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8 Qualities of a Good Dentist

4/3/2019 9:00:51 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 38

Many people share the dread of a visit to the dentist. When they find a dentist they like, they will often remain loyal for life. Here are some qualities people look for in a dentist:

1. Communication skills

A good dentist takes the time to make sure you understand proper dental care and encourages you to develop preventative care habits without making you feel guilty.

A good dentist is able to explain technical information to you in a way that’s easy to understand and is open with you about treatment recommendations, methods and the reason for them. Some dentists give themselves such a short time with each patient that they don’t have any opportunity to discuss care.

2. A gentle touch

A good dentist understands how sensitive a patient’s mouth can be and takes the greatest care to be gentle and to minimize any discomfort or pain. A gentle touch can make the difference between a good dentist and a bad one.

3. Manual dexterity

A dentist should be dexterous enough to perform procedures that are intricate in nature and that may take a long time. Your mouth is a small area in which to work and having fine motor skills and the ability to use tools accurately in a small space makes the job easier.

4. Continued education

You want your dentist to be committed to continuing his or her education. You don’t want to be subjected to antiquated methods because your dentist is stuck in the past and hasn’t kept up with new research or changing technology.

New technology means new procedures and your dentist should be prepared to implement these when necessary.

5. Compassionate and honest

A compassionate attitude helps to put you at your ease. You feel as though the dentist understands your personal circumstances and is sensitive to the problems your teeth are causing you. 

If you feel your dentist is honest, you will trust him or her to do what needs to be done, even if it involves pain. Without this trust, you wouldn’t want to put yourself in his or her hands.

6. Good interpersonal skills

A good dentist is friendly and helps you to feel more relaxed and at ease. You never feel uncomfortable or rushed. Overland Park dentists are known for making patients feel completely relaxed, even those who are terrified of visiting the dentist.

7. A belief in patient involvement

A great dentist involves you in making decisions for treatment by explaining all the different options to you. He or she understands that you need to feel involved and have some measure of control over what’s happening to you.

8. Critical thinker

Dentistry doesn’t just mean filling cavities. Complete oral care includes determining the need for extractions or root canals, diagnosing gum diseases and much more. If you have a more complex problem, you want to know that your dentist will either know what to do or refer you to an orthodontist or another professional who does.

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