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My best radio script all month!
Here's what the voice talent had to say about my latest radio ad script:"Have done many Radio and TV Dental and Toothpaste Commercials in my time but this is the most original Dental Commercial EVER. Very cleverly scripted with exceptional irony and humour. Really enjoyed it as did everybody who...  Read More
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Medications And The Effect On Oral Health
are any chemicalsubstanceusedinthetreatment, cure, or prevention of disease. It can also be used as a supplement to enhance a person’s physical or mental well being.Over the course of our lives we will all, most likely, take some form of medication. The?Prescribed and over-the-counter drugs,...  Read More
New Patient Calls: Out of Network
Honesty is the best policy. A sharp-as-a-tack, front desk person, a necessity, including effectivelycommunicating the benefits of your practice (new technology, over-the-topcustomerservice, CE, "I'm biased but Dr. Smith is the best!" etc.)without bashing yourcompetitors.Script outline for FFS...  Read More
Categories: Insurance
Uniformity and Conformity. There IS a Reason. Is Lack of Consistency Costing You Money?
Imagine if you walked into a Police Station and the Police on duty there were not wearing a uniform?I mean, they were in civilian clothes.Imagine if you walked into McDonald’s placed your order, and the boy that took your order just said:“Chips?!”You see, at the Police Station,...  Read More
How’s Your Phone? You Won’t Believe How Badly This Doctor’s Phone Was Answered…
“No one should ever treat customers as an interruption. On the contrary, customers should always feel welcomed and encouraged to interrupt us whenever they want to.”– Shep HykenYou can’t believe what goes on out there in telephone land behind your backs, Doctors.The other...  Read More
A Primer on Retirement Plans for Small Business Owners
 So you are now ready to open a retirement plan for your business.Whether you are looking to minimize taxes or provide a valuable perk toyour employees, there are many different choices available depending onwhat you are trying to accomplish. Which plan should you open? SEP IRA?SIMPLE IRA?...  Read More
Does your dental practice marketing bring you the kind of patients you want?
Marketing the dental practice has come a long way since I first began working in the dental field. I recall the days that the only type of marketing we did was to ask our beloved patients to refer their friends and family, have an elegant sign outside of our door and to list in the phonebook a...  Read More
Splint Therapy
Just published: a systematic review of 1,567 published randomized controlled trials in which investigators compared theeffectiveness of splint therapy with that of minimal or no treatmentin patients with temporomandibular disorders.Of all of the studies reviewed, 11 proved eligible as being...  Read More
Can Treatment Of Sleep Apnea Help Diabetics?
and diabetes control.What Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?affects almost 25% of the population and is a characterized by repeated stops and starts in breathing during sleep. The most common form ofsleep apneais obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) which occurs when your throat muscles intermittently relax....  Read More
Fun Fall Foods for Healthy Teeth
It’s a bit early for trees to start wowing us with autumn splendor, but daytime temperatures are dropping, the days are getting shorter and weekends are busy with fall festivals and football. Happily, there are delicious fall foods that are as good for our teeth as they are pleasant for our...  Read More
How the Dental Team is Making Life Easier for People with Diabetes
A recent research paper came out in theon the effects of non-surgical periodontal treatment on HBA1c levels in patients with Type 2 diabetes.The conclusion of this research paper stated that non-surgical periodontal treatment was associated with a reduction in HBA1c levels.One of the biggest health...  Read More
Macular Degeneration Risk Decreases With Vitamin D
Highlevels of vitamin D in the bloodstream appear to be associated with a decreased risk of developing early age-relatedamong women younger than the age of 75.Age-related macular degeneration is a chronic, late-onset disease that is the leading cause of adult irreversible vision loss, affecting...  Read More
Mind Body Pyramid: Qigong
Qigong--"chee gong"--is a practice that involves a series of postures and exercises, including slow, circular movements, regulatedbreathing, focusedmeditation, and self massage.It is practiced widely in the clinics and hospitals of China.There are a variety of styles, from gentler to vigorous.One...  Read More
Building Trust Online: 4 Strategic Tips for Dentists
When I am consulting with my dentist clients from across the country, there is always one absolute in every conversation about their dental practice marketing needs –internet marketing.While it was not even an area of interest just a few short years ago, internet marketing is playing an...  Read More
Why Winging It Is Not a Good Business Policy: The Importance of Role Play and Role Practice In Your Dental Office
Jayne and I had the pleasure yesterday of spending a full day in a workshop with great sales instructor Jack Daly.It’s important to regularly go outside of your industry to look at what other businesses are doing, and how other businesses are dealing with business issues in the day to day...  Read More
Radiation Therapy
If you are going to have radiation therapy for cancer of the head or neck, youror other removable appliances may be limited by the friability of the tissues. Any tooth extraction or surgery on irradiated bone should be conservative, using antibiotic coverage and possible hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Read More
Travel Vaccinations
Have you scheduled a visit to your doctor or a travel medicine provider? Ideally, set one up 4 to 6 weeks before your trip. Most vaccines take time to become effective in your body and some vaccines must be given in a series over a period of days or sometimes weeks. If it is less than 4 weeks...  Read More
Is Oil Pulling Therapy Effective?
.Oil Pulling Therapy ProcedureOil pulling therapy involves rinsing the mouth with one tablespoon of oil. Sesame oil, sunflower oil, or coconut oil are the most recommended. The oils have antibacterial properties.When you rinse with oil, you should move the oil slowly through the mouth so as to...  Read More
Will your staff become ‘dental technology mavens’ in the near future?
I can see it already. “Dental practice seeking Office Manager. Skills must include 5 years of being a dental technology maven.”Maven. Interesting word. Speaking for myself, I was unfamiliar with the true meaning of the word, so like many others, I looked it up on Google. The word...  Read More
Saving the Bacon of 3 Little Pigs
Once upon a time, there were 3 little pigs. The 3 little pigs grew so big, so fast their Mom and Dad told them they'd need to build houses for themselves. Squealing, the 3 little pigs asked, "Can we stay on your insurance?" "Not by the hair of your chinny-chin chin," Papa Pigg said.The little pigs...  Read More
CAMBRA Catches Fire! Literally... Dr. Joe D’Alesio
We were recently made aware of a fantastic video posted to Dr. Joe D’Alesio’s andwere given permission to repost it here. We wanted to share thisbright spot in order to show a creative way to bring education to yourpatient base about CAMBRA. Dr. Joe D’Alesio backs up his...  Read More
The Perfect Phone Call In Your Dental Office
There are 24 major points for your front office to learn how to won the phone on a daily basis. If your team doesn't know all 24, your office will lose new patients. Plain and simple. 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false Today I will not dive into the...  Read More
Does Your Dental Office Have An Ultimate Referral Procedure?
One of the procedures we are really proud of at Active Dental is how we refer our patients off for specialist dental care. And what we do.So much so, that we incorporated this courtesy into the Ultimate Patient Experience Programme as the Ultimate Referral Procedure.Let me explain…Firstly,...  Read More
Lupus and Lung Complications Is Common
According to the Johns Hopkins Lupus Center, about50% of people withwill experience lung issues during the course of their disease. Lupus Now explains the connection between Lupus and lungs. Although the underlying connective tissue disease is the root cause of lupus-related lung problems, the...  Read More
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