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What is the first thing that comes to mind when somebody thinks of the stars of Hollywood? Glamorous clothes and expensive cars? Extravagant parties? Well these are all features of the Hollywood we all know and love but there’s one thing missing. It’s that dazzling and perfect Hollywood...  Read More
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How A Dental Real Estate Lease Can FAIL (part 3)
For dentists looking to open a new office, this article willgive you some powerful strategies to use in your dental real estatelease negotiations.If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 of this 3-part mini-series you can read them here:Part 3: HOW TO WIN(and how your landlord will try to win too)Could Your...  Read More
Ready To Start Exercising?
Spring is here and summer is coming soon. More of us will be outdoors and we will want to take advantage of it by starting to exercise or to exercise more. We're all different, and the typical caution when beginning any exercise program is to discuss the program with your physician first.Low impact...  Read More
Causes of Bad Breath
Oral causes are responsible for 76% of oral malodor (). The main sources are: tongue coating accounts for 43% of it and periodontitis accounts for 18%TheJournal of Clinical Periodontologyreported on a study from the halitosis clinic at the Catholic University Leuven in Belgium. A protocol for...  Read More
HIPAA Security Compliance: What is Your Sanction Policy?
Sanction policy? It sounds like what one country would do to another country to apply political pressure. Regrettably, that is the terminology the government is using when it comes to this section of HIPAA Security Rule compliance. The sanction policy (CFR 164.308(a)(1)(iii)(C) must be part of the...  Read More
How A Dental Real Estate Lease Can FAIL (part 2)
If you missed Part 1 of this 3-part mini-series It shares thoughtful insight and should be read before Part 2.Dentistswho are considering opening a new office will most likely look at the option of leasing. After reviewing many leases, my team has found afew sure-fire ways to FAIL in the dental...  Read More
INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Symptoms of a Sick Dental Practice
Here's Jason Smith's latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.You run a successful practice and you're making a good income - but you know things can be better. You've tried practice management and marketing with short-lived results. You're not willing to settle with the status quo,...  Read More
How A Dental Real Estate Lease Can FAIL (part 1)
The one, all powerful document, called a dental real estate lease, could secure or obliterate your financial security.Surprisingly the financial dangers have nothing to do with the price per square foot.Read on, in this 3 part article to discover the 3 worst FAILS of a dental real estate...  Read More
Dentist Marketing Success Requires That You MUST Understand The "New" New Patients... Introducing the Gen-C Patient
Dentist Marketing Success Requires That You MUST Understand The "New" New Patients... Introducing the Gen-C Patient. As I've mentioned in previous posts and In , the level of sophistication and specialization required to achieve sustainable growth in your dental practice is now at an all-time...  Read More
Using a GIF file
I don't know anything about computer graphics but I found a person on FIVERR that can make up a cute neon sign that flashes in a gif format (which I assume a computer geek could add to a site in a jif). Just did a youtube video of it with the puppy barking wanting to play.It is much clearer than...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
Evidence Facebook Ads Might NOT Be All They're Cracked Up to Be...
When FB let the cat out of the bag that businesses would need to start paying for advertisements if they wanted to show up in more organic feeds, people were in shock. I'm not sure why. FB is a business with shareholders now, and therefore they have to show profits.Yet I must admit I kept thinking...  Read More
How Your Practice Can Survive a Few Slow Months
Here's my latest post for the Four Quadrants Advisory™ blog.Put simply, the secret to making it through slow times as a dentist is great planning. If you have a good idea of what’s coming, and you have a plan in place to deal with it, you’ll be able to get through short periods of...  Read More
The Bold Biography of Dr. Howard Farran
Dr. Farran's Top 5 quotes: All 2 million dentists should be on the internet within four years. Motivation is like hygiene. You need it every single day. Business is only three things: people, time and money. If you get and “A” on people, the time and money take care of...  Read More
What do art, wine, a brand new Ford Mustang and dentists have in common?  The Oregon Dental Conference!
This post specifically refers to Oregon’s dental conference, but offers advice applicable to any state’s conference.Where else can dental professionals go to learn updated clinical strategies, see and touch the latest technology, network with other dental professionals, buy a bottle (or...  Read More
How to Use Utilitarian Marketing for Dental Marketing Success
This blog was designed to be read in conjunction with my last post on Utilitarian Marketing...To refresh your memory, I went into some details about how the most progressive form of social media marketing for dentists is in the form of utility. In order to reach "friend" status on your patients'...  Read More
The Key To Dental Marketing Success: Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice Using The Four Moments of Truth
Growth Hacking Your Dental Practice: Why Understanding and Designing The Four Moments of Truth Is The Key To Your Dental Marketing Success When dental marketers talk about “real time” online strategies, they are almost always thinking about rapid engagement and response. focuses on the...  Read More
Dental Health Tips For Moms On The Go
In today’s world, we are busier than ever. None more so than mom’s with young children traveling from event to event. Spending countless hours in the car and on the go. During these hectic times we tend to neglect the basics of maintaining our teeth. It is important to remember that our...  Read More
Denture Stomatitis and Fungal Infections
Denture stomatitis is a common disorder affecting denture wearers. It is characterized as inflammation and redness of the tissues covered by the. It is often asymptomatic; only a minority of sufferers experience pain, itching or burning. It is primarily identified during a dental examination as the...  Read More
Cleft Palate? See A Prosthodontist!
Acleft palatepresents itself in a number of different ways. Mindy had acleft palate, with no bone and no tooth in her upper left lateral incisor location. The adjacent teeth had shifted towards the defect, even after orthodontic therapy. Without bone for anto replace the missing tooth and...  Read More
Enamel Saving Toothpaste - the Nitty Gritty
When you hear words like “acid protection” and “enamel strengthening formula,” do you keep one hand on your wallet and the other on your toothbrush?Earlier this month in "Let's Get Enameled with Tooth Enamel," we noted that you can’t grow more enamel. Once it’s...  Read More
How to Use Utilitarian Marketing to Engage Your Patients On Social Media
Social Media Marketing has been a game changer for all businesses, and dental offices are no exception. The most progressive form of social media marketing is utilitarian-style marketing.Definition of Utilitarian: Designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive. Synonyms = functional,...  Read More
3 Tips for Staying Ahead of Taxes Year-Round
Here's Kathy Collins' latest postfor the Four Quadrants Advisory™blog.The intelligent business owner doesn’t simply worry about taxes when it comes time to file a return. It’s a much more in-depth process than that, one that has to touch more than just a few weeks of your year....  Read More
The Best Prosthodontic Care We Can Give in Bakersfield, CA!
Eachyou may visit has its own character. That character is often defined in the office's mission statement, which reflects the doctor's and team's attitudes towards patients, their dental health, and the manner in which they will be cared for. In ours, our goal is to be empathetic regarding your...  Read More
Why Is Dental Care Important?
Scientific research has shown the relationship between, necessary vitamin intake, and foods that are best for protecting your healthy smile.  Read More
Dental Practice Branding: Top Tips for Naming Your Dental Practice
What’s in a name? Actually, a great deal. Whether as a result of the sale of a practice, or a rebranding initiative, choosing a name for the dental practice is a major decision that should not be taken lightly.The name is central to the. It helps patients identify and relate to your practice,...  Read More
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