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Conversion Whale - Leader in Dental Practice Marketing
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Conversion Whale Launches Digital Doctor Quiz - Take It Now!

Conversion Whale Launches Digital Doctor Quiz - Take It Now!

5/28/2015 7:02:15 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 109
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Dental practice marketing company adds 10 new clients with the launch of Digital Doctor Quiz™

DAVIE, Fl. – March 27, 2015 – Conversion Whale, a leading dental practice marketing company, has released Digital Doctor Quiz™, a proprietary tool designed to help dental practices improve marketing efforts. With the launch of the quiz, the company also announced the addition of 10 new dental practices to its rapidly growing network of partners, now including more than 150 offices in 39 states.


“The Digital Doctor Quiz™ has allowed us to grow at an even greater rate than we could have imagined,” said Bill Donato, founder of Conversion Whale. “Having added these new practices shortly after the quiz was launched, we knew we had created an effective tool to help educate potential clients on exactly what they need to do from a marketing perspective to grow their businesses.”

Asking pertinent questions that gauge the effectiveness of a dental practice’s current marketing efforts, The Digital Doctor Quiz™ identifies areas participants excel in, as well as areas that could use improvement. Quiz questions range from measuring the effectiveness of a dental practice’s website and whether it is mobile device friendly, to email marketing strategies and promotions, as well as the frequency and relevance of a practice’s social media efforts. Pinpointing key marketing tactics that have proven highly effective in generating leads for practices, upon completion, the quiz lists industry trends and statistics that provide further explanation of their necessity.

“The quiz takes less than five minutes to complete, but our goal is to make it the most worthwhile five minutes our clients could spend,” said Donato. “A majority of our 10 new clients credited the quiz as a contributing factor in their decision to partner with Conversion Whale, as it allowed them to recognize the importance of employing a comprehensive lead generation marketing strategy for their practices.”

Conversion Whale specializes in creating simple, yet profitable lead generation marketing strategies when standard internet marketing or direct mail is not enough. Focusing on two main areas of marketing – attracting new customers and increasing client frequency – the company guarantees results for its partners, pledging at least 50 new leads a month. If this goal is not met, the client receives the next month of service at no cost.

To find out more about Conversion Whale and its proven approach to lead generation marketing for dental practices, call 855-699-4253 or visit To take The Digital Doctor Quiz™, visit

About Conversion Whale

Conversion Whale is made up of young, energetic internet marketers and hackers. True to natural selection, our whale continues to grow stronger because we provide a superior service and back it up with guarantees. At Conversion Whale, it’s our mission to help every business, big or small, turn their websites into profitable marketing engines. For more information, go to

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