Self Eduction and Cultivation
Self Eduction and Cultivation
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What are some creative ways to use Whatsapp for business purposes?

What are some creative ways to use Whatsapp for business purposes?

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WhatsApp doesn't need introduction. There is no one in the globe who do not know whatsapp or don't listen it from his friends. Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world with 1.5 billion users from 180 countries. It is unbelievable but it is 0.2 billion more than Facebook messenger. A question may arise in your mind that why it is becoming so popular? Is it only for private messaging or something else? No, it is not only for personal chatting but also for professional using. Whatsapp is the best platform to promote your business. So this post will take away to you what are the some creative ways to use your whatsapp for business purposes. 

WhatsApp was introduced with so many exciting basic features. With the requirements of people and development of technology whatsapp is updating its features. Whatsapp latest version is coming with a new update. The best prefer of people as a messaging app is whatsapp. Because it is secure and safe. It is end to end encryption. Third party can not get your conversation. First it was released for exchanging texts, videos, audio, documents, location, contact to your friends. It was purely personal. But people love to use Whatsapp for business. It helps a lot in business to promote products and marketing. 


WhatsApp and Business :-

Worldwide people are using whatsapp. So it creates a great platform. You can touch to all people of the globe. So you can't get a platform better than whatsapp for your business. Whatsapp is connected with 180 countries. So small businesses owner are excited about the potential of whatsapp platforms for promoting their products. Whatsapp allows you to create a new experience to reach each and every people in the world. This is for more customers engagement. Whatsapp is easy to share products details, advertising, sales, presentations and events. It is easy to share and connect. 

You don't believe but in whatsapp companies are sending engagement letters, appointments reminders, posting advertisements, notices, products advertising, promotional video, demonstration videos and marketing details. Companies are creating a number of groups for their employees. It is difficult and time taking to make phone calls to office staff. But in whatsapp you can share important information to groups at once which connects hundreds people. So it is really awesome for business. 

For better communication with customers whatsapp is a best platform. In whatsapp chatting company knows who is reading message. It is easy to respond. You can give the feature of product and services in whatsapp. This will give support to customers. Customers can give their valuable feedback on whatsapp also. Whatsapp is a best strategy to keep customers and employees happy. This gives you opportunity to directly connect with customers. You can easily advertise your new products. Just start your business online and communicate with the people of the world. So for business choose whatsapp as your primary mode of communication. 

The creative ways to use Whatsapp for business purposes :-

Social networking app changes the way of communication. You don't need to go for home to home to promote your products. You don't a poster to advertise your business. Technology has changed the way of messaging. For business people and companies are adopting whatsapp for better connections and new experience. 

In this post I would like to share you the most creative ways to use Whatsapp for business purposes. In the following there are some points how to use Whatsapp for business. Figure out the ways and implement it in your business. 

#1)For communicate with customers :-

In business You try to message your customer through email. You type it with a formal way. Definitely it will take time. You don't know your customers read it or not. You can use Whatsapp for it. Just type a short message and send to your customers. Sometimes you take the help of phone calls. Customer don't respond maximum calls. But when you start using whatsapp messaging for your business you will notice better results and customer engagement. 

For small businesses you can share your advertisement on whatsapp. You can announce your special offers or any festive offers on it. You can send your new products through whatsapp. So for better communication with customers whatsapp is the best platform ever. 

#2)For internal team communication :-

For business your team members are your strengths. They can take your business to the top of success. So you have to make a special bond between your employees. That is possible in whatsapp group. You can create an official group for employees. All people are in whatsapp so it will not create any problems. When it is required to give any information urgently you can share it on group. You can make a group discussion about any new products. Your team members can represent their projects on whatsapp also. 

#3)For customer support :-

In business customer are like God. If they are happy your business is successful. Your first priority should be your customers. To support your customers and give them best service you try a lot of things like helping centre, calling help desk number, visiting office etc. But all are time taking. For a quick response and rapid solution whatsapp is one of the best solutions. You can help customer on whatsapp. Whatsapp is a cool simple tool to support customer. Wide number of audiences are on whatsapp. 

#4)For marketing and promotion :-

WhatsApp is the most popular and wide platform to communicate with customers for marketing and promotion. There are so many exciting features in the whatsapp. You can share your products details through audio, video, documents and images. You can share all business related information through those media. For marketing and promotion of your business whatsapp is right place. You can create a group for new customers and can share whatsapp group links. More customers you connect more promotions you can do. 

#5)Customer feedback :-

It is necessary to know the review and feedback of your customers about your products. When you will know the problem in your products you can improve your products. When you will get compliments on your products from customers it is like a blessing for you. It will give more strength and interest to do more works. So it is important for you how to know customer feedback. It is possible with whatsapp. You can directly know the review of customers on whatsapp. 

#6)Share promotional codes and flash sales :- 

In the business you need to give some special offers to your customers for the publicity of your business. You can create a promotional code which can be redeem in your business. You can give more points when they will share it to their friends. So peoples can easily promote your products through the promotional codes. You can keep flash sales for limited time. It will increase the more traffic on your business. Customers will share this in their whatsapp status. 

Conclusion :-

WhatsApp is a versatile platform to communicate with your friends as well as to promote your business. It is both personal and professional. I have already shared you the role of whatsapp in the business. Finally i want to say you whatsapp is the best platform to promote your business and marketing details. You can directly touch to your customers from 180 countries. You can spread your business with wide audience in whatsapp. 

I hope you enjoyed my post what are some creative ways to use Whatsapp for business purposes. This post will mean a lot for business man. Business is the investment of mind. So just think widely and choose wisely for your business. Thank you for reading this article.

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