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Google Adwords Is The New Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation is Dead It's All About AdwordsSearch Engine Optimisation has changed dramatically over the last five years as you may have read in my two previous articles. But there are still ways that you can improve your rankings as I highlighted in part two.But even if you are really...  Read More
The Definitive Guide To Marketing Your Dental Office In 2014
How to attract new patients near your office The best next steps for your digital marketing The ins and outs of social media The dos and don'ts of online reputation management The continued importance of traditional marketingHappy Thanksgiving!Keaton  Read More
Oregon Mission of Mercy- The Dental Community Addresses Access to Care
The Oregon Dental Association is hosting our fourth Mission of Mercy event on Monday & Tuesday, November 25th & 26th. Oregon Mission of Mercy is a dental clinic with 100 portable dental stations set up in an exhibit hall at the Oregon Convention Center. Dental screenings and services are...  Read More
The Best Dental Chair Warranties....The Drum Roll Please
The Dental Chair.Arguably the Most Important Equipment in Your OfficeWhich Company Has The Best Dental Chair Warranty?Pelton and Crane’s chair warranty comes in at 5 years. That’s huge. That means that your typical loan for dental equipment will be have parts and labor covered for the...  Read More
Your Saliva Is A Fingerprint
New research shows that makeup of the bacteria found below the gumline in people's mouths is as powerful as afingerprint in identifying ethnicity. A Ohio State University study of 400 different species of bacteria, in the mouths of patients of different ethnic affiliations (non-Hispanic blacks,...  Read More
What Every Healthcare Professional Needs to Know About CIMT
A new game-changingshowed that when we address clinical views of gum disease plus bacteria and microbial approach, we can slow down and the progression of blockage in the carotid artery. This is big news for both the medical and dental communities, so let's break it down:First of all, what is...  Read More
Porcelain Veneers Can Give You A Dramatic Change
For the patient who has bleached their teeth without desired results. For the patient with crooked teeth, spaces (diastemas), rotated teeth, or old unsightly fillings,can provide dramatic cosmetic and esthetic changes in just two appointments. When orthodontics is not an option, correction of a...  Read More
Practice Organization
Organization of a practice is, in essence, composed of ensuring you and your staff know how to efficiently and effectively process:a. New Patientsb. Returning Patientsc. Emergency PatientsWhen I begin with a new client I evaluate where the weak links are in handling new, returning and emergency...  Read More
Social Teamwork: Can you hire someone to post for you?
We hear every day from dentists who want a social media presence butdon’t feel they have the time to commit to it. They know that simplyhaving a website isn’t enough anymore because theyunderstand that theirpatients are using social media more than ever. Can hiring an outsidecompany to...  Read More
Who Wants To Be Boring? Three Inane Topics of Discussion That You Must Eliminate Immediately!!
I’ve always been an advocate for the mantra that all of our patients deserve our full and undivided attention each and every time that they visit our dental office.On top of that, that undivided attention needs to be given, and shown, whether the appointment time is first thing in the...  Read More
Search Engine Optimisation Is Dead (part two)
Is It Worth Paying For Search Engine Optimisation For Your Practice?Search Engine Optimisation as we have known it for the last 5 years or so, in my opinion is now dead and buried and to be quite frank good riddance. Because effectively Search Engine Optimisation is all about fooling the search...  Read More
Missed Appointment Procedures
The key to a high percentage of dental appointments kept are:a. Ensuring that when dental treatment is presented the patient really understands what will happen if they do not take action within a reasonable amount of time. They need to understand the condition will get worse, not because you say...  Read More
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Exercise Enhances Brain Power
Even for older people, physical, and her team examined more than 100 studies on the topic. They found that aerobic exercise improves ability to coordinate multiple things, long term planning and the ability to stay on task for extended periods. Resistance training, such as lifting weights, improves...  Read More
What Do You Do If Your Tooth Is Knocked Out?
What do you do if your tooth gets knocked out? DON'T rinse it with water! Lick it clean and put it back in place and gently bite to hold it in position until it stabilizes. If you need to transport it to the dentist, soak it inmilk. Toothreimplantationdoes sometimes work, the sooner the better, if...  Read More
Dr. Doug Thompson shares his perio protocol. An interview.
We had the great privilege to sit down and discuss a groundbreaking Personalized Periodontal Medicine approach that is taken at .Q: Dr. Thompson, why did you decide to start using the in your Personalized Periodontal Medicine protocol? What is it doing for you?A: Dr. Kutsch introduced the product...  Read More
The Longevity of Teeth and Dental Implants
published in the Journal of the American Dental Association by Levin and Haperin-Sternfeld regarding the longevity of teeth and dental implants has raised some interesting, and long overdue questions. This review should have clinicians talking and hopefully talking among dental specialties.Levin...  Read More
Section 179 incentive program can benefit you!
As it turns out, our friends in Congress may be a dentist’s greatest ally. Technology options for dental professionals have continued to evolve at an exciting pace. Such technologies can help providers to build patient trust and empowerment through information and education. Developments in...  Read More
Making Smart Decisions..And Why 19 Out of 20 Dentists Don’t Make Them…
An interesting discussion this week in an Australian email chat forum for high achieving Dentists….It happened that one of the dentists decided that his practicing life needed some invigorating, and he felt that one way that this could be achieved was by the addition of a $150,000.00 Cad Cam...  Read More
Save Your Way To Success
Of course there are many duties that front office must fulfill in order for a practice to be successful.There are insurances to be researched and verified, patients to be called whether existing or inactive, and holes to be filled in the schedule to stay abreast of production goals.Typically there...  Read More
Bountiful Thanksgiving Feast and its Dental Health Benefits
At but your entire health as a whole.Best Thanksgiving Foods to Eat for Good Oral Health-Turkey is high in phosphorous. The phosphorous is not only healthy for developing teeth but can actually help rebuild and re mineralize teeth and bones of the jaw.-Sweet potatoes are filled with nutrients...  Read More
Health Alert: Flu and People with Diabetes
Thehas the following recommendations. Both type 1 and 2 diabetic patients, even when well managed, are at increased risk of severe disease and complications, like hospitalization and even death, as a result of getting the flu. This is because diabetes can make the immune system less able to fight...  Read More
Minimum Age For Dental Implant?
What is the minimum age for a? This is especially important for boys and girls who havecongenitally missing teeth. Dental implants should not be placed until after skeletal growth is complete. Once placed, an implant and the bone which surrounds it do not change, so we don't want the jaws and teeth...  Read More
The "F Word" In Dental Marketing
The Importance of Frequency in Dental MarketingWhen I’m talking to me clients about their dental marketing programs (or lack of them). I’m often asked “how often should I do this or that”. The answer is that frequency is all important in marketing your dental practice, in...  Read More
Nobody Knows If You're A Good Dentist You Need Proof
Marketing Your Dental Practice “Provide Proof”It’s strange isn’t it, when we are going to buy something we normally like to try and get some information on if before we buy. The very best example of this is when you buy from Amazon, they are simply brilliant, strange that...  Read More
Nightmare Stories – But Ones You Should Know on Dental Contractors; Part 2
The wrong team members on yourPractice Project Teamcan make an enjoyable, career defining, fun project turn into stress, frustration, budget pain and even anger.In general, there are 2 major losses if you have the wrong dental contractor or wrong Practice Project Teammember:Time and...  Read More
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