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The Passionate Dentist is a weekly podcast, hosted by Dr. B (Bilal Saib, DDS), interviewing today's most successful and inspiring dentists and industry leaders.
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048: Dr. B Interviews Dr. Lorne Lavine, The Digital Dentist

048: Dr. B Interviews Dr. Lorne Lavine, The Digital Dentist

3/11/2016 8:50:21 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 164

The Real Episode 48 - Dr. Lorne Lavine, The Digital Dentist
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Dr. Lorne Lavine, a former periodontist, is known as the leading authority on technology in the dental practice. Founder of The Digital Dentist, he has extensive hands-on experience with most practice management software, image management software, digital cameras, intraoral cameras, computers, networks, and digital radiography systems. Dr. Lavine has over 30 years invested in the dental and dental technology fields.  Dr. Lavine’s timely and practical lectures empower and guide participants through the potentially confusing technological maze of running a dental office in the 21st century.

Dr B and Dr Lavine talks about:

  • Lorne’s leap from periodontics into creating The Digital Dentist.
  • Surviving a HIPAA privacy/security audit.
  • The most common HIPAA violations & how to avoid them.
  • Using cloud-based dental practice management software.
  • HIPAA risk assesment.
  • Services The Digital Dentist offers.

Lorne’s favorite quote:

Leap, and the net will appear.” – John Burroughs

Challenge that he sees in dentistry right now:

“HIPAA. It’s unbelievably difficult to become compliant. It is unbelievably important that the dentists know about it. I think the ADA, unfortunately, has done an extremely poor job of educating dentists on what their obligations are. “

Best advice Lorne has ever received:

“Life’s too short. Go for it. If it’s really what you want to be doing, then do it.” 

Clinical/practice management pearl:

“If you get audited, the first thing they’re going to ask for is a risk assesment. And yeah, you could pay somebody $5,000 to come in and do it for you, you can go overboard. I’ve got an easier solution: go to my website,  We have one in our website. It is totally free. When you do that, you’re going to get a 22-page report, that gives you a score, that goes through all your answers to the questions.”

Technology/knowledge that excites Lorne right now: 

HIPAA-compliant data back up and recovery.

Internet/app resource that Lorne thinks is awesome:

One piece of advice to those who are about to start:

“Find something you really, truly love doing and the money will follow.  If you truly are passionate about something, if it’s something you think you’re going to love doing every single day, you’ll find a way to be successful at it and pay the bills. Just really know what it is you love doing because having gone through ten years of doing something I really hated doing, it’s not something I would want to repeat ever.”

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