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What's Good For The Patient Is Still Good For Business
Our general dentist continues to do well in this time of continuing economic crisis that causes many to put dental care on the back burner behind more pressing needs like mortgage payments, car repair bills, groceries, etc. He considers all the cards with his patients - what's best for them and how...  Read More
Citrus Fruits Can Harm Your Teeth
We'veheard for years about the importance of balanced diets and eating fruits that are good for us, but just because fruits are rich in nutrients and vitaminsdoesn'tmean they are necessarily good for our teeth.Many fruits are still safe bets, but citrus fruits like oranges, pineapples, grapefruits,...  Read More
I've Seen The Light
In office whitening has always been appealing to both dentists and their patients. For years, we used halogen lights causing significant side effects including soft tissue burns, pulpal heating, and tooth dehydration. I wrote an article published in the July 2012 issue of Dentaltown discussing the...  Read More
Oral Inflammation & Heart Attacks featured on the Doctor Oz Show
On the August 15 episode of the Doctor Oz Show, Dr. Oz stated that it is undeniable that oral inflammation plays a key role in inflammatory diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.“There is a connection – a very clear connection, in my mind. It’s the...  Read More
Giving It Up: the Dr. Oz Way
Giving upis the single most important thing you can do for your health and the health ofthose around you. Even if you do not smoke in their presence, you exhalefine particles of tobacco that cause inflammation. By, you'll makeyourself at least 5 years younger and save money.Day 1-6:A Commitment to...  Read More
Tai Chi for Better Health
Tai Chiis a mind-body practice which originated in ancient China that began as a martial art and, as it developed, took on the purpose of enhancing physical and mental health. It involves slow, gentle movements, deep breathing, and meditation, sometimes called "moving meditation," and is ideal for...  Read More
Thinking of Buying a Tablet?   - Some Things to Consider -
Tablet sales are soaring. According to the IDC (International Data Corporation) more tablets will be sold than PC’s by 2015. Because of this, it makes sense that many of my readers are thinking about buying a tablet for their home or office. I have followed tablet vendor offerings for several...  Read More
30 Things Patients REALLY Want From Your Dental Practice
Patients want to know why they are waiting for any reason in your office, and for approximately how long they will be waiting. Patients want to be greeted by someone who demonstrated friendliness from the moment they walk in. Patients want to know the fee for procedures before they are...  Read More
Hiring for Personality: The Formula for the Ideal Practice
If you have heard me speak or follow my blog, you probably already know I’m a big proponent of “hiring for personality.” Education and experience are, of course, important, but it’s personality that determines how well a new team member will work out.The other night, I was...  Read More
A Fighting Chance... an amazing CAMBRA dental story.
The below patient story comes from Dr. Michael McClure, see his first post A new patient presented to my office for evaluation for implantrestorations. She had consulted with a surgeon to have three teethextracted and implants placed. The first thing she said to me :“I don’t want to...  Read More
Tips for a Photogenic Smile
With the ubiquitous cameras in cell phones, email profile pictures, and online photo sharing, a camera-ready smile is almost a necessity. Thankfully, you don't have to be a celebrity or genetically blessed to create one.Smile Tip #1: Wear a "Parade" SmilePhotogenic smiles are gentle and natural....  Read More
Reverse Pre-Diabetes
Nearly 25% of Americans are thought to have pre-diabetes--a condition of slightly elevated blood sugar levels that often develops into diabetes within 10 years-- but only 4% are aware of it., and other health offered the following healthy habits to reverse pre-diabetes: ...  Read More
How to Run an Effective Staff Meeting
What's the secret of building a highly effective dental team? One key isto maintain good communication through regularly scheduled,well-planned staff meetings. Unfortunately, when most staff meetings areheld, it's usually because the doctor or office manager is upset withone or more staff members....  Read More
York Dental Lab has been Nominated as AMERICAN MADE! VOTE HERE!!!
We have been nominated for Martha Stewart's | American Made! If you click the link below you can vote on and share our nomination! You can vote up to 6 times a day over the next week!American Made spotlights the maker, supports the local and celebrates the handmade. The journey culminates in a...  Read More
Is Summer's End really already here?  (also dental transitions)
Apparently not here in the Twin Cities...stepping into record high temps this week...ugh!Not sure what is in the water here in 2013 but we've encountered innumerable transition scenarios presenting challenges as it relates to existing, established associates. Common themes include, but are not...  Read More
Retro baby!
I came across a designer on Fiverr and couldn't they'd work great as FB ads. 'High Speed Braces' is a registered trademark.Yar  Read More
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What are the benefits of Modern Private over NHS dentistry and when do I know it's time to switch?
Traditionally long waiting lists, high demand and a lack of available places has led many to look at the options for private dentistry instead. While many practices see both NHS and private patients, there are some obvious differences. The NHS follows government hospital training and the materials...  Read More
Categories: NHS, Private Dentistry
Tune Up Your Practice Management Systems
Erosion of practice management systems may occur silently and go unnoticed. Dental management systems must be responsive to the changing market place and proactively direct the actions of the people within your office. Recognize the hidden signals, identify the causes, and correct the breakdown of...  Read More
Handling Customer Complaints
Nobody likes a complainer. However, complainingcustomers are one of our strongest assets. There are customers who aredissatisfied, but who never complain, and they silently take theirbusiness elsewhere. Complaining customers are telling us they care aboutus and our service. If they didn’t...  Read More
Health Information Exchange (HIE) in Dentistry
I have been following the developments around the government’s promotion of exchanging a patient’s health information between healthcare stakeholders. I blogged about this a year ago in my post entitled ” and I’d like to share with you some of the salient points of this...  Read More
My GOD this is fun...Chris Rock
Dry run...with Chris Rock impersonation  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
The Value of Content
On a recent motor trip I saw a dentist’s billboard on the Interstate. The lighted sign had a picture of the dentist and it read:“Complimentary Exam & Consultation”As I continued on my journey the message from the dental advertisement resonated with me. Free estimates....  Read More
Thyroid Health
The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland that sits low in the front of the neck. It produces a hormone called thyroxine, which helps control the function of almost all of the body's cells and organs, including the heart, brain and skin.Hypothroidism means the thyroid gland is producing too...  Read More
Spouses of Heart Attack Victims at Risk
A new study finds that spouses ofand suicide after a partner has a heart attack. In a Denmark national study, more than three times the number of people whose spouses died of a heart attack were using antidepressants in the year after the event, compared with the year before. Nearly 50 times as...  Read More
Consultant Tip: The Ultimate Goal of a Practice Management Consultant
The ultimate goal of a practice management consultant is to help steer the doctor client into a more predictable business model with less stress, delivering quality dentistry with a happy, well trained team. As a result of the consultant's input, the doctor should be able to administer their...  Read More
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