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1371 Dr. Daniel C. Delrose on CAD-CAM, CBCT and Oral Scanners : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1371 Dr. Daniel C. Delrose on CAD-CAM, CBCT and Oral Scanners : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

3/9/2020 3:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 290
Dr. Delrose is a graduate of Case Western Reserve School of Dentistry. He then finished a Fellowship in Prosthetics before joining the U.S. Navy.  His last duty in the Navy was as the branch Prosthodontist.  He joined North River Dental, a private dental practice in Ellenton, in 1997. In 2017, he received his Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Delrose is a member of the ADA, FDA, WCDA, MDA, AACD, FACD, ISCD, CAI, ICOI, AAID and the ACCD (Academy of CAD/CAM Dentistry), of which he was past president. He is also a Key Opinion Leader for Carestream Dental.  He lectures for Carestream Dental, Colgate, Dental Learning, and has lectured on marketing a Dental Implant Practice.

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AUDIO - DUwHF #1371 - Daniel Delrose

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Howard: it's just a huge honor for me today to be podcast interview Dr Daniel C Delrose DDS ICD he's a graduate of Case Western Reserve School of Dentistry he then finished a fellowship in prosthetics before joining the US Navy thank you for your service his last duty in the Navy was as they branch prosthodontist he joined north river dental a private dental practice in Ellington Florida in 1997 in 2017 he received his fellowship in the International Congress of oral implantology he's a member of the oh my god too many to name a DEA FDA WC da what's WC da what's and then what's Indian manatee County Dental Association mentor is DD the International Society of a computerized dentist dentistry yeah you see the North American editor for the magazine years ago he is also a key opinion leader for Kerr Street Dental lectures for Carestream dental Colgate dental learning he has my gosh lectures on marketing of dental implants you have two children a daughter a graduate from the University of Alabama and his son just graduated with a master's in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech he's an avid sailor a license USG CG captain and has been married for 26 years you've made so many contributions to the dental field you helped develop a case presentation module for Kodak's often you've been a beta tester for Dex's densified coda trophy my gosh I am softened that that's a I started with soft tent that was 32 years ago - all you historians that was the number one practice management software when I got out of school in 87 it was originally developed by M facade which is a White Marsh Maryland was purchased by practice works which was then bought by Kodak and then my gosh and Kodak sold the sold that to a Canadian company on X who renamed it care stream which then spun off the dental application and now Lisa runs the whole thing I mean my gosh I if you could follow it'd be easier to follow the family tree your great-great-grandmother they're not then I softened that was a long long ride and my gosh so so tell me what are what are you I'm doing now what are you up to these days you've been been published in Jeddah don't like an arm H you're always lecturing you were in Scottsdale here what two weeks ago yep with Glacier solutions management blackford that was bill down yes he was he's just amazing I tell you what I hope when I'm seventy-seven I had that much I hope when I'm 57 I have that much energy yeah he stopped by here and did a podcast I'll so I'll never for you the first time I heard him his feet he was 87 and I'm in Phoenix I had to drive an hour and a half south to Tucson to go see him and then when he was done he was stressed out about trying to find a taxi back to Phoenix and I'm like well I'm headed right back to Phoenix so I got to give a ride all the way back and just downloaded his entire brain in ninety miles what a great opportunity and so he's still doing it so when you saw him what were you guys talking about what was the feel of the room what was the information most passion about learning 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: it was a basic class a lot of new dentist I'm really I'm at a point now where I'm enjoying talking with these new dentists I I always think to myself well I wish I could be thirty years younger all the mistakes I made so I try and talk these young Dennis coming up and giving them you know my opinion and as we talk a little bit more Howard you'll find out I'm incredibly opinionated and it's just my life experiences and I'm sure people could find documentation showing that so my opinions are wrong but they've worked for me 

Howard: I'm lucky I'm I'm 57 and I'm I've still never been wrong that's why I can't say the word very well but um so let's not be married so was it a practice management seminar yes yeah yeah and we're and and what's the what was bills thoughts on these hi kids because you know they they continue to push the the dental school elites continue to push the narrative that their kids are graduating $284,000 to loans because they intentionally take out the math that twenty percent of the kids had no borrowed money for their deal so that dilutes the reality that it's a hundred thousand dollars add a year they come out four hundred thousand dollars in debt how do you think that's gonna change their outlook today versus when you got out three decades ago

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  well you know my one thing in my personal perspective is I've always worked with other dentists but always been in a setting where we were number one focus was in the patient so after dental school prosthetics and in the Navy and we I have a private practice now with my partner Duke Steinberg and so I've always had the advantage of bouncing ideas and stuff off other dentists i I don't know about corporate dentistry and I really don't want to talk a lot about that but I think there's a place for that um some of the advice I give these young Dennis just graduating dental school maybe that isn't a bad option for you to go and experience doing getting some experience doing dentistry before opening to private practice it's incredible four thousand dollars in debt and and to really set your own practice up nowadays you got to have a control scanner okay you got to have a CBC P just stay within the standard of care so there's a hundred and thirty hundred forty thousand dollars just in two pieces of equipment that you need well yeah I'm past-president the Academy cam dentistry so I've had them all we started with to Iraq in 2002 that's when they went from the 2d the 3d model 2008 we're number eighty to two by the east 4d and about seven years ago we're talking about Carestream eid showered approached me and my partner dick Sandberg to help develop the GS 3500 which is now your valve to the CS 3700 so if I was going to use a digital scanner I would use a DES 3700 once again because I helped design it but it's mobile it's designed like an intraoral camera so so so the Kodak D s 37 3700 yeah oral scanner is your favorite yes and and there's some there's some 

Howard: so 3m just got rid of true def right yeah so they paid a fortune for that I think I mean it what was it like 90 million dollars when they started that so so how do you buy something for 90 Billy 90 million dollars and then shed it how does that work well

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  because they're they bought another process and you know have you ever been to this fair where they have a squiggly wire and there's a ring around it you have to get from one end without touching the wire and you win the prize right that was design when you're trying to scan with that when Carestream approached us when ed child approached us he said what would you do as a CAD CAM Dennis what would you like it had to be very intuitive it had to be very simple that any dentist could pick it up and the nice thing also is you're not changing how you practice dentistry so even practicing dentistry and doing crown and bridge and you do do it a certain way Karen's not saying now you have to do it this way do it the same way but that are grabbing the impression material grab your intraoral scanner and how much by the way this in the commercial Lisa didn't call me and tell me to have this guy or EDI 

