The Deals for Dentists Podcast
The Deals for Dentists Podcast
I will be blogging weekly interviews with dentists and vendors from across the industry. The video version has silly pop ups, key takeaways, definitions, and of course making fun my dry sense of humor and dead pan look. Thanks, Dr. Eric Block
Deals for Dentists

Episode #13: Dr. Laura Brenner of Lolabees Career Coaching

Episode #13: Dr. Laura Brenner of Lolabees Career Coaching

12/12/2020 1:55:52 PM   |   Comments: 1   |   Views: 57

Episode #13 Dr. Laura Brenner of Lolabees 

Ever wonder what non-traditional or non-clinical careers exist for dentists?

If you want to think outside the box and modify, diversify, or even change your career; join one of Dr. Brenner’s full-day conference to discover what could be NEXT for you.

Dr. Brenner tells her story of how she transitioned to a non-clinical career and how others can do the same.

Visit to find new customer offers from vendors across the industry.

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