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Internal Marketing: New Patient Referral Protocol
         REFERRAL PROTOCOL Important: The ADA Code of Ethics states, “A dentist is allowed to pay for any advertising permitted by the Code but, is generally not permitted to make payments to another person or entity for the referral of a patient for professional services". Some states allow you...  Read More
What Does Miley Cyrus Have To Do With Marketing Your Dental Office?
“Will marketing a new dental office bring me new patients?” It’s a valid question; without patients, you have no income. But if you follow the Miley Cyrus Rule, you can be assured to get excellent new patient flow when marketing a new dental office. Here are a couple of examples...  Read More
Building Your Advisory Team, Avoiding Conflicts of Interest, and Securing Indepedence
As a new grad, transition doctor, or established private practitioner you are most likely bombarded by a wide variety of vendors seeking to offer advice. These advisors can come from many fronts - dental school instructors, mentor dentists, supply and equipment vendors, practice lenders, dental...  Read More
HIPAA Security Factoid
According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 40% of reported healthcare data breaches involve a lost or stolen laptop or mobile device. Make sure all your portable devices, tablets, thumb drives, and external hard drives that contain patient records have proper encryption...  Read More
Dental Student Debt Is Good News.  Learn Why Here
In this article, we are going to dig into the possible benefits of Dental Student Debt and the hard truths behind whether or not you’ll see any profits from that debt. Our culture generally has a negative opinion of debt, and I’m about to tell you some things that might sound a little...  Read More
Taking a Bite of Presidential Dental History
President’s Day is the Rorschach test of federal holidays. Ask half a dozen people who the day is meant to honor and many people will say George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, whose birthdays were both in February. Others may say President's Day celebrates all presidents, while some may...  Read More
Wolf of Wallstreet - nearly a Dentist!
The new Leonardo Dicaprio movie name "Wolf of Wallstreet" is making waves! A little known fact is that Jordan Belfort (the Wolf) is a Dental School dropout. What do you think of that? (See the dental school comments at minute 2:29) By Jayme and his team have helped hundreds of...  Read More
Top 10 Myths of HIPAA Risk Analysis
The following is a top 10 list distinguishing fact from fiction when it comes to conducting A HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. 1. The security risk analysis is optional for small providers. False. All providers who are “covered entities” under HIPAA are required to perform a risk analysis....  Read More
Optimism For Dental Debt!  Really?
I have 2 pieces of news that make this 7-figure dental debt load a reason for optimism. #1 – 6-Figures Instead of 7-Figures #2 – The Good and Profitable Dental Debt #1 Reason for Optimism - 6 figures instead of 7-figures The most recent statistics show the actual average dental debt...  Read More
The Difference in Successful and Unsuccessful Managers
Successful Managers Unsuccessful Managers Having...  Read More
Shocking News: Negative Net Worth Of Over 1 Million Dollars – On Your First Day?
I’ll explain below how this is the first year that it’s possible to owe 7-figures before sitting chairside in your own practice. This could be the day that we will remember that young dental graduates begin their careers with a NEGATIVE net-worth of $1 Million. Shocking? I hope so,...  Read More
Protocol for Handling Unscheduled Treatment
1. Review the patient’s chart before calling so you know the last treatment they received or what that they need as well as what family members might have been seen. 2. Use the information in #1 when you call to show them that an effort was made to know about them and their family. Show...  Read More
Hygienist or Gynocologist?
When you see a client twice or more a year for over a decade, you certainly build a trust like no other. As a therapist (yes, we hygienists are therapists) I have found that patients sometimes just need help with other completely unrelated topics. There was no preparing for the recent...  Read More

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