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Self Eduction and Cultivation
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What should take into consideration when choosing portable dental unit?

What should take into consideration when choosing portable dental unit?

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Starting your own dental practice is no easy task. Purchasing portable dental unit for your practice can also be difficult. On average, a new dental practice will spend around $500,000 on structural unfit, equipment and supplies for their business. To make sure you are getting the most for your money, consider the following tips before diving into the world of dental equipment sales. Before making any final decisions and purchasing dental equipment for sale, do as much research as possible on your own first. Doing so will help you understand all that the market has to offer and what your options are.

Types of Portable Dental Equipment

All school-based dental sealant programs need the following portable equipment:

Dental unit

Air compressor, if not included in the dental unit

Portable Dental chair

Led Dental light

Operator stools

Sterilizer, if not using disposable instruments

Ultrasonic cleaner, if not using disposable instruments

Following are descriptions of each type of portable dental equipment and a discussion of factors to consider in choosing each one. Individual program needs and the type of vehicle that will be used to transport the equipment from school to school should be considered when making equipment selections.

Look for these specific features when evaluating a portable dental unit for purchase to ensure that vibration will be minimized:

Vibration – We will start our discussion with one of the most overlooked but important characteristics of evaluating a portable dental delivery unit. An ideal system will have a powerful compressor and vacuum system, meaning the motors could generate significant vibration.

High Grade Compressor and Vacuum Pumps – Higher quality pumps are made with greater precision and the dynamic balancing of the motors and piston will make them run smoother. This smoother operation is the key to beginning with proper construction to eliminate vibration at its source.

Solid and Robust Construction Materials – Units that have poor construction or use flimsy materials will not handle vibration well and will cause problems.

Suction Performance – One of the most difficult design areas for a portable dental unit to create, is the powerful suction desired for dental procedures. It needs to provide high flow with moderate strength to pick up debris, capture water coolant effectively and pull viscous solutions through smaller tubings like the saliva ejector or surgical tips.

Suction Canister and Purging Ability – The suction canister should be sized to allow for a standard day of procedures with normal rinsing during treatment.

Compressed Air and Headpiece Performance – When evaluating a portable dental unit with compressor, make sure that the internal air compressor provided can produce enough air flow at the right pressure to operate air driven dental turbine headpieces properly. Even electrical dental high speeds use air for cooling and need proper air flow.

Dental Water Supply and Water Line Disinfection – Current requirements are mandating that the water lines in dental delivery units be disinfected to remove the biofilm that can grow inside the small diameter tubings.

Our selection of portable dental equipment allows you to treat patients comfortably and professionally outside your office. We wish you the best in your search for the ideal portable dental unit for your office! When you're ready to make the investment, check out our dental online store for a wide variety of refurbished and as-is portable dental unit such as portable dental chair. You'll likely find what you need at an affordable price.
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