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Five Principles of Investment Management
Whether you are a do-it-yourself investor or you work with an adviser, there are several basic principles you should be aware of that can help improve your investment performance. Even though many of these are considered ‘common sense’ by those who are educated about investing, not...  Read More
The 5 Budget-Killing Construction Costs that Ruin Dental Offices
*Please note: For the sake of space on this page, please see the full length explanations of The 5 Budget-Killing Constructions Costs that Ruin Dental Offices at: For the record: I am not a contractor. Yet, I’ve witnessed dozens of clients get hoodwinked and ripped off in new office projects...  Read More
State of the Dental Union - 2014
The Affordable Care Act is changing how people buy health insurance and the way health care services are delivered, but significant changes are also happening in dentistry. In short, most people are going to the dentist less frequently. Utilization of dental care services has been declining since...  Read More
#1 Proven Dental Practice Management Technique: "The Ideal"
While many will implement dental practice management techniques from various consultants, there is one that could clarify, simplify and empower you more than any other. It’s holding you back from your desired level of satisfaction and production. That tool is: Your Ideal. Your Ideal. In...  Read More
A patient walks in the front door late... The Conclusion
THE PROBLEM Now keep in mind we are creeping up to a half hour past this patient's appointment time. Although I appreciated the phone call to let us know he would be late, I also was keenly aware that in order to clean his teeth, I would be in a rush. His lack of an apology and presence of a...  Read More
50GB New Year's gift?
How about 50GB of free space as a gift this year? We've almost all heard of Dropbox. Well, their big competitor is now offering 50GB of free storage (for life) if you download their new app for iPhone and iPad. They just released the new apple app on 1/15 in what looks like a push to lure...  Read More
Branding Your Practice for Marketing Success
Brand development is vital for marketing success. This is true for any business and most certainly true for all dental practice ventures. Brand recognition is the goal of all marketing efforts because it trumps mere presence and instead provides a clearly focused impression that is wholly aligned...  Read More
A patient walks in the front door late...
In the not too distant past I encountered a situation that I'm pretty sure I won't ever forget. It was a typical workday filled with lots of medical history updates, full mouth probes and deleting items from the treatment plans that had actually been completed three years ago just not updated in...  Read More
Essential Tools For Building a Dental Office
This post will show you the 5 Essentials I’ve witnessed in building a dental office from scratch over nearly a decade. But don’t be fooled…it’s not easy. These are the biggest dental office success factors I’ve witnessed among a few hundred practices because there...  Read More
An Internet-Connected Toothbrush - Deja Vu?
It’s a new year, so what better time to brush up on the latest tooth brushing tech tool for oral awesomeness? French startup Kolibree is the latest company to take a turn at reinventing the wheel of daily tooth brushing monotony with an Internet-connected toothbrush. The Kolibree toothbrush...  Read More
Long Term Cost of Retirement Plan Asset-based Fees
Many bundled 401(k) plans offered to small practices can have very high fees, which include mutual fund fees and other asset-based fees. Fees average about 1.5% but at the high end of the spectrum fees can be as high as 4%. These AUM (assets under management) fees always grow as your account grows....  Read More
Consultant Tip: Top 12 Best Practices for 2014 [January issue of Dentaltown Magazine]
As one year ends and another begins, it is a perfect time to reset your practice management style to ensure you get the absolute best out of the New Year ahead. No practice is static, no matter how high your production or how long the practice has been around. You have...  Read More
Hospital Hell:  Dental care in the hospital
This post was inspired by a hellish experience and originally published to our office website. My own mother was in the hospital for two weeks. Although the life saving medical care was outstanding, the day to day focus on her mouth was non existent. It's a good thing she had a dental...  Read More
Hi, I'm Charlotte!
"Dental Hygiene Hell" was the phrase coined by my classmates back in 1998. I'm sure we weren't the only wanna-be RDH's that thought our program was one gigantic stress inducing, social life strangling, time devouring tornado. We were neck deep in pharmacology, chemistry, root morphology,...  Read More
The best 401k plan: pooled or participant-directed?
When we talk about retirement plans, specifically the 401k plans, we always have in mind participant-directed plans in which all plan participants get their own personal account and are responsible for managing their own investments. It turns out that participant-directed plans aren’t the...  Read More
Do Not Pre-Schedule Every Patient for Recare
So many practices are on automatic and take little time to evaluate a patient before scheduling appointments. This adds to the broken appointment problem. I'd like to see practices look a bit closer before pre-scheduling recare appointments 3, 6 or 12 months in advance. If a patient has a history...  Read More
Start 2014 Out Right!
Happy 2014 and I hope it’s off to a great start! To get things rolling in the right direction I thought I would put together the top three blog posts of 2013. These were the posts that received the most views, comments and attention during the year, so if you didn’t get a chance to take...  Read More
What to Say to Patients Who Ask You to Cheat by Altering the Record (s) and/or Dates (s)
Sometimes a patient will ask to bill them at an earlier or later date than the dental treatment was actually done. They do this to try to take advantage of an insurance company by having them to pay for a service that was not covered at the time of treatment. This also occurs when a patient has a...  Read More
Financial Coordinators are Salespeople for Dental Treatment
The late Dr. Harold Wirth once said, "The people of America have the money to buy what they want; it is dentistry's responsibility to have them buy what they need." The Financial Coordinator and every other staff member in the practice should adopt the attitude above. First for the well-being of...  Read More
What happened with that patient?
So you’ve done all you can to educate the patient, you’ve used models, x-rays, analogies, drawings, etc. The patient is now fully educated and understands what will happen if he or she ignores the problem. You’ve even received a statement from the patient that he or she is ready...  Read More
Hiring a Fiduciary Adviser for Your Retirement Plan
Fiduciary liability and hiring a fiduciary to run your plan The best way to help yourself and your employees achieve better investment results is to offer individualized investment advice. When hiring an adviser for your plan, there are several things to keep in mind: 1) A 3(38) investment...  Read More

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