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Transition Jeopardy
Hopefully you all had a fun safe 4th and are focused on finished 2013 in strong form! This post is an open invitation to ping me Alex Trebek style about all things transition-related. I will then try my best to answer in the form of a (most likely run-on) question. Extra points for...  Read More
The Theory of Intelligent Toothbrush Design
Believe it or not, the fundamentals of toothbrush design haven’t changed much since ancient Egypt. That’s not quite as old as dirt, but it’s in the same civilization ballpark as when the Pharaoh Ramses spearheaded Egypt’s first national dental campaign to fight plaque....  Read More
Stem Cells and the Future of Dentistry
Embryonic Stem Cells Stem cells have the ability to transform into different types of cells. Stems cell hold the key to cell development and cell renewal and repair. Stem cells are derived from two sources. First,...  Read More
(Man, blogging is hard!)  Also, Associate and Partner Contracts
First, happy 4th of July week everyone! We've got incredible weather here in Minneapolis (for once!). Hope you and your loved ones can enjoy some time off. We wanted to share this post due to several recent encounters with multi-doctor practices where there was a solo owner and one or more...  Read More

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