Howard: God he's we've been friends forever yeah we're the same age I still don't understand why I look like I'm his dad but anyway so so this um how much is the CS 3700 you know I really couldn't tell you you know I'm suing it and spoken like a true dentist a true dentist yeah um a lot of my lab friends tell me that you know if you're a lazy dentist and you take crappy impressions I mean you go into crying Bridge labs people still send in quadrant trays with the cotton roll still stuck in it and then there's red blood and it all dried up I mean it's just crazy but my lab all my lab friends say that the the seedy dentist who switched from sending him horrible impure gum impressions that they get oral scanner and they're horrible scans and that the dentist's who are really particular and trying to do be a work they can't tell you know that they say it doesn't matter so if that's the case why should you go oral scanner if quality's more associated with your constraints you put on yourself as opposed to the technology why are you a supporter this 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: well I'm gonna tell you because you're absolutely right when I have been a common we teach for tea rack and for a little while for a for D and the Dennis would say well do I need a pack with traction cord I would say if you can see a margin then no it's just like normal clown bridge like I said before you're not changing the way you practice dentistry you can't see a margin the needle pat  so retraction cord use your diode laser okay so buying an intraoral camera isn't a silver bull that's going to help you get a better impression you still have to practice the same way you always if you're having issues taking impressions then you're going to have issues with a neutral camera the nice thing about an interval camera that you take it instantaneously it's blown up on your computer screen thirty times you know and when we first started doing this in 2002 one of my assistants she tapped on the shoulder side you see that distal lingual line angle down nice little yeah let me go back in there maybe prep it a little bit let's rescan it again that's another nice thing taken gotta be humble yeah I feel very humble talking to you today and I think that's a virtue that a lot of dentists should have you'd have to be humble you'd have to get the feedback from your system the second set of eyes I placed a lot of implants probably about a thousand a year and I'm looking at one angle and my assistants at 90 degree and she's always saying coaching me hey Doc let's go ahead a little bit try it towards me a little bit so if you need to be able to accept that coaching just because you have that backward does it mean that you're a note on your god it just means that you went through the training you went to the heart to get that degree and now you can utilize the degree to help people out so if you're having trouble with polyvinyl siloxane impressions you're gonna have trouble with an intraoral scanner so doctor I'm going to tell you 

Howard: you know let's take a step back and see we're at first so let's go back to Edward or she'll heard the chief dental officer Karen gentle now Atlanta Georgia do you work a lot with Karis room because it's right around the corner from you in Tampa I mean you're basically in the Tampa area is it as a what what is your fascination with with Carestream dental as opposed to bio lace or 3m or Cerrone or dents why all these companies I 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: I don't work as much as I have in the past with Carestream I've been really trying to focus on my practice and doing lots of C credits but I will tell you one thing about Carestream that we've liked from the beginning is that caring when they come in they're not telling us how to change what we're doing in our office what they're saying is that let's see if we put this CBCP and we have a CS 9300 I would recommend the 8100 it's a lot cheaper better resolution for a CBC T okay see that all over again so they recommend okay say that again i we have a our second CS 9600 or 9300 I'm sorry CB CT right but they have a 8100 which so which is less expensive and it has a little bit better resolution and that would be the one that I would recommend to 8100 yes yes 8100 okay so how much is the C oh you don't know right I'm sorry I don't know you know I guess I really focus on the clinical aspects of things the nice thing about Carestream is they're not telling you doctor if you do this and this and this she'll be more productive or you do this and this and this you can do this they're saying we're going to give you this tool and it may make you practice better may make you more successful in how you do things so it's not changing how you do anything the same way with their intraoral scanner they're not saying okay now you have to powder the tooth and you have to do this you can do that it's nothing just do the same way you always have

Howard:  well you said powder and I still think that was the kiss of death for truth sure death oh yeah a light sprinkle yeah and everybody and that's what I went to these young kids that's how humans communicating and I own a media company so immediate just means a communication medium we're talking right now we're skyping right now they may be listening on itunes or youtube there's print billboards it's just a medium and when the key role in marketing is they whatever they're talking about is there worse is their problem so when you see a commercial they say well there's two scoops of raisins and every box of raisin brands well you already know there's no raisins and A Raisin Bran you haven't even opened the box yet they wouldn't be they wouldn't be spending millions of dollars on TV telling everybody there's two full scoops of raisins in every box and you just said don't have to spray powder and that that just flew out of your unconscious like boom and every time you would listen to a tree that feel they'd always I guess someone like Gordon Christian or somebody talked about how easy the powder thing don't even listen to it's like dude that that must be everything so do you think it was the powder that killed it

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  well you know what the wonderful thing about cad/cam dentistry and cad/cam and generalizing businesses it's so extremely accurate so when you're spraying dusting it as they do in the 3m or and the old Syriac days or I used to powder everything the lips the cheek the cotton roll you don't know the thickness of that powder in that specific area on top of that prep or anywhere else so that was an uncontrolled variable the same way the uncontrolled variable or the gypsum stone that we used to use to make models that's an uncontrolled griddle we don't know the expansion all the time if the the technician who's making the model using the proper water the powder ratio so that's the wonderful thing about CAD cam besides being able to blow your prep up 30 times see if you were if your dentistry is adequate that also make sure that your restorations are gonna fit really well 

Howard: well there's a lot of things going into that oral scanner John what you just said your time at the error stack and you know you take an impression that might have a 50 micron margin you pour that up in stone you just said we don't know how that sets up all the way you didn't follow the instructor another error stack every time you do a process impression to stone to trim to whack all these errors add up so a little plus or minus 50 micron five steps later is 250 microns whereas when you go digital you just got rid of that whole error stack and the magnification is the I mean if you don't think that's the most weighted variable on quality then you should go have Stevie Wonder do your dentistry then come back and talk to me I mean so it's magnification with loops and Adonis have a microscope and what you're saying the first time I did an oral scan of a tooth and I looked at it I was so humiliated I almost turned in my dental license and just went home and said okay that's this isn't really working so so what you say when you would you scan that and you see the prep 30 40 times bigger on the monitor that that's your fastest way to quality 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: so here's one seen at your assistant seen it too so there's a little bit of pride there if there's a problem a mistake and she sees it you see it you want to go fix that right away and you're not wasting money on more impression material 

Howard: yeah and there's a huge problem in dentistry where I don't know what percent of dentists do it but about a significant amount of dental assistants and hygienists that I talked to they say that when they ask a dentist a question about any of the dentist's work it's negative dysfunctional pushback and if you're working on that team you need to be communicating you gonna say look doc we're both we're both working on the patient I work for you you give me money but my first priority is a patient and if this is a problem for you I need to move on because you're not gonna change a toxic person and my gosh what I did with all my impressions for 30 years were the same assistant I said well if if you think it needs to be retaking that don't explain to me why throw it in the trash can and start with the next one I mean it's a lot faster when I see that impure gum impression hits a trash can I you don't have to tell me what you're thinking I pretty much know the value of that in Pergamum impression so so yeah so you you got to get the whole team on and by the way if you go into any dental lab in the world and you just hold up a big case in your hand and just look at it straight in front of you you can tell if he's a right-handed dentist or see how the angle tell you that implants so I noticed when I know you're so passionate about technology and so far all you're talking about oral scanners and CBC T's you didn't mention a CEREC CAD cam II for D does that mean that after 30 years of doing this you're less passionate about chair sight milling than you are aural scanning and CB CT no least like I said 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: we started in 2002 is sirak that's how I became part of the with Olaf shank was the North American editor for the International Society of computerized dentistry we were 2008 we were like the 82nd person to buy an e for D we we've had I yep thank

