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039 Dr B Interviews Deb Roberge – Recruiting and Hiring Dental Personnel

039 Dr B Interviews Deb Roberge – Recruiting and Hiring Dental Personnel

3/2/2016 6:04:48 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 160

039 Dr B Interviews Deb Roberge – Recruiting and Hiring Dental Personnel

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Deb Roberge’s 40+ years in all aspects of the dental industry have provided her with insights that few can claim. From years as a team member in the trenches, to owning a crown and bridge lab, advising dentists on practical business management systems and developing successful dental-only placement agency model that later became a nationally franchised dental placement service.  Most recently, she has launched unique software. Her journey has been a productive one, and according to her, the passion she has for dentistry is what has carried her through to her successful career.

The interview includes:

  • Why you should never talk about salary/perks when writing an ad.
  • What a “practice overview” is and why you should include it in your ad.
  • How long should an ad be?
  • What information needs to be on your ad.
  • Why application forms are a waste of time.
  • Things you should be asking during an interview.

Sample ad from one of Deb’s past clients:

Title: “Seeking Exceptional Out-Of-The-Ordinary Clinical Dental Assistant”

“For those of you who have been told your clinical talent are way above par, and if you look at dentistry as an art form and not just a job, we truly appreciate the opportunity to share the dynamics of this wonderful opportunity with you. We value ability and the desire to make dentistry less than a job, and more like a lifelong passionate commitment. Bring your years of skills and unique hands-on ability, and you will be highly appreciated for your contribution. Our team is comprised of equally gifted team members who derive great pleasure and satisfaction in delivering the very best in contemporary dentistry. Please have a background of five years of quality dental experience and an attitude that is conducive to making a measurable difference in an already successful dental practice.”

Sample of Deb’s ad:

Title: “Seeking Special Person For Specialty Dental Practice”

“Our awesome team and talented dentists are hoping to find that special someone to add to our front line business office team. Knowledge of dentistry is of course a plus, and having previous experience in the field would be a wonderful asset, but we are willing to consider candidates with no previous dental experience. We will require that our job seekers can feel that they have successfully mastered all that’s expected of them in order to receive the rewards. Your dedication and sincere interest is really what we care about. Our main goal is to locate the right candidate who understands customer service time management and finds it totally natural to smile and exude a positive persona to all their needs.”

An interview scenario from Deb:

“You have interviewed a very capable person, you haven’t had her in for what I call a skill assessment yet, but you’ve spent a significant time with her. You’ve spent a good hour and you see that the body language is great, her response is good, she’s asking good questions, you’re feeling like there’s a possibility here. And by the way, we don’t talk about finances at that first interview. And so you’ve gotten to that point and everything feels pretty good and you say to the person these words exact words, “If I were to offer you this position, what are you hoping for?”

Now, the person may come back with, “How do you mean that? Do you mean money?” Your response is to repeat it again. Smile and say, “Okay, if I were to offer you this position, what are you hoping for?”

Here’s what you may hear:

“Oh I’m glad you asked, I’m hoping for $25/hour and I’m really hoping to have a lunch hour because I can’t do without lunch. And by the way, I really could use a vacation within the first year, at least, maybe even six months.” That’s one response.

The other response is, “Okay, I’m hoping to really make a difference in the lives of your patients. I’m hoping to feel as though I’ve contributed to the growth of your practice. I’m hoping I’m going to learn all kinds of new skills because I’m fascinated by your technology.” — That’s the answer you want to hear.

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