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Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implant?

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implant?

10/23/2020 12:29:57 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 16
When you need to replace missing teeth, dental implants Waterloo provides you with an effective solution. But the process could be quite pricey. When it comes to replacing a tooth, visiting a reputable dental clinic and getting implants is the best long-term solution. Dental implants feel and look like natural teeth and have more than 90% success rate. The only concern with dental implants is that they are more expensive than obtaining dentures or a bridge; the price range depends on the quality. The worst part is many dental insurance plans take implants as a cosmetic procedure and will not cover the process. 

Do I need a Dental Insurance to get Implant?

After knowing the expense of dental implant surgery, many people question, "will my dental insurance cover dental implant cost?

Dental Insurance for Dental Implants 

Many dental insurance policies will not offer coverage for dental implants, whereas some can reduce the surgery's overall cost. The charges highly depend upon the procedure's specifics, supplier, coverage details, and plan limitations. 

These are the two types of dental implant procedures: 

1. Endosteal - fixed in the jawbone. It works as an artificial root. 
2. Subperiosteal - fixed under the gum and over the jawbone. 

If your insurance provider refuses to cover the implant, request the allowance if you have paid for a denture or bridge. You could also be eligible for funding or a specific payment plan. 

Dental Insurance Usually Include

Dental insurance plans differ from scheme to scheme. Nevertheless, you can expect a coverage or reduction for preventative care or non-routine processes. Preventive care categorizes check-ups, fluoride treatments, cleaning, sealants, and x-rays. Non-routine procedures include dentures, fillings, crowns, implants, extractions, and more.

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Dental Insurance doesn't Include

Usually, dental insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening. These dental insurance plans also omit the coverage you make through medical insurance. For instance, you might not get dental insurance coverage for complicated oral surgery.  

Expected Charges of Dental Insurance

Dental insurance generally costs circa $20 to $50 per person per month. The price may increase based on the specific plan you choose. Every insurance provider will provide you with different coverage. However, many insurance plans will not cover the full cost dental implant. 

Is Dental Insurance Worth Investing?

Depends! If your insurance provider offers you access to a comprehensive set of dental insurance plans, it is worth investing. Ensure your dental insurance will not exclude implant coverage before you start paying the monthly or yearly premiums. Besides, discuss the plan limitations with your insurance provider. 

The Right Way to Choose a Dental Insurance Company

Searching for suitable dental insurance is not an easy job, mainly when you are on the lookout for dental implant coverage. There are several factors to consider: 

 - History and reputation of the company
 - Examining policy coverage
 - Nationwide availability
 - Waiting time
 - Comparing yearly and lifetime insurance policy caps

Discuss with both your insurance provider and the oral surgeon. Ask your oral surgeon to provide you with the details of your implant treatment plan. Then reach out to your medical and dental insurance provider to ascertain what aspects they cover. Without fail, check the yearly limit on your dental insurance since your overall dental implant procedure might be highly-priced. It is vital to ensure that you don't surpass the limit and make minimal out-of-your-pocket payments. 

Don't lose your hope if you realize that your insurance policy does not cover implants and covers the more affordable treatments only. Ask your insurance company to provide you an allowance that accords with the cost of standard dental bridge and dentures. 

Ultimately, today is the right time to search for a suitable plan that meets your budget if you still don't have any insurance. You can also talk to your oral surgeon about the possible financing, like a payment choice to split the price into installments. Should it be possible, your dentist can also help you locate an organization that offers dental implant care financing. 

Living with decayed or missing teeth is difficult for both physical and mental health. But, you don't need to live like that forever. Dental Implants Waterloo can get you the natural smile back. An experienced oral surgeon can deal with your worries and questions regarding the procedure and the cost in the best way possible, whether you have dental insurance that also covers implants or not. Together with an experienced surgeon, you can find the right way to pay for the implant procedure.
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