Howard:  oh my god but anyway so he sold that to plan Mecca right which is that of an Helsinki Finland and and Soraka was owned by Sirona which was spun off from sarena arms cbins which now married DENTSPLY so how do those two companies look for you see at first DVD 40 i mean it looked to me it looks like zurich got 85% of the cells and before Dee got the rest but the big picture is they never hit they never passed 15 percent market share unlike digital x-rays internal cameras all these things like that so it seems like it hit a wall is that just for the time being and little innovations before they they push out further market sure you know what 15 years ago 

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  that was the intro only integral camera available and they were pretty dead set and their vision and how they were going to do things right now there's about 12 internal scanners out on the market I just listened to a guy at na Houston Eddie paddy from Germany and he was saying that he read a statistic in his lecture that only 5% of dentists worldwide are using internal scanners and that reminds us of an 5% and I found that hard to believe fire in percent worldwide yes are you an interest worldwide that's I mean there's two million Dennis I mean I know I don't think there's any I mean it's a very different market in South America Africa and Asia versus oh you're up in North America yeah ten years ago I'd shower that told me that only 30 percent of people were using digital x-rays and now it's about 80 percent so as more and more companies you know you get really early adopters and everything and more and more companies are developing things and things are getting less and less expensive we're gonna see more this technology come out and so incomes good so Sarah is gonna have to change they are gonna have to innovate and compete with the other 11 companies 

Howard: yeah so it was um so the guy that founded that that was um who was that that was Mark Quadling and then he sold that to be so Heyman and and then they sold its plan make a base lame and I he was an amazing  man preneur yeah so to be more succinct she graduated from dental school in a couple years ago she's been working for Aspen for three or four years or whatever and she's gonna start her own office and there's three big things an oral scanner a CB CT and a chair sight milling with a CAD cam yeah well those three how many would you recommend 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: I recommend all three I really do I think that people time patience times are more important sometimes in the dentist time I I get so upset when a patient is waiting in the reception area because they come a little bit early if the chair is free let's put the patient there their time is very important if we were able to mill the crown while they're here and let's do it 

Howard: and how much you a lot of people think well that it you know it takes up too much chair time that it's gonna be you know it's just too much too much time to do cherish like Millie I mean you come in and you know there's a lot of

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  well doctor you should get an extra chair so that you can see an emergency patient there's just about a 30 or 40 minute downtime we we've graduated to a point where five years ago we now have a technician who does that for us so as soon as he gets the scan he's designing the crown or sometimes a bridge and he's milling right then and there for us so

Howard:  and the most the most successful dentists I know in my backyard he does the same thing he scans all week long and then they in temporary and then he has a lady who works at a crown Bridge lab and she comes in Wednesday's after work and as always chair side milling so he doesn't have he does the chair side scanning in house milling but not same-day appointment you see that I I think that's fantastic and

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  I have friends who say I would never buy a mill because this technician that I've been using for the last 20 years he knows exactly what I want so I'm gonna use them so I always say doctor what if that technician decided to retire now you have to start all over again if you know what you want you do it yourself so right yeah

Howard:  so um being a dentist for 30 years I mean I love Dennis but there's a lot of things they all have in common and one of the things one of the things they all have in common is that they they didn't go to eight years of college to be a Salesman and you helped them know you you helped develop a case presentation module for Kodak soft and and I always and you like to talk about digital marketing these just two things Dennis naturally hate I mean why didn't you just start a company teaching dental assistants to serve kale for lunch every day just have an office party eating kale by the way if you cook kale what I like to do is use a lot of butter on the bottom that way when you're done cooking it it's so much easier to scrape it into the trash can but did you see what made you start a case presentation module for Kodak how does that journey start and you knew you'd have resistance to that before you started here's if they don't want to sell they don't want a program in dentistry

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  well you know let's take a step school clinical skills that are gonna help us for the rest of our lives you say gentlemen you talked to a couple weeks ago on a podcast was dr. fluky you talked about technology and there's that theory that was developed in the 60s that after 18 to 24 months technology changes about two years ago I heard Mike Pico speaking I like I said I'm a love CE and he said sort of the same thing that in dental school about 18 to 24 months after you graduated 50% of what you learned isn't gonna be valuable anymore the other 50% will take you throughout your whole dental career that's anatomy physiology things like that so you have to be able to move and shift as you go by now it is still a business you know like any other business we talk about cooking kale let's say we're opening up a restaurant it's still a business every business is run the same you have to have a plant service a nice building you have to have good quality that's the doctor taking CE classes and you have to have good customer service and I have my office I call it customer satisfaction and that doesn't mean you get the patient anything they want that means you listen to them and you say yes to them none of those things are ever taught to Dentist in dental school there's some really good books out there Dentist who are starting their own practice after practicing for a few years always tell me that the simon Sinek books start with why find out what your vision is if you know what your vision is then you build your practice you know another really good book out there is a Miss by Gerber where he says is once you start your business pretend like you're a McDonald's and you're gonna franchise it you know you may never franchise it you'll have all these SOPs in place and you'll be able to run it very smoothly so that way you can focus on the dent in his example he says making the pies so if you're a young dentist you got to have a nice building keep all the light bulbs lit you gotta have the quality you gotta take the C classes and it's hard to invest we just talked about being $40,000 or four thousand dollars in debt but you have to invest in your education and and you've got to have a good team like we talked before I always give the analogy of a football team and I'm the coach and sometimes I'm not on the field and a tackle leprechaun can you say hey Doc we should do this and this and this for this patient and I have to take that in sometimes too we have hunters on our football team and a lot of times in a team member will say hey how come the punter sitting on the bench all the time sometimes you need that team up for that specific skill so you know it's amazing another thing I always like to tell young dentists is that businesses are down business is like any other business except for one thing Howard if you were the CEO of Ford Motor Company you'd come in the morning and do a little bit of paperwork then do you go downstairs and cut mufflers our tailpipes for eight hours then go back upstairs and do some more paperwork no you sit there and you run the business but as dentists we don't if our bure like bill Blackford says it's our Burroughs not spinning we are not making money we can't help our employees or their families that were if we're running the business so I'm always a big fan for young Dennis to get consultants

Howard:  that's interesting how you out of nowhere you just said standard operating you said SOPs so SOP a standard operating procedure and of course the who's the Guru of that of all things standard out you know Marcia Freeman and she's I mean she made a whole career out of doing this and it's never done no one ever does it but like you know Southwest Airlines these guys are geniuses they said well the first thing we're gonna do is just eliminate down to one plane we're only gonna fly a Boeing 737 we're not gonna because then you just with intention now now your mechanics don't have to learn you know Boeing Airbus all all these different things right my gosh you walk into a dental office and every single one of the operatories is set up differently right that's wrong I mean you go do a hygiene checker say you know it's just a little filling can you do it now no because we don't even have the high speed in this room I mean I just had a feeling the other day and they came in for hygiene and the bites little high yeah but we have little Cubs we have standard operating procedures for all those things another big important thing too for a young desk is to develop some checklists

