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Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast (
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Your Website Probably Sucks

Your Website Probably Sucks

2/17/2016 10:09:41 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 195
Your website probably sucks! most dentists don't spend enough time on creating a great website. Dentists usually hire the lowest quality provider to build a website because they are told that it is important to have a website but they don't understand how a well designed and optimized website can benefit their dental office.

Do You Think Your Site Sucks?

If you think your site sucks it probably does and you probably need a lot of help because no one that works for you understands , web design, development or web marketing.

If you think your site sucks, I will give you a free home page design and will make it so your site is built and maintained with the best practices for the modern web.

Here are some reason why your site probably sucks:

- Your site was built 5 years ago and it has never been updated

- You have no one managing your website

- Your design is outdated and out of style

- Your site makes your office looks like a cheap one

- You hired your teenager to build a site and they had no idea what they were doing

- Pages on your site are not working or not finished ( super unprofessional)

- Your site has been hacked and it doesn't show up correctly

- You haven't hired anyone to help you with your site

- Your staff or team page is not current

- You don't have pictures of you or your staff on your site

- You can't accept payments from your website

You don't have a call to action

- You don't have a lead gen form

- Your site is messy and unorganized

- Your site is not mobile friendly

If you have any of these problems with your site you should probably look at getting a new site for your dental practice and you probably should hire a better web designer. If you want to see what your site will look like when a professional web designer builds and manages it, you can sign up to get a free home page design for your dental website here - Get a Free Home Page Design Now!

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