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HPV Infections in the Mouth
Implant Options for Denture Patients
In the top radiograph, six upper(the ones on the sides tilted backwards) and their distribution allows them to be joined by a bar structure that has teeth attached to it and thehybrid bridge is permanently screwed in place. It can only be removed in the prosthodontic office. The prosthesis is more...  Read More
Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!
Fellow Townies,First and foremost, we hope that 2013 treated your families and practices incredibly well. From our vantage point it was a peculiar year. We had the opportunity to review more practice transitions than ever but the outcome was skewed by a generally down year for most sellers -...  Read More
The 2013 True Tooth Review
Wow. A culmination of another full year of amazing dental news that is rapidly disappearing in the 2013 rear view mirror. As we humbly reflect on this past year of dental trends and delightfully corny dental stories, Felicia and I raise our bottle of ADA approved mouthwash and salute all of you who...  Read More
How The Top 5 Tech Stories of 2013 Affect Your Dental Practice
2013 has been the year of tech competition between brands looking toclimb to the top of consumer wish-lists (or stay there). From socialIPO's to smartphone companies, the industry continues to grow and ourlives become ever more tied to technology. The continued integration ofthe internet into...  Read More
Managing Investment Risk Part 2: Correlation and Diversification
Hedge funds, managed futures, commodities, private placements, oiland gas exploration, non-listed REITs…what do all of these have incommon? The sellers usually claim that their product will provide thenecessary diversification for your portfolio. They claim they havenumbers to prove it, too....  Read More
It's Never Too Late To Quit
After having celebrated the annual Great American Smokeout last month, and looking forward to New Year's resolutions, smokers may be thinking of quitting. It's never too late!More than any lifestyle choice a person can make,will have the most positive impact on general health status. This is what...  Read More
Why Gum Health Can Worsen With Age
New Research from Queen Mary, University of London, in collaboration with research groups in the United States, may elucidate the reasons behind deteriorating gums as we age. According to the study, published in Nature Immunology, the worsening of gum health, common with aging, is associated with a...  Read More
Managing Investment Risk Part 1: Market Risk
This chart can put everything in context:Figure 1. Missing ten best days.Allthis says is that markets are extremely risky, with majority of gainsand losses coming in a very short period of time. So anyone planning toretire and make withdrawals better manage risk, or else:Figure 2. 'Monte Carlo'...  Read More
Choosing The Best Practice Location; A Lesson In Demographics
Quite possibly the largest investment of your life will be made on a new office and you want to do it right. There is a lot on the line!First, before considering the best dental demographics for your practice, see if any of these questions have rattled around in your mind:1.) Do you want the...  Read More
Porcelain Veneer Long Term Success
One of the technological benefits of the "space race" in the 1960's was the development of light weight but highly durable composite (resin-porcelain mixtures) materials. These composites rapidly expanded into different uses and found their way into all industries, including dental materials....  Read More
Preschoolers Need Tooth Brushing
The number of preschoolers requiring extensive dental work suggests that many parents are not enforcing daily, they added, is so severe that they recommended using general anesthesia because young children are unlikely to sit through such extensive procedures while they are awake. The growing...  Read More
LASER TREATMENT FOR GUM DISEASEThe use of lasers as a non-surgical therapy used to treat periodontal diseases not only reduce s bleeding and swelling but it also significantly reduces the pain and discomfort to the patient during and after surgery. Laser therapy is amore modern approach in treating...  Read More
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A View from the Other Side of Healthcare
I have worked in the healthcare technology field for over 30 years and this has given me a pretty good handle on knowing what goes on in a typical healthcare setting. However, in early November I was afforded the opportunity to see the industry from a different perspective, that of a patient. I...  Read More
Watching Your Back Door for Marketing Success
Our dental practices have two very important doors. One of them is meant to remain open (our front door) while the other should always be closed (our back door). Our back doors were never intended to be open and yet many dental practices ignore this one very important "thruway" when marketing their...  Read More
Is Holiday Snacking Harmful To Your Dental Health?
As we are in the middle of the. Issues that could be created includetooth decayand even fractured teeth. Below are a listing of some to be careful of:1.Popcorn. An old favorite usually enjoyed at the movies but around holiday time regular old popcorn becomes coated in caramel. Normally popcorn...  Read More
Social Media ROI for Dentists: Worth the Time and Money?
We all agree that a presence on social media shows that your dentalpractice is modern. It reveals that you are keeping up with the timesand that you want to communicate with your patients. But is socialmedia worth the investment? Can being on sites like Facebook, Twitter,Google+ and Pinterest...  Read More
FDA Approves Breakthrough Hepatitis C Drug
For most of the last 20 years, the standardinvolved a grueling year-long program of oral and intravenous medications that caused nausea, fever, headaches and cured fewer than half of patients. Then, in 2011, two new drugs were approved that raised the cure rate to about 65-75%, when combined with...  Read More
Smoking Still Popular in Middle and High School
The latest statistics released from the Centers for Disease Control, analyzed from data from the 2012 National Youth Tobacco Survey, address the prevalence of current tobacco product use in the youth population. They show: 6.7% of middle school aged youths smoke 23.3% of high school youths...  Read More
Pulling Teeth To Save Money is Humbug!
Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol was first published170 years ago, and all these years later it still has teeth in describing society and the human condition. In this re-adaptation, we made some, uh, occlusal adjustments, to give the beloved literary classic a little bite on dental awareness.What...  Read More
The Newest Proven Dental Practice Demographics Tools; The 12 That Matter Most To New Dental Practices
2 of the following 12 Demographic Reporting Tools, if combined, can make or break new dental practices.Can you guess which ones?The importance of these 12 Demographic Criteria boil ALL the census data down to the key elements that are relevant to dentists and their new dental practices.1)...  Read More
Debt Repayment Basics
Whether you have student loans, practice loans or a mortgage, one of the most common questions asked is whether it makes sense to pay out your loans early. Opinions always vary. Some say you should repay your loans quickly. Others say invest your money in stocks instead. Does your loan interest...  Read More
Multimedia A Must For Your Dental Practice
Multimedia You Need To Cover Every ChannelYou only have to think back five or six years ago and marketing your dental practice was pretty straight forward, basically you could put an advert in Yellow Pages and one in the local newspaper and you’d pretty much done it. Today is very different,...  Read More
Writing a blog is essential for patient communication
Blogging Is Essential To Promote Your Dental Practice or BusinessFor those of you who are not quite sure what a blog is, you are reading one right now and blogging is becoming more and more an essential part of any dental practice’s.Why I can hear you all saying? Well hopefully you recently...  Read More
The Ugly Statistic Plaguing Most Dental Practices
Before you read this blog post, I’d like you to get out a pen, estimate the percentage of bloody prophys you have in your practice, and write that number down. Now put that away; we’ll come back to it.My good friend Dr. Bill Domb has a saying that I use every day in my practice:...  Read More
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