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Thanks for Calling, I'm Listening
Good morning, and thanks for calling Tooth Talk on station WSML. That’s WSML - where we’ve got miles of smiles of oral health tips on keeping your grill luminous and your pearlies on perpetual high beam. I am your host, Dr. Franz Crasier. Joining me in the studio is my trusty right hand...  Read More
HIPAA Compliance:  Not on These Dentists’ Radar
Recently I attended a healthcare networking event and met a dental practice management consultant. After exchanging some opening pleasantries, we started an engaging conversation regarding HIPAA compliance for dental practices. With more offices turning to the use of electronic health records and...  Read More
What To Do If You’re A Conflicting Client
Finding the right SEO agency for your business is important. Especially if you . You need to find a company that will take care of you needs and get you more leads and patients. But sometimes when you find the right agency for you and your practice, they already have a dentist as a client in your...  Read More
How To Effectively Market Your Dental Practice
I’ve written before about SEO, different internet tactics for acquiring new patients, and the importance of having a strong internet presence. And how they have helped . But there are still ways that you can get new patients and hold on to your existing ones without internet marketing. It...  Read More
The ‘NEW’ Social Media Strategy That Has Been Proven to Improve Patient Retention and Increase Referrals
Still Searching for the Most Effective Way To Retain Patients and Increase Referrals? This ‘NEW’ Social Media Strategy May Be Exactly What You've Been Looking for. Only 4% of patients trust Dentist advertisements as their primary source of information when searching for a new Doctor,...  Read More
Why Patients Stick:  New Data Reveals How To Improve Retention & Increase Referrals / Infographic
In 17 years of private practice and the 10+ years I've been coaching I can’t remember having ever met a Dentist who didn't believe that word of mouth is the most effective and powerful method for generating quality new patient referrals. Having said that, I can count on one hand (with...  Read More
Stolen Laptops Lead to Important HIPAA Settlements by HHS
The following announcement was recently posted by HHS-OCR: Two entities have paid the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) $1,975,220 collectively to resolve potential violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy...  Read More
30 Practice Management Ideas to Jump Start Your Practice
30 Practice Management Ideas to Jump Start Your Practice Establish a recall system, write it up, train staff on it and follow it exactly. ...  Read More
HIPAA Security Audits to Ramp Up in Fall 2014
I have been preaching for a while now that it would only be a matter of time before stepped-up enforcement by the government for the HIPAA Security Rule would begin. Well, it appears that time may be coming this fall. In a recent article in Health IT Security, a spokesman for the U.S. Department...  Read More
Social Media Myths Exploded: 10 Beliefs That Are Costing You Referrals and Hurting Patient Retention
Social Media Myths Exploded: 10 Beliefs That Are Costing You Referrals and Hurting Patient Retention Much of what you’ve been told and believe about social media marketing is wrong. They are myths. I crushed them originally a few weeks ago on a webinar for the and I’ll do the same in...  Read More
Block Scheduling
BLOCK SCHEDULING  Your practice will be rushed, hectic and stressed without a schedule that is well designed.The purpose of blocking scheduling  is to decrease stress, keep production on an even keel from one day to the next while maintaining or increasing production. These are the steps for...  Read More
Actions to take to fill up your dental schedule, cut down on no-shows/cancellations.
1. For those who take insurance get in "end of year" insurance out. 2. Have a short call list 3. Make sure that every patient has their next appointment scheduled before leaving 4. Follow-up on unscheduled treatment and missed appointments. The person doing the calls must have excellent...  Read More
A Toot for Products That Work
Dental marketing can always provide a needed boost when properly applied. There are never any guarantees but properly timed and tested methods can always provide that higher probability of success. Enter Viva Referral Cards. I have no connection with this company other than we currently use their...  Read More
Best Dental Job Ad - EVER
I recently helped one of my clients write this dental job listing - it got 200+ applicants in 3 days. (Ready to learn the 13 steps to open a new dental office?to get your free copy of Grand Opening.) A HUGE Pool of Applicants For those of us who want the best staff, it’s a whole lot...  Read More
Broken Appointments: Following Up On
Correctly handling missed appointments is key to the successful management of your dental practice. If not handled as soon as they occur patient treatment plans can be disrupted, the schedule is thrown off and patients can be lost. When a patient misses an appointment they must be called within...  Read More
Forget About Getting Likes On Facebook, Here's What To Do Instead w/Infographic
It’s likely that you’ve been told by one or more Dentist marketing experts (DME’s) and/or practice management companies (PMC’s) that the key to success on Facebook is to get as many likes as possible. After thinking about it you say to yourself… “Well, that...  Read More
How A Dental Real Estate Lease Can FAIL; The Recap
I hope that you have enjoyed the Dental Real Estate Lease series and have found tremendous value in the education given. So far the feedback that we have been getting has been amazing! As we have learned the one, all powerful document, called a dental real estate lease, could secure or...  Read More

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