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5 Steps to Create a Network Marketing Strategy to Sell More

5 Steps to Create a Network Marketing Strategy to Sell More

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It is common knowledge that network marketing is about the number of people you know and the quality of this list of people. In other words, this database of relationships is going to determine your success or failure at network marketing. If you have a good list, a good group of people, good contacts and good relationships, then you're going to have a huge business in network marketing. But if you don’t, or you live in a small town or you are just very introverted, your chances of success are slim to none.

However, despite this commune knowledge, the key to succeeding in network marketing is not about the number of people you know, but it’s about the ways you use to find prospects. Often, most of the people that matter for your business are met after you have got involved in network marketing. In other words, your initial list it is likely not going to be the key to your success. It is the skill of moving forward in developing your prospect list to developing relationships with those people that matter the most. According to the odyssey online, online mlm leader and home-based business entrepreneur: ”No matter what your goals are, you will hit them the same way. And, that’s by seeing whose open to taking a look at your product, your service or your opportunity”.

You are only going to make as much money and achieve as much results as you’re willing to get uncomfortable and go and talk to people about your product, service or opportunity.

Therefore, here are listed five steps to develop your network marketing strategy and get more prospects.


Step One

The first step on the list - which you may have already started - is to create an active candidate list. This isn't just a list of 20 people you scribble on the back of an envelope. This isn't 40 people that you write down on your legal pad. This is every single person you know or have ever met that you could ever remember as if you're getting paid a thousand dollars a person for every person you put on the list. How many could you put on the list? There are many brain exercises and lots of ways to fully use your memory and to add to the list the higher number of people you can think of. So the first thing we're going to do is to empty our minds out on paper. The final goal of this step is to put on paper a list as most comprehensive as we can.


Step Two

This is about expanding the candidate list you created in step one. It's not just who you know today, it’s also about who you're going to meet. As already explained in this 5 Tips To Practice Yoga At Home: “people (who became rich through network marketing), did not just sit back and collect money, they had to put in the hard work and dedication necessary to grow their network of sales, as well as doing the work required to get the word out and represent their companies”. You need to constantly expand your list, putting this as a routine task. For instance, every day, make sure you add at least two people to your active candidate list. You might meet these people online, you might find them through some social group, you might remember somebody, you might bump into somebody walking the dog. Wherever it is, friend them up, connect with them on Facebook, whatever. You don’t need to see them as prospects when you meet them, you just have to build a connection and start building a relationship. So you can just start to build trust and when the time will be appropriate, you can share with them insights about your product and the opportunity you have to offer.


Step Three

Raise your awareness. What do I mean by that? What I mean is when you get out there in the world, a lot of times we run into many people who could be incredible for our business. We're constantly presented with opportunities to make a connection with other people in the world and it's your job to raise your awareness, expand your mind and get outside of your tiny little circle of five or six friends and your family members and start to expand your awareness. It's really a key skill. Top earners in network marketing are those people that know how to build awareness and that are always looking for opportunities. We didn't even find out what their name was. You know the person that gave us great service selling us shoes - we didn't even say hello. We just barked some orders, we got our shoes and we left. They're not handing out business cards at funerals, right. They're constantly raising their awareness to connect with another human being and build a relationship. If you are an introverted person, you have to remind yourself to get out of your own head and to be a citizen of the world. You have to remind yourself to raise your awareness that there are other people that you could easily make a connection with.


Step four

This is about creating a mindset related to how you look at the world and how you’re raising your awareness. Don't ever pre-judge. It's so easy for us to say, this person is not a candidate because they don't have any money or because you think they're busy doing other things. You don't know what's going on in another person's world, you just don't. You could have met people and you could have talked to people already in the last seven days that you have totally pushed outside of your circle the possibility of even being a prospect. And yet they may be praying tonight, searching for an opportunity to sink their teeth into and go to work with. You don't know. You don't know if that rich person is bored out of their mind. You don't know if that person who works in the corporate world is looking for a challenge. You don't know if a person who looks successful is stressing out about not being able to pay for one of their kids’ college. You don't know what's going on; you can't see inside of the heart and mind of another person. You have to give them an opportunity, so it's really important that you never prejudge.



Step Five

This step is about networking on purpose. That means joining some new groups, expanding your horizons, joining a networking group in your local community and serving people within that community. Volunteer for charities and causes. You can't believe the number of influential powerful people that you can meet by volunteering and help raise money for charities, etc. working in within your local community. If you have hobbies, expand those hobbies, join some social groups, join a new health club, get out of your house and get connected with your local community to meet the people there. Connect with the people there, network with the people there, building friendships and relationships. If you don't get out of your house, if you just sit there all day long, it's difficult to be a citizen of the world. Get out there and network on purpose.

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