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Best Ways to Engage Your Customers

Best Ways to Engage Your Customers

4/5/2019 7:39:29 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 18

Customer engagement is the name of the game in gaining the trust and interest of your customers. With our modern 24-hour news cycle and ‘round the clock entertainment, keeping potential customers focused on what your business has to offer can be a challenge. However, there are a number of methods of marketing that are geared towards the 21st century’s zeitgeist. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best ways to engage your customers, including:

Local Phone Numbers

Social Media
Email Campaigns
Inbound Marketing

Let’s begin!

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a type of business advertising technique where your brand produces content that interests your customer base. Inbound marketing methods include creating infographics, white papers, blogs, how-to videos, product reviews, guest posts, articles, and so forth. In essence, inbound marketing works by presenting something of value to a customer or client, and giving them the option to investigate further.

One of the advantages of using inbound marketing techniques is that it isn't a pushy sales technique that may turn off customers who aren’t interested and may resent your attempts - particularly true with Millennials and younger generations. Instead, inbound marketing is where you seek to present your product/services to customers with the intent that you could spark their interest, resulting in the customer taking charge to navigate through your sales funnel. Therefore, you should ensure that your inbound marketing content is top-notch and relatable to your customer demographics, while also enabling easy methods to transact with your organization. 

Local Phone Numbers

Thanks to advancements in cloud computing and telecommunications, you can now subscribe with service providers that offer local phone numbers in nearly every country, region, city, and municipality. The technology behind this is predominantly VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. Essentially, by using VoIP-powered phone numbers, known as “virtual phone numbers,” you can directly engage customers by reaching them by telephone. 

Virtual phone numbers are an effective tool for engagement because they’re exactly the same as “regular” phone number in both appearance (containing the same country and area/region codes) and function (calls are indistinguishable from landlines). This helps with the localization process, where you want to blend in with how domestic businesses meet their customers’ needs. Often, those who aren’t familiar with a phone number are more apt to ignore or block the phone call. With virtual phone numbers coupled with an add-on known as “outbound calling,” a familiar phone number will appear on their caller ID, making it more likely that they will engage with your business. 

Furthermore, virtual phone numbers make your business more accessible - something crucial to customer engagement. Considering that many service providers block calls made to countries outside of their service network, or may charge exorbitant long-distance fees (even for toll free numbers), using local phone numbers powered by the cloud can open up lines of communication that are inaccessible without it. 

Social Media

Considering that over 77% of Americans have some form of social media profile, your business needs to have a social media presence in order to interface with a majority of these individuals. Tying your business phone numbers into various social media platforms is a powerful way to grow your business exponentially, especially considering how viral marketing works. Some of the most popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter enable businesses to “boost” their posts so that they can be seen on more feeds. 

Email Campaigns

Nearly anyone who is familiar with the Internet has an email address that forms a daily part of their lives. Many of these individuals check their email multiple times a day, especially with push notifications thrusting newly-arrived mail in the face of those with mobile devices. While you may assume that many of your email campaigns are destined for the spam folder, you should know that your branded messages and various promotions can spark the interest of those that they appeal to. Popular email campaign platforms like MailChimp make it easy for businesses to compose eye-catching mailers. Best of all? MailChimp is free for beginning users, so you can experiment for yourself to see the results from showing up in your customers’ inboxes. 

Author’s Bio: Tom Senkus is a freelance writer and entrepreneur that helps popularize emerging marketing trends and techniques for savvy businesses to leverage in their day-to-day operations. For more information on his published output and writing services, visit

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