Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

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If you have decayed, damaged or lost teeth, and are planning to replace it, dental implants would be the best solution for you.  Dental implants give you the advantage and benefits which is similar to your regular teeth.  Now placing the dental implants commonly requires surgery but before this can happen, your dental expert needs to make sure first that you have a healthy jawbone that will support these implants.  If this is not the case, like for older people then a procedure called bone grafting needs to happen.

Why is a Bone Grafting Procedure Sometimes Required for Dental Implants

As part of the steps in getting a dental implant, your dentist will check and evaluate first if your jawbone is healthy and can accommodate the insertion of implants.  If your jawbone is not as healthy as it needs to be, then your dentist will require that you undergo bone grafting.  Although it might sound frightening to some, bone grafting is a typical a minor process that dentists do.  Bone grafting will ensure that your jawbone is healthy enough to handle the implants which will then relate and equate to the success of the dental implant procedure.  As we have mentioned earlier, implants can function the same way as your original teeth and bone grafting for those who needs it will keep your dentures as secured as it can. Here you can See more about Dental Implants.

What Happens During the Procedure?

The procedure itself entails having a piece of bone taken from a different location in the patient’s body or from an animal and then grafting it on to the jawbone.  Once bone grafting has been done, there will be a recovery period as the patient waits until the gum is fully recovered and the graft starts to form new bones along the jaw, which is then needed for the dental implant process to start.  When the body recognizes the bone that is grafted to the jawbone, it then reabsorbs it, forms new ones which then increases the capacity of the jaw to handle implants and make the bond stronger.

There are also instances when only a minor graft is required.  For these scenarios, then the dental implant procedure can actually happen the same day that the minor bone graft is completed.

So in summary, bone grafting can add and boosts the security of your dental implants.  It makes your dental implants stand stronger to make it last a lifetime and it will also help in making sure that you get the same feel and experience when you had your original teeth to that of your implants.  To know more about the basic benefits and information about dental implants, we suggest that you reach out to your oral surgeon as soon as possible.
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