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Episode 004: The One About "Why Patients Buy (and Why They Don't)"
- Why your patients aren't saying "YES" to your services - How to get inside their head and find out what makes them say "YES" - How to overcome ALL their objections, and why it's Critical to overcome their objections before they even object! - See how powerful patient testimonials can do the heavy...  Read More
Episode 003: The One That Debunks all the "Voodoo" Behind Dental Marketing
In this episode you will see: - We never intended to work with dentists. Get a quick glimpse of our origins and see why we work exclusively with dentists now - Web marketing isn't voodoo magic: We're going to reveal the single web marketing secret that only the top 1% of dentists know - We'll...  Read More
Episode 002: The One About "Why Just Doing Ads Isn't Enough"
In this episode you'll find out: - How to keep your name in front of your prospective patients for 2 years - Automatically. - How to pre-qualify your prospects and never waste your time again on a dead-end case presentation. - Why 99% of "marketing gurus" only use 1 of the 4 critical aspects of...  Read More
Episode 001: The One About "Dominating the Web with Video"
In this episode you'll find out: - How successful dentists are leveraging video in their web marketing to dominate the web. - How your videos make your website 53x more likely to be seen on Google's page 1. - 4 pitfalls that will render your videos worthless (and no one watching them). - How to...  Read More

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