, the truth is trying to create viral content is akin to trying to hit a home run every time you get up to bat. Not very realistic is it?Dental Hub ()recently posted this...  Read More
Integrative Care: The Future of Healthcare
I was recently interviewed for an article in Naturopathic Doctor News and Review for their regular column, The Expert Report.The journal, whose main audience is naturopaths and other integrativehealth professionals, was to highlight the connection between the mouthand the body. Dr. Mark Swanson,...  Read More
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