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The Faster Route to New Teeth – Dental Implants

The Faster Route to New Teeth – Dental Implants

9/28/2016 5:38:36 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 77

It is quite amazing how far dental technology has come – from porcelain veneers, invisible braces, to instant teeth. Instant teeth or most commonly referred to as ‘Same Day Dental Implants’ can be greatly considered as one of the best dental progress of our time. Imagine coming from being toothless to having a complete set of teeth in just a matter of a day is truly nothing short of remarkable.

Instant Set of Pearly Whites

According to recent surveys, an estimated 25% of adults are known to have lost all their teeth in the age that ranges from 60 and above. And approximately 57 percent of these people wear dentures. While this is not at all a bad alternative, a lot of people have reported to find dentures as somewhat uncomfortable to wear or difficult to maintain. Also, most people who are wearing dentures find that it is inconvenient in ways that makes it difficult for them to perform the most essential – and what should be trivial – tasks in life: to eat and to speak. Although these problems may be easily resolved through adjustments and enhancements by a dentist, there still lies a more effective solution that can eliminate having all these problems altogether. This is where Same Day Implants come in.

Same Day Implants, as its name implies, promises to give you a new set of teeth in just a day. This is done through an advanced cosmetic dental method which enables the use of just 4 implants planted on the dense part of the front jaw. Instead of using the traditional six to ten implants for a usual dental implant procedure, which can take weeks in preparation, Same Day Implants offers a quick and instant solution for missing teeth.

Making a Difference

During the early years of dental implants, patients and the dentists alike were concerned about the amount of time that going through this procedure entails to complete which makes the whole process somewhat time consuming. Now, a person can achieve a beautiful smile without having to wait through different processes. It is important to note, however, that not everyone can qualify for this procedure. A strong and healthy bone quality is a requirement plus the fact that there is no history of infection.

Even if this procedure does not entail the same comprehensive procedure as that of a regular dental implant method, it can still prove to make a whole lot of difference for the any patient. For one, the patient will not have to experience ill-fitting dentures that have the tendency to fall off. And because these implants are fixed and are well secured to the jaw, the patient will not have any trouble with eating or speaking properly. The use of Same Day Dental Implants can also be considered as a preventive measure as this can prevent any more bone loss from happening. Though these benefits are all nice to have, nothing still beats the fact that having a new and better set of teeth is a great confidence booster.

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