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Holy Cow - Has 2013 been "Opposite Year" relative to 2012?!
Fellow Townies, First and foremost, we hope 2013 has treated your families and practices as scrumptiously well as possible! It's been an odd year. 2012 was killer busy - election year, patient flow metrics, Tx plan acceptance, blah, blah, blah. 2013 seems to be a photo negative - at least as it...  Read More
Buying a practice? A few tips...
If you're buying here are some standard tips: 1. Get an accurate count of active patients. Often this is greatly inflated. If the software has been correctly entered for all patients then the active patient count will be good. However less than 1 in 10 practices will have accurate information as...  Read More
What's theThe TRUE Price To Open A New Office?  Find Out Here...
Did you know range of total dental practice start-up costs during the last few years has run $250,000 - $500,000? (and I’ll break that number down for you below). For some, that sounds like good news since they’ve heard it can cost seven figures. For the rest of the dental community,...  Read More
Odontogenic Sinusitis - An Introduction
. Recently, an article in the Journal of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, extrapolated data from a County hospital in Minnesota and calculated a national cost of inpatient hospital care for odontogenic deep neck space infections to be $200 million annually (1). Absent from this article was...  Read More
How to Run a Successful Retirement Plan: A Guide for Medical and Dental Practices
Whether you have an existing plan, looking to open a new plan or upgrade the plan you already have, there are four things you need to consider that can significantly improve the quality of your plan: having the right plan design, minimizing plan cost, managing your fiduciary liability as a plan...  Read More
Why Patients Don't Pay and How to Handle It
Why Patients Don't Pay and How to Handle It There are only two reasons why patients do not pay. 1. An Upset or a Misunderstanding An upset patient could be caused from anything such as something was not said, or something was said and forgotten and/or not documented. Example: "I didn't...  Read More
Crown and Bridge Marketing by the Dental Hygienist
Crown and Bridge Marketing by Dental Hygienist Dental hygienists are usually the first ones to see a patient with chief complaints. These may include fractured teeth, caries, spaces created by missing teeth or defective anterior restoration, all of which can be restored by crowns, inlays, onlays...  Read More
How to Increase Your Hygiene Production
How to Increase your Hygiene Production Production levels vary hygienist to hygienist, even in the same practice. This is because the types of services vary greatly, depending on the provider. The most important thing should be patient care. Many of the things that will help you improve patient...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Tongue Cleaning
This is an example of what can be printed on card stock and given to your patients. TONGUE CLEANING The tongue is home to billions of bacteria which break down the dead skin cells, food debris and various secretions such as saliva and postnasal drip. This breakdown generates gases...  Read More
Never Withdraw Your Attention from the Patient
Withdrawing your attention from a patient can be perceived by the patient as a “put down”. In truth, it is a “put down”. Many years ago, I was at a booth meeting with a company representative about his services at a convention. During our conversation the individual I...  Read More
Doctor production versus hygiene Production
The amount of production that should come from your  all depends upon the production of the dentist and the type of hygiene care delivered.   I have one client who produces $5000.00 a day. His hygienist produces $1200.00 today. Another client produces $2200.00 a day. His hygienist produces around...  Read More
Why We Don’t Charge Asset-Based (AUM) Fees
Majority of today’s advisers, whether they are fee-only (that is, they are paid only by the client, not by third parties for selling products), or fee-based (having a mix of fees and commissions from product sales) are compensated by charging a percentage of assets under management (AUM)...  Read More
Why I (Still) Like Buy and Hold
Since the crash of 2008, many investment advisers and financial commentators pronounced that 'buy and hold' is dead. At the lowest point, the S&P500 fell as much as 50%, and even today most portfolios never recovered from the fall experienced by domestic and international markets, which both...  Read More
Best month in 25 YEARS!!
Posted on My absolute favorite thing about helping dentists to improve their lives and practices is when I get success stories. Today, one of my private coaching clients and Elite Practice Mastermind members, Dr. Aaron Nicholas from Burtonsville, MD shot me a text letting me know that he had...  Read More

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