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The Most Comprehensive Checklist for Essay Writing: 12 Rules to Follow

The Most Comprehensive Checklist for Essay Writing: 12 Rules to Follow

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Essay writing is easy when you understand the rules. Otherwise, it can be a frustrating task that may leave you drained at the end. Most of your assignments will be in a written format. Even if you do not like writing, it is important to start working on your skills as early as possible.

Professors will use essays, case studies, research and term papers to test your knowledge. You need to follow a formal format in all your academic documents. That is one basic rule you have to adhere to at all times unless it is a creative piece.

Now, we want to introduce you to other wonderful tips that will revolutionize your essay writing experience. These tips will help you excel in all your assignments.

12 tips to make your writing better


1. Research 

Be thorough with your research. Do not be in a rush with your research process. Search for scholarly journals, get books and read similar essays on the topic. Give yourself enough time to get credible information before you start writing. 

2. Give your essay a proper structure
 You need to have an outline for all your assignments. Whether you have a short or lengthy task, a structure gives an order to your content. Start with an introduction, body and finish with a conclusion. Having an outline makes it easy for your professor to go through your paper during grading.


  1. Differentiate every section

Make sure each section is unique from the rest. The introduction is where you present your idea and the topic. Use this section to capture the attention of the reader by making it interesting to read. You would rather have a short captivating introduction than a lengthy dull one.

The body is where you state arguments and provide supporting data. This can be text or graphical data. Lastly, you have the conclusion. Use this space to give your content a conclusive end with valid points that reiterate the main idea.

  1. Use examples

It is easy to spot well-written content and it starts with great examples. The only way to get such amazing examples is through in-depth research about the topic. Do not shy from using examples in your content, the more you have the better. Valid examples provide credibility to your content. 

It also proves that you took time to do research. Only use relevant examples that apply to the topic at hand. 

  1. Use connectors

For lengthy content, it is advisable to use connectors. They provide a smooth transition of ideas. Again, do not overdo it. Have a proper balance where you only use connectors when necessary.

The last thing you want is your professor to read “however, and nevertheless”, after every sentence. That is poor writing. Connectors are great as they help prevent confusion and help you keep your thoughts on track as you write.

  1. Present your view

The aim of a writing assignment is to present your opinion. You either support the initial argument or have conflicting views. There is no room for you to be on the fence about the topic. 

Use appropriate points that highlight your point of view and maintain the same throughout the essay. If you want help with how to establish and present your ideas in an essay, you can check samples from study moose. There are great samples from skilled writers that you can use as a guide. 

If you find it hard to establish an opinion because you do not understand the question, ask your professor for help. 

  1. Include references

The good thing about writing an essay is that you can get plenty of data from different sources. You have a problem when you present that information as your own without proper credit to the owner.

Plagiarism is a big issue when it comes to academic writing. List all the sources you use for information and include them in your document. 

  1. Proper citation

Your professor will provide you with the citation style required for your assignment. The common ones are APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago.   

  1. Use simple terms

Formal tone does not mean complicated terms and strange vocabulary. Do not include misleading or vague statements that skew the reader’s understanding. Only use phrases you understand and that applies to the subject.

  1. Make your writing easy to read

Remember you are writing content for someone else to read and grade. Make it captivating with a beautiful flow of words and ideas. One way to attain this is by making sure you understand the topic. Only then can you find the right words to use. 

Before Submission

  1. Proofread your material    

There is no way to emphasize this part enough. Well-researched content full of grammatical errors is useless. You might spend hours researching, use all appropriate examples and end up with a fail. Simply because you did not take the time to proofread your essay.

It is normal that you might be exhausted after spending hours at your desk writing an essay. Proofreading can be the last thing on your mind. If that is the case, instead of skipping it altogether, ask a friend for help.

This is an important step that helps make your essay free from typos and grammar mistakes. Look out for technical errors, consistency, punctuation, structure and clarity. 

  1. Learn from your mistakes

Once you have your paper graded, identify the mistakes you have made. Refrain from repeating them in your next task.


If you read every point, you will realize how fun and easy writing can be. You will actually look forward to the next assignment. For tasks that have tight deadlines, do your research early enough.

Once you have your source material and a proper structure, you can easily complete the remaining stages. Use these golden rules to improve your writing skills. With time, you will notice the improvement in the quality of your work, which means saying goodbye to mediocre grades.

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