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Influencers Posting Fake Adverts On Instagram

Influencers Posting Fake Adverts On Instagram

9/2/2019 4:54:11 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 25

Instagram is Facebook’s most precious possession at present. Millions of regularly active users access the platform, and many users go on to the extent to buy Instagram followers. Besides being a photo-sharing application as originally supposed to, Instagram has increased their focus on the number of advertisements and have nearly doubled it. It is growing into a shopping catalogue with photographs.

Taking the situation into consideration, a new and to be honest, quite smart move pulled by Influencers of social media is posting images, videos, and texts that appear to be paid advertisements but in reality, they are not. 

People put the effort and post such content without being paid to do so. So the question that should pop up here is – Why? 

The reason is simple, though. Even if the topic does not seem to be related to market and business, actually it is. Social Influencers build their image by presenting themselves at the higher tires of socio-economic since intellectual sections of the society. The act of posting paid ads-look alike makes them get the credit of being influential enough to get paid for doing so. 

One of the Well-known Instagram Influencers

Influencers Posting Fake Adverts On Instagram

Palak Joshi is a well known since popular fashion influencer featuring herself oh Instagram. She can be found @fashionvocals. She is a specialist of the kind of look that resembles Littlewood's catalogue model gazing into the distance and partially like someone about to say “Sorry, What?”

In other pictures, her poses are like she is being examined by a doctor and going to say “Aahhh.” Her poses are like the curious staple of Instagram that, at the same time, resemble someone with lips agape and mouth open. Not like the way one is going to speak, also not the way that not going to speak. 

Her follower count is about 45.4 k and knows how to get likes on Instagram. She is one of those of modern breed who post contents similar to sponsored items, but not. In one of her stories, she was seen with a white box with the logo of OnePlus, the phone manufacturing company of China. OnePlus 6 phones out of the box were featured in the post. It also tagged the official Instagram handle of OnePlus. 

Influencers World and fake Ads

In the world of influencers, one is accepted as important enough if companies ask them to sell-out. Social Influencers such as Joshi, tend to feature sponsored-contents without getting paid because an influencer who has never sold-out anything yet is regarded as losers.

The issue is worrying because more and more such fake ads are crowding the platform and count of influencers practising the trend is more than ever.

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