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  I do a lot of full-arch surgeries now and I've really over the last 10 years gotten away from prosthetics and more into the surgical realm of - because I enjoy it a little bit more and you can do stuff that you enjoyed you get older and I have read every surgery there is a checklist there and I look at it and my assistants will go by and make sure everything's off the checklist so when the patient seated we're ready to go there isn't gonna be my gosh you know I do a lot of lpr for the needle to draw the blood everything is ready there because on the checklist the same way the pilot for the 737 on Southwest they have a checklist –

Howard:  yeah and I have read that if pilots had a what what is the oh my god I mean just the smallest little error rate there just be you know planes dropping every single day right they would even consider so so um and and you also said something very profound when I started by today's dental 1987 everybody thought it was absurd because I said I set up the LLC as today's dental incorporated store number one and everybody's like store number one are you gonna put a second one in there and I said well it doesn't even matter you know because the the sweet spot of going bankrupt is between office two and three that's when most people die at about the 3 to 5 million mark because the first one they don't realize their teams just muscling it through and they don't have any standard operation procedures they know the why and what they're doing and so when you and so having another location really show that that little problem that you never saw because it was just like a little scorpion at the table now comes out from around these the tables the size of a dog and you got a Rottweiler barking at you then you know that this just isn't working and by the way when you were speaking in Scottsdale I'm you were in Arizona which is the only state that accepts a a licensed practice dentist from any state to come here and practice dentistry which is why we're the highest for working for a DSO 18.6% of Arizona dentists work for DSO and a DSO the definition is just I don't like the definition at all I just like group practice you know just state group practice and number of locations I mean group practice two locations five locations everybody talks about the group practice five hundred to a thousand locations but a five percent of that pie is two to three locations and so um do those do you think those dentists are going to enjoy that business model I think it's very important I know there's a lot of dance like myself in private practice that don't like that business model but that's that's their protocols it's it's set up for their patient pool who they're focusing on my focus for my patients my vision for my patients is a little bit different than a lot of the corporate dentists are in my area so you know we had one that just opened up a mile and a half down for my office and all my friends well again what are you gonna do what are you gonna do down 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: I'm not doing anything I'm focusing on my vision I want to I want to help people I enjoy seeing people smile again that's why I went to prosthetics and now into uh implant surgeries by train yeah so but better so you're considered especially no I don't practice my specialty doesn't practice his training right right okay so it worked out really good when I moved to Florida out of the Navy there's a mobile home park near us and I was a superstar everyone who had been bad dentures I got them working but I made so many friends in that trailer park and there's some people that I couldn't help so that's why I started going into the implants because I know if I get some get some anchors and then I could really help them chew a little bit better and enjoy life a little bit better look at a menu and say hey I want this theater now oh can I eat this 

Howard: so you're a prosthodontist and probably the biggest name in my mind was Carl mesh and yeah you've already mentioned dentures several times and that's why he became the best because he started off with dentures look at all these failing implant cases and why they were trying to blame it on the titanium and the implant the design he's like well your bite was an F yeah so he started with dentures and he said learning the bite was everything and then he became a surgeon and what I'm excited most about implants is it's the you know if you go into a business where someone else sets your fee and it's highly capital intensive you're you've you've already lost the game and so these are the that's the procedure that dental insurance company schemes don't set the fee on so Delta's not telling you that you can only charge 900 for an implant so so that's why we see implants and Invisalign or our clear aligners I'm growing double-digit around the world so do you um how many or your placing and restoring yes we are yeah well let's talk about that or you implant agnostic or it is there something you like name-brand

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  yeah I like my horizon I think I placed over 800 of them in 2019 I really liked the interlock implants they're out of Italy they had a synergistic effect with the exudate I would get from the LP RF and and and they were they were very forgiving if you use LP RF and place those implants but in September of 2018 I think by a horizon bought them out so now it's very difficult for me to get those implants so

Howard:  well I think I think I know how your mind works you you started and you're in Tampa so you first branch out you went around to Atlanta and I hope for them and then you just let one state over to and for bio raisins out of Alabama so I'm trying to look at this map so if I go to Tampa and then I go to Atlanta and then I'm going to Birmingham I'm trying to think of where you're gonna stop next your I think straight up to Nashville yeah so my gosh so what what is gonna be your next dental company in Nashville I see where this road trip is going 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: well about two years ago I was asked to help teach a down in the Senate of min and min ago centered sorry yes and a minute Dominican Republic for ITC seminars so I go down there once or twice a year and I teach dentists from the states in Canada how to place implants how to do sinus list both crustle ii and laterally so i'm starting to get more towards the helping the younger dentists out and helping dentists out it it's more fulfilling for me it sounds selfish it makes me feel good when I'm helping somebody else out you know and that's that's my my where I'm at right now my life so you said ICT some IPC I see IPC seminars I have in Casa Bianca he's out of Laguna Hills  yep implant training centers yep alright and what do you think of that how's that going I think it's really nice cuz he has a class that he teaches in Laguna Hills so they already have a didactic background before they come and start placing implants I work with Mauro gurbin who was a big Kol for me Oh dent which is now straumann he teaches so he does a whole one day of just didactic lectures and the next three days the patients that those students see are specifically what they want to do so if I wanted to go to that class and just learn lateral sinus lifts dr. Kosta Bianca Yvonne he'll have patients set up for me for the next three days just to do that if I've never placed an implant before he'll put me with another student that's placed a couple implants in he'll have patients where they have tremendous amount of bone no sinus involvement or nerve involvement so you can place implants so the hand picks the patient's the week before all the students come down there so it's really nice from that's the amp what

Howard:  do you think he should I change his last name to just go Casablanca so he's the founder and CEO of ITC seminar he's an amazing man so how so is that an how's the feedback from the students I always measured them succinctly starting with orthodontics yes you know when long before clear aligners when I got at school no single orthodontist would teach orthodontist to a dental student let alone a general dentist when they got out of school because that was just their culture and it was only Richard Litt he was the only board-certified and Harry Green out of Phoenix those are the only two board-certified orthodontist that would even teach ortho and but I always would measure them by what percent of their students go home and place him implants afterwards so so when Ivan and you take a group of kids down to you said Dominican Republic yeah San Domingo yeah Santa Domingo how many of those kids a year later are placing implants versus that they're done

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  well I'm gonna tell you we have a private Facebook page and once they've gone through the class they email me and I get them on board with it and I post some of the cases I do once a week and they start posting some of the things that they do and if I've noticed after a month or so I haven't seen any posts or anything I'll send them a little email how are things going there something I can help you with and most of our placing implants most their questions though to me are you know what are your SOPs on this and are you talking about checklist and what are your SOPs on I'm doing a crystal science approach you know and and I say well you know what I have mine I can help you develop yours but McDonald's SOPs won't work for Burger King because there's two different visions there so you have to come up with your own SOP you have to sit down and write them and I rewrite mine about once a year I'm in the process of redoing that right now so mostly so mostly it's hot it's not really the dentistry about it it's the the pre-dentistry about it and then of course we talk a lot about selling dentistry too 

