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Why Custom-Fit Dentures Matter

Why Custom-Fit Dentures Matter

3/29/2019 12:04:07 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 23
Our patients who are in need of dentures find that custom-fit dentures -- ones made especially for each individual -- offer them more freedom and better health. Gould Dentistry's outlook is that dentures should be custom designed and hand-fabricated for you and you alone. Dentures that fit perfectly will enhance your life and give you years of eating the foods you love. Custom dentures can allow you to smile with confidence, eat your favorite foods again, laugh unreservedly, speak clearly, and enjoy more of your life.

Which Kind of Dentures Are Best for You?
Dentures can be made out of several materials, like porcelain, ceramic, metal, and plastic, or some combination of those. The right choice depends on what you and your dentist find is best for you. Either partial or complete dentures can be made for you.

Partial dentures work best when you are missing a few teeth in a row. Like a bridge, partial dentures help fill the space left by missing teeth and keep your other teeth from moving or shifting to new positions. Complete dentures are needed when all your natural teeth -- on the top, bottom, or both -- have been lost.

Why Custom Fit Matters
Well-made dentures are made to resemble your natural teeth and can improve your smile by filling out your facial appearance, which makes you look like your younger self.

For comfort and jaw health, dentures, sometimes called false teeth, must be designed to spread biting and chewing stresses evenly over each jaw. The way the teeth meet during biting need to be precisely calculated for each person. Tooth contact must allow smooth sliding of the lower teeth against the upper teeth during jaw movements, without the dentures becoming dislodged.

Benefits of Custom Dentures
Custom-fitted dentures will support facial muscles and tissue, giving you a more youthful appearance. Dentures will also support the jaw joints and properly stimulate the oral tissues and underlying bone. This minimizes bone loss, which is common following the loss of natural teeth.

Dental implants also can give a stable underpinning to your dentures. The implant is placed in your jawbone and serves as a rock solid platform for a partial or full denture. Stabilizing dentures with dental implants is an effective way to preserve jawbone and create very secure dentures. Removable dentures are also an option, depending on your preference. Your dentist should work with you to get the best possible fit for your dentures, no matter what type you choose.
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