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047 Dr. B Interviews Angela Severance of NINJA™ Dentistry

047 Dr. B Interviews Angela Severance of NINJA™ Dentistry

3/10/2016 5:52:42 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 161
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Angela Severance is a national speaker, educator and author with over 15 years of clinical experience specializing in digital dentistry and CAD CAM technology along with its utilization and integration into the modern dental practice.

Ms. Severance was instrumental in forming a certification program for auxiliaries and technicians, the CDD, Certified in Digital Dentistry program, which provides a recognized advanced competency in the digital space.

Ms. Severance is also leading the profession through promotion of NINJA™ Dentistry – “No, I’m Not Just any Assistant”, expanding the utilization of the digital dental team through delegation and advanced education.

Favorite quote:

“The goal is not to be perfect by the end; the goal is to be better today.” – Simon Sinek

Best advice Angela has ever received:

“Be yourself. Just be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

Clinical/practice management pearl:

“On Monday, talk to your staff and have everybody think of two things for themselves. What are two things that they do well and what are two things that they feel they can work on? And then have everybody else do the same thing for everybody else in their office as well. And maybe just hold on to that. Hold on to those pieces of paper until you decide to have some type of team building but I know it’s not necessarily how to schedule or how to code or anything like that, but I really think that base, that foundation of the team is what’s going to help elevate your practice.”

Technology/knowledge that excites Angela right now:

“CAD/CAM technology has been my passion for the past eight plus years. And I love what it does for me as a dental assistant; I love what it does for my patients, for their experience, for the convenience. I love what it does from a production stand point, the convenience and the control. I know it’s scary because of the big price tag but man, I mean, once you start doing digital dentistry, you’ll look back and you’ll think, ‘How on earth did I ever use that  impression and what was I sending my patients away for two to three weeks? And why was I paying those lab fees?” I don’t want people to be afraid that they’d lose their lab, right? Because you don’t have to do everything in your practice. You can still utilize your laboratory and work together as a team. So for me, absolutely it’s digital dentistry and CAD/CAM technology.”

Must-read books right now:

One piece of advice to those who are about to start:

“I would say to reach out to the community. The internet is at your disposal. Look up study clubs. Look up dentists that come up right away on the Google search; clearly, they are the ones that are marketing. Maybe go visit their practice. Think about your manufacturer representatives and how many people they know within the industry. They know who’s doing well, where they’re doing well and why they’re doing well because they have their offices as part of their clientele. So they’re a wealth of knowledge, these manufacturer representatives, as well as your distributor representatives. I would connect with them because they’re going to know who needs help and they’re going to know where open space is available.”

Angela Severance’s Contact info:

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