Howard: well so you love technology and you talked about oral scanner CBC chairside milling and then I brought up that and that you had developed this for Kodak case presentation preferred my first question is how do you even how do you like to measure case presentation because a lot of my friends will tell me they'll say okay well if I'm aggressive and I always take the time to sit down do a thorough exam diagnosis treatment plan Panty Dawson complete dentistry and the majority won't get that then it looks like I didn't do any of my work but if I'm a low diagnosed ER and 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: all I see is well you got a steak on number two you need a clues when they do it so how do you measure treatment plan presentation success that that is the most difficult thing to measure or anything like that but I'm gonna take a step back those doctors that you're talking about are not talking to the patient we have to communicate with the patient and as an aside that what we had set up and sold to care stream was just a PowerPoint so if you treat implanted crown a root canal a golden light it's in the treatment plan it automatically prints out this treatment plan book for the patient through a PowerPoint but let's talk about the bigger issue here these doctors who are doing all this work doing all this pre-op doing a full mouth series CBC T checking everything out and then they present the treatment plan did they ever talk to the patient what does the patient want what does the patient really want do they have a budget in mind if you don't talk about in these things upfront with a patient they're not gonna tell you what what you need to do okay you know I'll give you a great example we're talking about planes a little bit of go let's say you've never been to Hawaii before okay and I'm gonna say Howard you're gonna go to Hawaii what are you thinking of the beaches the luau hula girls correct okay are you really really concerned about how that plane flies how the engine works how the training that the pilot did no you're not so when a patient comes to a dental office they're not coming there just because they need to get established or just because they need their six-month exam there's a reason they're coming there let's I know what that reason is they want to be in Hawaii maybe okay and then once you know they're gonna be in Hawaii you know Howard you know doing that what you want to do no wagon I'm Milan but that may be cost as much as a Toyota Corolla maybe 25 $30,000 is that something you'd be interested in yes that's great oh my god no I'm from Florida I'm gonna fix income I get social security Oh okay now you know what exams you need to do what you need a treatment plan now I'm not saying you treatment plan because they're finances you always treatment plan as though they're a family member in my office one of our protocols is we don't treat them as or a family member we treat them as they're our pet sometimes our family members we give intake for but we always do the best for our pets okay then you can say hey I can get you two why is this something you can do why why are doctors wasting and how are their time when the patient doesn't have any money or their whole life they haven't cared about dentistry their wife forced them to come into the office you know my wife I haven't had my teeth cleaning firing my weapon I don't want anything done nothing hurts me

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  I just want to get out of here okay that's great let's get your teeth cleaned buddy right let's help this guy out why waste an hour doing a full mouth examination yeah you were talking to young dental students and then in Scottsdale and we were talking about that and then you recommended the book Simon it's funny because he did a video that went viral and the Millennials are so mad at him because he was saying that it makes a lot of sense you know tell them what makes sense about you saw it at 70 minutes long so now all the Millennials hate it and you like it okay Bober okay so here's to old boomers is there any merit to what he said well tell him first what he said

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  I don't think he insulted anybody he just gave his point of view you know about where they came from how they feel privileged that they should have things I the reason I can understand what he's talking about I have young dentists that come on we got a young dentist about three years ago who was interviewing for an associate position in our practice and he says I want to just do veneers you know we have a very big cosmetic practice and it's like well you know what how many veneers have you done well I've done eight eight cases no 80 you know so what they want Howard they're looking for the car the big home the motor boat but they don't want to build the basis to get there they see they see me they see my partner they see our other associate how successful they are but it took us a long time to do the practice and get that to that point they want that immediate satisfaction like they get on their electronic devices yeah and and 

Howard: I  think what are the things that they said the most profound is it you know it's it's always stereotyping and  he's like okay so you look at everything they say about and the stereotype millennial and he says look at these two facts only 46 percent of Millennials grew up in two-parent homes so if you're gonna do a mathematical stereotype it was raised by a single parent only 43 percent of Millennials were Caucasian in the u.s. so so why are you having this stereotype of some white dude where that grew up with a mom and dad that you know is there but it's so funny because you're not supposed to be racist but the racist things Oh show up like I'll say is sad and they'll say well is that for us or Canada and I'm always thinking why is your first thought to always divide the herd and you know talk about it dentist well is that a millennial or a Boomer is that a blonde or brunette it's like okay we're one species there's eight billion of us you know can we just can we can we stay focused on what we're talking about and  the Millennials what we are talking about is what I see the most difference about Millennials is the student loan indebtedness and and that is and then the change from boys to girls and a lot of those girls have told me hundreds of times I'm divorced I got a ten-year-old kid I don't want to own my own business so when some when some old boomer thinks Heartland is bad for dentistry well well who's there they're wrong I'm talking to this lady and this lady is a dentist and she lives up the street from me and it works well for her why are you worried about the other eight billion people I mean how much of the time do you spend each day worrying about the 100 billion humans had died before the present I know they're dead and you're not gonna meet ninety-nine percent of the ones alive so it's a very it's always a bad error to stereotype everyone into one category I mean not even all Irish are drunks so uh you know you just none of these stereotypes hold up

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  well you know what Howard just think how boring the world would be if we were all like the good Lord did this on purpose I want to I want to say some of your talk about the Millennials Zig Ziglar who you probably know who isn't no one listened to this podcast by those who he is he had said something that he met a man who was very successful and it's to parents were alcoholics he goes then I met his twin brother who was in and out of jail his two parents were alcoholics okay the past does not equate where we are today you have to take responsibility for who you are right now and I think that's one of the things that Simon Sinek and that 17 minute long YouTube video was talking about you have to take responsibility for who you are right now at this point in time I used to tell my kids my one son's a rocket scientist my other daughter she worked extremely hard and she would study very hard and she would get B's and C's and it doesn't matter how much effort you put into it it's the results that count okay if you if you spend 45 minutes taking out a wisdom tooth you know does that make you a bad dentist no you've still got a good result if you spent 45 minutes take out of wisdom tooth and you cut the nerve well then there's an issue there that's a bad result so it doesn't matter how much effort you put into it it's the results you get okay and that's part of life acknowledge it move on you know I would talk about being Catholic I say this to my staff all the time because I'm OCD I'm very particular on things that's why I have checklists and SOPs that's a Navy thing I know we talked about that but I always say when they beat themselves up when they see I always make them put their temporary on the printed model if we get or forgetting a model from another laboratory and so the margin is short I always thought there was only one person ever in this world who was perfect and what happened to him he got crucified so it's okay to make mistakes it's okay to put a lot of effort in and not get a good result but let's learn from it and 

Howard: move forward so some get up in soapbox no I love your soapbox I've been a fan of yours I love your articles you and your you and your partner wrote that article cad/cam and all that stuff but I'm just thinking a lot of things you really enjoy your partner you enjoy group practice I was only at a school for about an hour and I hired my first associate because I had just left dental school you're hanging out with a hundred classmates I had on the other day I hang out with him for years in dental school and you I think a big draw instead of saying all the Millennials are or they're not setting up their own practice because there's something wrong with them well there's girls and girls do a lot of relationships that the moms gonna have to do more stuff with the children than the day and it just is what it is so but you enjoyed working with Richard Steinberg and your 50-50 partnership

