Delivering WOW...Dentistry's #1 Podcast For Growing Your Practice Faster!
Delivering WOW...Dentistry's #1 Podcast For Growing Your Practice Faster!
Get ready to stand out from the competition to get noticed and earn more. If you're tired of having to choose between family and financial stability, and you're just plain tired of trying to figure this out all on your own, this podcast is for you.
Dr Anissa Holmes

 5 Top Reasons All Dentists Should take Facebook Seriously

5 Top Reasons All Dentists Should take Facebook Seriously

8/31/2015 1:45:57 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 132

I hear dentists ask all the time, "Should I use Facebook?" or "What's the benefits?"  Well I can say that Facebook has revolutionized my practice.  We reached 40,000 fans today, so I though that I would reflect on what has been special for us. 

  1. Facebook sends "A" Patients.  These are the patients that you want, the "Raving Fans".  Patients who come to us after following us on Facebook have already been to our website, love our team, appreciate the "Wow" services, and know that we can deliver.
  2. Excellent ROI.  After testing and measuring several types of traditional media, we have found Facebook to have the absolutely best ROI.  Not only that, but the opportunity to reach your specific target audience is HUGE!  For example, you can target by zip code, employer, relationship status (think engaged women between the ages of 18-45 for your next Whitening Promotion), and more. You can also upload your patient list to have your posts show up in the feeds of your patients.
  3. Social Media is Growing Every Day. The average Facebook user checks their feed at least 4 times per day. Therefore, your office has a HUGE potential to be at the forefront of their minds. When one of their Facebook friends ask "Who is a good dentist?" Guess who they will recommend?
  4. Share your CULTURE!  What makes you unique.  No, really unique?  Is it the amazing things that you are doing in the community?  Perhaps it's your guarantee, or a wow service. We offer complimentary arm and hand massages to our patients.  Imagine the feedback and likes that we received when we announced the new "Wow".  It was magical!
  5. A FABULOUS way to fill last minute Broken Appointments.  Openings on our schedule are a thing of the past.  If you have a hole that has just opened on your schedule, it can easily be filled.  We simply post that we are having a promotion on cleanings and the first ____ people to call will get 50% off.  This also rewards loyalty for those who follow our page.

At Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services, we consistently receive over 40 new patients per month from Facebook. This is HUGE!   Patients and followers have also now become super engaged and regularly share the "Wow" Experiences that they have received.

Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services-

Dr. Anissa Holmes, a Global leader in Social Media Marketing, is a Pioneer in the area of Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. She is constantly using innovative ways to reach out to patients to break down fear that many have when going to the dentist. Dr. Holmes, through her blog Delivering Wow, shares tips for designing a unique practice culture to deliver a "Wow" patient experience every time, strategies to triple new patient numbers, and well as strategies to build an amazing team.

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