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Happy Easter Marketing!
Categories: Easter
Forget the reasons why not.
In a strange way it all started on September 11th, 2001. My office is in Bayonne, NJ, just across the river from Manhattan. I was on the NJ Turnpike, crossing the Newark Bay bridge at 8:46 AM when the first plane hit the North Tower. I saw it happen in front of my eyes. By the time I had reached my...  Read More
The power of Dr. Oz
As mentioned in the marketing forum, Dr. Oz can sway millions of people with a 10 minute segment. Sure it is usually very sensationalized and difficult to prove/disprove but he is an influence you shouldn't ignore. Patients I just convinced to have amalgam due to their situation may be calling me...  Read More
Categories: Dr Oz
Whole Lotta Interviewin' Going On (Interview Tips)
Graduation is quickly approaching, and there are countless expecting graduates on the interview circuit right now. Here are some tips that may help in an interview.ASSOCIATE DENTIST INTERVIEW TIPS Be open to a variety of opportunities. Go to every interview you can. It never hurts to talk, and...  Read More
Categories: associate, interview
How bad breath may start for some people
The entire body works as a well-tuned machine when it's healthy. But when you're sick -one problem often leads to another. The fuel that goes into the body is immediately used to create energy and nourish the vital organs that keep you functioning on a daily basis. If the body isn't receiving...  Read More
At the 1994 annual awards dinner given for Forensic Science, (AAFS)President Dr. Don Harper Mills astounded his audience with the legalcomplications of a bizarre death.Here is the story:OnMarch 23, 1994 the medical examiner viewed the body of Ronald Opus andconcluded that he died from a shotgun...  Read More
Easter is Near, and We Live 20mins from Hershey, PA.......
Years ago, a dear friend of mine used to travel the world buying cocoa beans for Hershey Corp. The job afforded him some great travel, among other things. He's since gotten back to his chocolate days, and is very much in demand for his articles for confectionary publications, and planning and...  Read More
For What Are You Thankful?
Finding her way to the Water Street Health Clinics in Lancaster, PA for Kathleen Duplanti, 59, was fraught with challenge as one might expect. It involved the sequential horrors of “job loss, inability to pay my rent, being homeless, no other job skills, and no family in the area to offer a...  Read More
Another Suicide....
Memorial service this evening for a friend who could no longer cope with the pain. He was not selfish. He was not cowardly. We have no right to be angry at him. Alive, it is clear we have no comprehension of the level of pain and/or desperation with which he was suffering. Clearly, alive, we do not...  Read More
Life is Just too Damn Short...........
#LifeIsJustTooDamnShortToday I was in the grocery line, all my items laid upon the conveyor belt, standing idly, awaiting my turn. The woman in front of me tried to pay with a card, and the computer came up with an 'error' of some sort the clerk didn't understand. The clerk called for assistance,...  Read More
Categories: Patience, kindness,
Racism in ALABAMA
Racism is still in the State of ALABAMA Rep. Joe Mitchell, D-Mobile, had an outlandish exchange viaemail with a Jefferson County man who asked him and other lawmakers notto pass any laws that would restrict gun ownership.Eddie Maxwellsent a mass...  Read More
creative way "to make do"
You gotta love mankind  Read More
Are you Listening to Your Patients?
This marketing strategy may not seem like a marketing strategy to you, but I can assure you, if you do what I’m going to suggest you do, the positive word-of-mouth will spread like wildfire about you.My advice is to do 3 things: listen, listen, and listen. I know…you probably think...  Read More
Categories: dental marketing
How to Reduce/End Missed Appointments ONCE AND FOR ALL!
Charging a missed appointment fee after the fact is a punishment thatdoes nothing to promote your practice or create what you reallywant-for patients to keep their appointments. Whether it is on yourappointment cards or they are told verbally, it is of little concern toyour patients. That message...  Read More
When Donkey's Fly
Posted on Eliminate Cancellations? When donkey’s fly and hell freezes over maybe!To quote one of my favorite dental guru’s, Howard Farran, “To eliminate cancellations and fails you might as well pick up theearth and throw it into the sun”. I LOVE this! Everyone...  Read More
I attended your CE and I all I got was this crappy notebook....
We all know how it goes, you pay thousands of dollars to attend a lecture or class, get really jazzed up about the stuff you learned, come home and never touch the material again. Six months later you find the spiral notebook they gave to you on the bottom of the pile of papers on your desk. You...  Read More
"Wood you love a New Smile?"  Read More
postop surprises
My assistant had a minor surgery last week. When I talked to her this morning about the surgery she had almost nothing to say about the actual surgery. She was really hacked off about something else, though. The medical team had taped some leads to her chest and arms as they sometimes do for...  Read More
Categories: patient management
Smile Makeover Contest
I'm not sure about the exact way they did it, but whatever they did seemed to work!Y.  Read More
Categories: contest
My Struggle with Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea compromises the lives of millions of Americans. I know firsthand how miserable life can be without adequate rest. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea after falling asleep at a St. Louis Blues hockey game.You might think it was impossible to nod off with all the...  Read More
Great way to get in the news? NOT. caught doing something stupid can happen top all of us. Some associations ban the handheld x-ray units that could be a fantastic way to cut overhead costs. CR did a review a while back and there was a unit that...  Read More
Categories: X-ray Blast
Fat Dentists Beware? to NEWS StoryIf patients respect medical doctors less if they are fat, then the same could be said about dentists. We often talk about 'doing our own mouths' and that's fine. Cosmetic dentists end up...  Read More
Categories: Your Belly
Increase New Dental Patient Flow with Internet Marketing
Internet marketing has been a part of the business landscape since the late 90s so, while it may not be accurate to refer to the technology as new, it is highly dynamic, with variations on that theme being introduced almost daily. Examples of this dynamism include the 2012 switch on Facebook from...  Read More
The Super Practice
This article is worth a read as it relates to a problem many dentists have with overhead. If you bought every cool gizmo and product you see on DT and at trade shows you will be going broke.We are former clients of Summit management and find they were helpful especially since Dr. Abernathy had a...  Read More
Categories: Dr. Abernathy
Free Cerec Machine !
So we get a question on our FB page "an equipment vendor told me that if i buy a Cerec Machine with the tax code as it is today i can basically get the machine for free, is that true ?"My first thought for a reply was "have you ever heard the saying, "if it's too good to be true it probably is ?"...  Read More
Categories: Tax Strategies
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