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  yeah and we are constantly being interviewed by different authors wanting to know how long this partnership lasts and it lasted because we have the same vision okay we both love being out Applebee's and a beer coming over to our table from a patient was so happy with the results of either a denture or veneers or implants we both had the same vision now we're both totally different you know I'm Catholic he's Jewish he does things one way I do things the other way okay so but we know that we have one common thing we have that vision and that's what keeps us going and keeps us happy with each other and makes us successful as partners and I said I'm very unique I've always worked with other dentists I dental school prosthetic training in the Navy and now with dick so I think group practice is just more fun I mean I you know I just 

Howard: I just love it I mean now if you have an open fear free relationship and you're hearing feedback from your assistants and hygienists and you're taking them with you to seee or online see things like that um let's talk about our minds yeah I know you've done some stuff with who aldo eagle the president of dental learning right right yeah so what do you think that's one thing the Millennials have more access to I got into online seee on 4 dental town in 2004 we put up over 400 courses that have been downloaded and viewed a million times we didn't have that coming out of school how do you think that is do you think it's just for didactic

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  well I talked to I live about an hour south of where I went to grade school high school so I have a lot of friends who are professionals who aren't doctors or dentists very unique Howard remember when we went to dental school we would have to get the Giada or some sort of research article to see what a dentist did 3-4 years earlier and how successful he was okay we are so lucky I do a lot of CE through dental XP we are so lucky now with cloud-based learning we have a dentist who says you know over the last 4 months I've been doing this type of procedure and he posted on Facebook or something like that and you can see it you need the input right away we're not waiting three or four years just reading in a journal we're seeing it live so our learning over the last five or six years has just been exponential because of this it's just amazing the things that I'm doing now in dentistry I mean having to do an LP RF if you would have told me that five years ago I would say do I put a mask gotta do you do dance for this stuff to work I'm doing grasping without even using bow and I grind up people's teeth you know that was made by straw man was it what no no these the one in South Korea dr. Soong dr. Park oh oh dr. Park too right yeah the one I'm uses cameto bio out of Germany Biderman his son Amit is running the company he did tons of research in the 80s and 90s on bender Minh Anh Deniz graft material and his son has taken it a little bit further and now he's made a grinder and everything like that so I'm doing Denton grinding and we're doing LPR I've done a few socket preservation stock and I'm so sorry rich preservations where I don't even use bone I'm just using LP RF you know and that's from Nelson Pinto from Chile okay I don't know the term you just said LP RF yeah Lukas I'd rich plasma I'm sorry Luke side has enriched fiber how critical is that to implants success do you think I think it's a success not a success with me not with the outcome but success with the patient there's a lot less inflammation like I said I do a lot of full arches I'll pull teeth place five or six implants on an upper or lower arch or sometimes on both arches and they come back the next day or three days later hardly any discomfort at all discovered after the anesthetic wars often that's it so it's more successful in lieu of how the patient thinks the success rate of the implants has stayed the same over the last ten or fifteen years that I've been doing this but it's more comfortable but like I said I'm doing things that that I would have thought five years ago was voodoo that I would need a rattle and a mask I'm growing bone without placing bone in there I'm not using be calcified mineral demineralized bone you know I'm using sometimes I'll use a beta tricera beta calcium phosphate yeah 

Howard: when you podcast interviewed coral mesh it was the biggest complaint that people loved him but they were so mad that he did call these the procedures voodoo and here you're saying that there was a time when you also thought they were voodoo what was why why is it gone from a voodoo black magic to now the real thing you're saying because of the internet 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: because I'm seeing these cases done in Chile I'm seeing these cases done in Spain where they're using this interlock centrifuge and there's specific reasons with the interlock centrifuge is so much more successful than other ones on the market and you're seeing these these cases that were done six months ago and a year ago that otherwise it would I would have read in a journal but the point I was making is it's cloud sourcing is making us better dentist by showing us things that are happening right now it's in the learning is just exponential 

Howard: so you like than the the interlock the intra - lock you like that device 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: I love it I love it like I said I've been doing full-arch for about probably seven years now since 2013 kind of getting old and and sometimes you can't draw blood you know I have a lot of elderly women it's very difficult to find it and we still use the basics you know I tend not to use anymore the demineralized bone I use a lot of the beta tricera phosphates I'm trying not to use cadaver bone I seem like I get better results another bone that I use when I can't draw blood is a bone cement called agua out of Israel and I've gotten some great results on that on some of the patients 80 85 years old I got I'm on laying bone enough so I have enough with place an implant in six months so is interlock is that owned by bio risin it is now yes so they bought that and so and was and was that in response to mega jenk coming out with that I don't know you know I I had always assumed when I found out that they bought it was because of the interlocked implants they had of this osseous surface that was synergistic to the LP rfx a day they had this fractional design of the threads and that's why I thought I mean I I had just incredible success with these interlocked implants where bone was growing over the cobble most every time I placed them so that's why I thought but you're right you're absolutely they bought because this LP RF and and those why do you think the bone was growing over the top of them I think it's because they they had this they call it a surface it's a coating I don't want to get into a lot of implantology here but you know the titanium matures if you open up an implant right now you drop some water on it it'll spread out really nicely if you let it sit for a week it'll start beating up so when you surface coat an implant with something that's going to dissolve in the body the pain that then is exposed is is brand-new.i team it hasn't been exposed in the air it hasn't matured so that's why I like implants that have a coating on them but you said you said interlock that by horizon about them right yes they did yeah and how long ago is that I think it was in September 2018 but

Howard:  but I believe two things when you look at implant companies okay there's we now the list is over 400 dental implant companies there's over 40 clear aligner companies so so obviously you know what's the most weighted thing the most weighted thing I say first is just quality and legal because when these with implant you know when a sealant falls off mom doesn't even ask for a money back but when you do a big implant case that fails if you warranty that and redo it you just eat the profits to for the next two big implant cases you do so failures everything and if you go to court and you have some implant with no research so you're doing - about ten big names and obviously strumming and and my horizon and no bail so that's a gimme after that I believe that if I was given the best golf clubs in the world and Tiger Woods was given the worst golf clubs in the world but he would beat me I'm just gonna I'm just gonna go on the record and say that so even though I do own a Big Bertha Club so would what after you you recommend by horizon it's how Alabama there you go what would be next for fun from strong no not the implant but what's causing what success and failure well you know 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: what I'm gonna tell you like you said there's 400 different other than Australian seven four different implant companies out there so once again I'm gonna go back to something we talked about really early in this podcast is developing a business model you have to have a nice plant service you have to have good quality and you have to have customer satisfaction that is the most important thing to me is my relationship with that sales rep if he's if I have an implant that fails and I think I did everything right I'm gonna tell him and hopefully he'll reimburse me for that implant it customer satisfaction is very important for your team once again I use the football analogy I'm either ritz-carlton analogy you go the ritz-carlton here in Florida Naples Florida it's July when you get out of your car they're gonna hand you a nice lemonade with ice on it okay here thank you you come back that next day out of your room goes front si can I have a glass of lemonade with ice and they say sure doctor if they're on we'll get you one and they're in charge of six dollars and 40 cents for it okay what's the difference the difference was that you're hot and they're helping you out and that's what I'm looking in for my sales rep I want someone who can help me out I'm gonna insult a lot of your your listeners right now just because my father was in dental sales he worked for a dental laboratory in Clearwater Florida called Knight dental and he did dental sales and because oh my god yeah that's a big lab in Tampa right right yeah he was national sales from 1972 - oh my gosh let's see two thousand and two thousand 72 mm yeah he just passed away two years ago and is Barbara Bobby Warner's daughter

