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HIPAA Compliance Best Practices

HIPAA Compliance Best Practices

8/10/2021 7:59:54 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 85

HIPAA compliance is a practice that healthcare workers, insurance companies, hospitals, and other related institutions must follow to ensure the safekeeping of Protected Health Information (PHI). Employees working in organizations dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI) must go through HIPAA training and the HIPAA Privacy Rule ensures that all organizations dealing with PHI are aware of HIPAA training requirements.

HHS (Human Health Services) brought this to light that health care providers and other departments dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI) are now shifting to computerized working, such as pharmacies and laboratory practices. In these computerized systems, HIPAA compliance is imperative. Even though all these automated electronic processes allow more efficient work, they also develop some security risks when it comes to health data and patient information.

The security rule serves to protect the confidentiality of an individual's health data and at the same time facilitates the institutions involved to propose new technologies to improve the condition and effectiveness of patient care. The security rule is flexible enough to permit an organization to implement policies, systems, and technologies that are tailored to the size of the facility, the organizational makeup while keeping the risks of outing patients and consumers sensitive information to the minimum.

Due to the involvement of many Covered Entities (CE) and Business Associates (BA), the HIPAA training requirements are usually pretty flexible. The training is required as it is an administrative demand of the HIPAA Privacy Rule and an official protection means of the HIPAA Security Rule. But each organization can design its own HIPAA training program and its safety measures to prevent HIPAA violation.

Practices that are best for HIPAA compliance

Following are the best practices to ensure no HIPAA violation occurs at your organization.

- Limited Access to Facilities and Authorized Access Controls. 

- Guidelines for Use and Access to Workplaces and Electronic Media. 

- Restrictions on Transfer, Disposal, Disposal, and Reuse of Electronic Media and e-PHI.

- Implement defenses such as key protected permission and encryption to access patient-specific data on all computers, laptops, and gadgets.

- Workers should be trained not to leave out information, reports, data, and sensitive documents about a patient out. 

- Records that are computed containing patient’s data should always be secured. Each computer, when not in use, should be logged out. Identification passcodes between employees should not be shared.

- Install updated anti-virus software on all devices that use the network as this practice will help in maintaining a system shielded against harmful software.

- If any other means to share PHI that doesn’t involve the use of a network can be used then do so. As there are chances of account hacking. This could lead to HIPAA violations if PHI is shared via email.

- Shred paper files containing PHI.

- Train the employees so that they don’t share patient-related information on social networking platforms as it is a breach of HIPAA.

- Proper HIPAA training must be given to all employees bi-annually or annually.

- If patient information is being obtained at home, guarantee that all residence computers and devices are identification passcodes protected.                                                       

- Backing up data helps when it comes to securing PHI. make sure the cloud you backup your data to is safe.

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