Hold the Phone: 5 Smart Benefits of VoIP That Are Ideal for Dental Practices

Hold the Phone: 5 Smart Benefits of VoIP That Are Ideal for Dental Practices

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VoIP isn't just for big business. A VoIP phone system delivers many benefits for dental practices too. Discover 5 important benefits of VoIP for dental offices.

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It's common for small-business owners to ignore VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems. Most people associate that with something that big businesses need, not small practices or Mom and Pop shops. 

However, the benefits of VoIP phones extend to all business types, not just huge corporations. Even dental practices will find something to love! 

Find out what our five most important VoIP benefits are for dental offices. 

1. Secure Communication

At any kind of medical practice, it's important to keep patients' information private and secure. VoIP phone systems help to make sure that your phone calls are even more protected. 

Unlike a traditional landline phone, you can actually encrypt a VoIP system. You can trust that whatever you share over the network is only going to be seen or heard by the right people.

This goes a long way towards giving any medical professional peace of mind. 

2. Take Calls Anywhere

Here's one huge benefit of choosing a VoIP phone service -- you can take calls wherever you are. 

Let's say you work in multiple offices, but only want to give patients one phone number to call. Since VoIP calls are placed over the internet instead of a landline, you can take a call wherever there's an internet connection. 

No need to hand out your personal cell phone number. 

3. Low Cost

If you've ever taken a look at your phone bill, you know that the constant questions from patients, calls to set up appointments, and general day-to-day operations can run up a huge monthly bill. 

Switching to internet calls, however, could be as low as $25 per user for the month. If you have lots of people, you can get a discount and buy in bulk.

For small businesses, this can lead to significant savings. 

4. Multiple Features

VoIP systems aren't just for taking phone calls. One huge benefit -- they can serve multiple purposes! 

Depending on the type of system you choose, you could also gain the ability to record and play phone calls, host video conferences, send instant messages and email, and more. 

It also makes it way easier to get your voicemail in your email inbox. 

5. Automated Answers

You want to be sure that your patients always have access to the information they need. However, sometimes they need that information at odd hours of the night. 

Setting up an automated system to answer some of your patients' most frequently asked questions will save everyone's time. You can use your VoIP system to automatically answer with your holiday hours, the emergency line, or whatever other information you think would be most beneficial. 

Experience the Benefits of VoIP

These are just a few of the many benefits of VoIP that dentist's offices can take advantage of. Switching to an online phone system instead of a landline won't just bring you into the twenty-first century -- it will also help streamline your processes and make your life much easier! 

Continue learning about practice management by checking out these four ways to prepare your team to embrace change. 

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