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Veneer Misconceptions

Veneer Misconceptions

6/9/2015 7:47:20 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 191

Many people think of porcelain veneers as a very quick way to get a gorgeous smile.


That part is true.


But there are many misconceptions about veneers: you could be thinking that veneers will solve all your oral health problems, while they really can and should only be used for certain situations and circumstances.

 Read below for more information.


Veneers can – and do! – create beautiful smiles. But they’re not without their issues.

One major misconception people have is that they can get veneers for all their teeth. It’s possible to place a veneer on every tooth, but it’s not wise or really economically feasible for most people because of the expense (veneers usually aren’t covered by insurance).


One veneer (a Lumineer, or “traditional” veneer) can cost anywhere between $800 to $2,000. Multiply that by 28 or 32 teeth (the number of teeth most adults tend to have) and you can see how expensive getting veneers on all teeth could be. Factors that raise the cost per tooth include the tooth’s location in the mouth as well as its condition.


If you’re looking for a dazzling smile, with beautifully white and straight teeth, many dentists recommend getting about six veneers on your top front teeth and then bleaching the remaining teeth. This usually creates a gorgeous smile.


Another misconception is that a veneer can replace a missing tooth. A veneer can’t do this because a veneer is placed on the front of a tooth, so a veneer won’t help you if a tooth is missing (you’d need a denture or implant to replace a missing tooth).


Not every tooth is a good candidate for a veneer. The tooth must be in good health and can’t be too weak from decay, large fillings and – while many veneers are used to beautify a chipped or broken tooth – the tooth can’t have too large a fracture.  (You may need to get a crown if a tooth is considerably weak from decay.)


In addition, you should know that once your dentist starts the procedure (he will shave away a portion of the front of your tooth so that a veneer can be placed over it), the process can’t be reversed.


What’s, more, your tooth may become more sensitive to cold and hot foods and liquids because some of your tooth’s protective enamel will be removed in the shaving process.


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