Howard: yeah Bobby Warner's daughter who is what the original owner yeah she sold the CEO and all that

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  I think so yeah bacon is that because of that relationship I had with my father when we first started working together me and dick when a sales rep would come to our office we didn't have the gatekeeper I always wanted to sit and talk to them and I'm at a to this day after practicing for 30 years and being in private practice owning a business for 23 years I get more true advice from the sales rep than I do from other dentist I'm gonna give you a great example I had a dentist periodontist local paradise about a month and a half ago he told me to stop using this one dermis and use this other dermis company and he told me these great successes he's having everything so he gave me the name of the rep I called her up she came in and we're talking he's going well you know what he rarely buys this thermos from me and he goes really our success is the same as the other company that you're using so sometimes dentists to other dentists wanna sound successful so sometimes they like sales reps will never lie to you they may make their products sound really good they may tell you all the great points of their products they can't lie to you because they lie to you and you can never see him again you know user company in ours I'm giving the Commission again so I love sales reps whenever we go to these I just went to the ICO I as you see my t-shirt this last weekend in Houston and my first day as I went I talked to every sales rep there and every company even companies that I don't use or even come as I do use because they're gonna tell me exactly the truth what's going on in the dental community more than my my colleagues are and the other thing with this I mean Ally I'm sure there's fifty shades of gray on Ally

Howard:  a lot of the times they just don't know like for instance whenever the insurance doesn't pay or something like that they immediately just say that Delta Dental and then when you try to chase down the deal it was one of the seven other insurance companies they work on so when they you'll know somebody somebody's talking to you to want help and they're telling you their staff labor is twenty percent and then when you get in there to help them you find out it's thirty two percent and he didn't even know you see the table where an old man like me they paid off their land and building whatever so they think their overheads lower because they don't have rent and it's like okay well if I sold your dental office and put it in a bond fund you know it would be earning you know what is the cost of capital of all this money tied up in land and building facilities so so a lot of the dentists it's I don't even think they're lying I just think they have no idea what they're talking about they're probably I mean I know Dentist I mean when you when you go to eight years of college to help people get in a pain with your own hands I mean like right now the coronavirus the thing that I wish they talk more of is how brave the doctors are that are that have treaties and hospitals and dying and you know the Spanish Influenza started in Kansas I mean of 1918 and it was they went from a pig to a farmer and then he got called into World War one and went into Leavenworth which is the first known breakout and my gosh the the the fatality rates of nurses and hospitals they didn't even last a year when they worked there and they were still going out and Kru ting these people to work in there what would what's your thoughts on the coronavirus you're politically incorrect sweetheart tell it like it is well what is your what is your view on this virus 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: I think it's something that we need to be cautious about I don't think we need to fly off the handle and quarantine ourselves or anything like that I you know it's like anything else I'm 56 you know I get a flu shot every year it's not that I'm afraid of getting the flu but if I get the flu you know I'm cardiovascular issues I can have inflammation have a heart attacks from it and that could kill me so the same thing with the corona virus it's a new type of virus it may not be as as let's say deadly as a flu virus but we don't know the consequences of getting it and what's gonna happen but I don't think that we need to you know be flying off the handle and and blaming other people and saying we need to do this we do that I think our health care system here in the United States is outstanding the CDC out of Atlanta they're doing a great job we need to just just keep common and just use our spark the same thing let's say after 9/11 you know the thing was was let's let's keep a vigilant let's see if there's people leaving a briefcase or a backpack on a corner let's let's do these things so it's some of the same idea that we had this threat we had a terrorist attack from after 9/11 or a virus attack in here in 2020 we just need to use common sense and not fly off the handle 

Howard: yeah I just can't believe all these CoV ID 19 viruses trying to invade my body without my permission I mean makes me sick but I don't want to tell virus jokes because they might spread and I also think it's you just can't politically correct say I'm pretty sure the worst case scenario is only 2% of the entire planet will die none of those things sound right but but yeah humans they always pani first I can't believe we went well well over an hour but I want to end on one other thing um you were featured on Good Morning America yeah so there's just two areas growing double-digit it's implants you talked about that and clear liners why do you or use passion about clear liners is your implants 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: nope not at all Oh tell me the truth I think you want to think about it first well I I think I think for orthodontics for a general dentist it is an ideal thing to do and we do clear aligners in our office we do clear correct and Invisalign and I think it's really good I personally I personally much rather do a veneer on somebody and get them exactly how they want there's so many times over the last been Invisalign certified since the year 2000 there's so many times that I have patients who come in who I think their smile looks beautiful this corner right here number eight I think it's a little bit too far I'm taking camera shots from the occlusal and it's in the arch where I'm taking a bite shots and everything and they're just never happy you know if I can slap a porcelain veneer on there they want a little bit rounded I can just a get high-speed and fix it up so personally I don't like ortho well I worked in dental laboratories growing up through dental through college and through dental school I worked in dental laboratories and the one thing I hated how old was bending wire and just go to bed Mason I about orthotics I thought clear aligners were gonna change it I get very involved in it recently bought the IT ro was so we could do Invisalign you know and send it to I Cairo and everything I just I don't get this satisfaction personally anymore at 56 years old of doing clear aligners I have two wonderful doctors that work with me and they both love doing them and if I have a patient who's been my patient or 20 year and they say hey Dan I'm really gonna do those braces I'm say you know what you'll love dr. Raj they'll make sure it's right 

Howard: yeah and what you just said all that talking really goes back to where we started on the DSO deal you're talking about young people were DSO is going again I don't want the DSO conversation to be about people have 500 offices it's the fact that group practice is more fun so you could do blood and guts implants the patient gets one-stop-shop you have a partner someone else is in there that can do Invisalign so if you do blood they can do soft and pretty when you were I mean you made it all the way to the Good Morning America show does that mean you were good friends with Joe Hogan they'e CEO of Invisalign

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  No my sister is a Network genius and she met a girl who knew a girl who is from Ivanhoe production and she was down in Tampa and she missed her interview and my sister said hey my brother is here watched you interview him on Invisalign because it was just up and coming in 2000 2002 so it was just just

Howard:  so did you see that at Joe Hogan the CEO of align technology was ranked number two of Forbes ten most overpaid CEOs in America with a salary of 41 million dollars a year while the median employee pay for his company's 13,000 180 how do you think that'll go over in these times

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  well you know what we don't know what he had to go through in his life to get to that point so maybe in his mind that's his deserve level if you don't take care of your football team and make sure there's a lot of Gatorade for them and reward those guys when they're done if you don't take care of your team members they're gonna hate their head coach so once again if he doesn't take care of his employees then they don't have some feedback from it but maybe he is taking care of the players we just don't know that 

Howard: but in a weird like like Roger Robert Iger just retired from Walt Disney Company yeah his salary was 65 million dollars a year and his employees salaries 46,000 it is uh it is an interesting model when you look at the economics of leverage I mean you use leverage you learned it in geometry there are 6 types levers I mean there's a lever to levers together you know lever over a wheel and axle you know the pulley economics needs leverage I mean there's no doubt about it it doesn't look pretty on paper so uh my gosh was there anything that you wanted to talk about today that I didn't bring up or you thought we would talk about we talked just

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  just really quickly are we can maybe we can get together some other time or over a glass of scotch or so I'm gonna when I flew in this Saturday night from Houston I was at the ico I and at church on Sunday morning I was coughing a little bit and the gentleman sitting next thing goes you must have a corona virus I said oh no it's a Crown Royal virus so I had to drink on the plane but I you know talked about digital things I think where we need to go is more digital marketing more visual on all marketing if you owned a dental laboratory Howard would you send postcards to a certain neighborhood saying I own this dental laboratory no you would you would send postcards to do dental to dentist now if your dental laboratory you enjoy doing let's say Invisalign which we were talking about clear aligners so would you send those postcards - every day are just dentists who do orthodontics so the advantage of digital marketing is that funnel we were able to say you know what I want a specific niche blue ocean red ocean purple cow sure you read those books or heard about those books I want a specific niche so now you can use digital marketing and funnel the patients the leads are you're getting and in dentists don't do that we put ads in newspapers we send postcards to entire neighborhoods we do not look for that patient that we want to treat so semi

Howard:  so marketing mom to tell them what you're doing is there is there something you're doing is your website you recommend what's the what's the action plan 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: yeah I like this kids a genius his name is Dewey Denning he's out of Utah do a dental implant machine is the name of his company are doing do marketing and the kids are freaking genius Howard he knows these logarithms and he can talk all this stuff I remember one of the metals I got in the Navy 26 years ago was I came with a little computer program on Lotus that helped get patients in and out of the door this guy knows stuff and he can say hey you know dr. Dan you really want to do clear liners this is what I'm going to do for you and he does a lot of these Google ads he does a lot of organic meaning that people are looking for braces in your area and your website will pop up so he's able to do his which I would think would open my mind right now maybe one day I'll learn it how to do this and he's able to get the specific patient that you're looking for and and one of the things that we asked him to do for our patients in our practice is we want him to before they come to our office as a lead we want to know what credit score is okay and that's just something that we want in our practice because we do a lot of cosmetics a lot of full-arch implants so we want to make sure that we're not wasting our time which we talked about a little bit before that we have people there that are financially ready to do the treatment and

Howard:  so you like this you like this young man yeah Joey Jenny yeah he's a frickin genius you see only I is the only dental he is now yes he is now yep and he he calls his company marketing do does he not understand that's a trigger word of Mountain Dew and my gosh anything do related he's just gonna get massive pushback has he considered changing his name no I don't think yet and more Ivan they haven't yet but what he markets the dennis is called dental implant machine machine yeah well you know what if you recommend him and you think he's a great guy hooked me up with him and we'll put will do him and put that after you what is he doing for you

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  he's giving us I just figured this out cuz I know whenever I go places people always ask me about him and he works out a deal if you mentioned my last name del rose he'll give you the first month free so just helped me you know me Howard okay and I don't think any released listeners will do that either my return on investment it's about sixteen hundred percent about 160 times my return is getting I've spent sixty six thousand dollars with them and I've done a million dollars worth of dentistry

Howard:  and he calls that the dental implant marketing funnel 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: so yeah he's he's going in there and he is getting the perfect candidate that's perfect just for you we might only talk about SOPs we talk about protocol we talk about checklist and I said you you can't have the same one if you're McDonald's you can't be using Burger Kings so you have to decide what your vision is once you know what your vision is then you can say hey do we these are the patients that I want to treat these are page I want to help and he'll come up with a specific marketing plan just for you so much he has I think 130 Dentist now his clients none of them are the same as mine everyone is different all right so how do they a so was his website is aam marketing do okay and and it's one one that you recommend 

Dr Daniel C Delrose: I tell you what the kids so nice and and when I first started with him there was me and two other dentists and my partner says why are you keeping met recommending him he's gonna forget about us but he doesn't he grew from two people I think he's got 20 people now working for him and he's just a nice young good kid and how do they contact email or see its marketing do calm yeah I have his private cell number you could call him at 3:00 a.m. see if he's jake from state proper dental implant machine I don't know if you can google that and you can just send him a contact just go to marketing do so as they miss do we Denny right good mountain do and so it's marketing do calm and you'll be good anything else that was on your mind that's about it you know it I feel bad for kids that come out of dental school I was fifty years old it was the August after my 50th birthday that I finally paid off all my dental loans and I went to a private school case Western and I feel bad for kids who are in that predicament but once again they have to know where they want to be what their vision is and and I have no problem with them working for corporate dentistry for a little while learn more about it we'll learn what they want to do maybe they're like me and they don't want to do ortho anymore maybe they're like me and they love doing dentures so that's something you really have to learn you you cannot be a general dentist anymore in 2020 Howard you cannot know everything an idiotic you cannot know everything about bonded restorative feelings you can't know everything about implants we're just talking about LPR F you can't know everything about hygiene you have to find your niche in dentistry 

Howard: so now you had two daughters and they're both out of the home or a daughter and a son there was Anya Boren gone out of the home right yes and you paid off all your student loans so now was not to have my children have any student loans either so when they paid raid college they are debt free so now you finally have the money to spend it all on a divorce so have that well I like my wife always gives me I have to have my own Navy well I thank so much for coming on the show and we share another thing in common your middle name is Christopher and my confirmation name was Saint Christopher and he lost his throne as the same did that did that bum you out when you realize that you're named after a guy and he got dethroned know it sure well hey thanks so much for coming on the show and I love your passion and thanks for helping my homeys you're just a I've been a fan of your career for three decades yeah I mean I have students that I've taught even when I was doing my prosthetic Rosie my email is D del Rose at North River dental comm if you want to shoot me an email and ask me a question or ask how to set up an SOP I can show you how to set it up but if once again it has to be specific for what your vision is but I have no problem answering questions you have questions about digital marketing or questions about setting up a practice

Dr Daniel C Delrose:  give me an email

Howard:  all right buddy thanks so much and send your buddy ed she'll heard on the show that is really fun my god it was me him and semi having a drink you know somewhere in California go anywhere with Edie without him knowing somebody there I mean we've gone to Germany together we've gone to Paris together and we're sitting there having dinner and he knows like five people in the restaurant it's just he's just an amazing person themselves all right well thanks so much for coming on the show have a great day you too bye-bye

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