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Oral cancer screening –Preparation, why it’s necessary, and what to expect

Oral cancer screening –Preparation, why it’s necessary, and what to expect

3/6/2019 5:04:11 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 27

In most of the clinics, oral cancer screening has become a part of the routine health check-ups that you undergo from time to time. And even if they are not a part of the health check-up packages, a regular visit to your dentist can do the needful. 

The oral health screening is usually done to identify pre-cancerous symptoms in the oral cavity. In the case of detection, the dentist can prevent it from spreading further. 

The objective of oral cancer screening

The main aim of screening is not only to detect and identify early signs of cancer as mentioned above but also to promptly start treatment for faster cure. And if detected early, the chances of cure are greater.  

However, there is no concrete evidence that states that opting for an oral screening can save lives. As such, there is a divided opinion in this regard. While few support oral cancer screening, few others do not. 

It is your discretion whether or not you want to get yourself checked to be on the safe side. Nevertheless, if you carry certain risk factors, oral cancer screening makes sense. And what are these risk factors? Let us find out in the paragraph that follows.

Risk factors

What factors make you susceptible to oral cancer? Check out these points-

If you use tobacco products like pipes, cigarettes, snuff, and cigars
If you have an addiction to alcohol. 
You have been diagnosed with certain suspicious lesions or bumps in the oral cavity in the past   
Excessive exposure to sun, which might precipitate into lip cancer.       



However, there are certain limitations in the test, and they are:
 The test will not be able to detect all types of oral cancer 
You might have to undergo additional tests even if it is a benign lesion that is detected.


When it comes to preparing for the test, you do not have to take any special measures. You can get it done when you go for your regular dental check-up. Visiting a reliable dentist for expert opinion matters and you can seek the assistance of Coral Gables Dentist Leslie Haller DMD that can guide you about the same. 

What to expect

The test is simple, not time-consuming and you may choose to visit the dentist alone or have someone for company. You visit the dentist after taking an appointment, and once you are there, he or she will examine the inside of the mouth. 

The dentist will look out for red and white patches inside the oral cavity and also for mouth sores. Using gloves, the expert will feel for bumps lining the mouth. You have to remove dentures if you are wearing one. 

Your dentist will suggest remedies for benign lesions and mouth sores that do not require any further medical intervention. 

In the event, the dentist detects any abnormalities; you might be asked to undergo a few more tests of the oral cavity. Since it is a crucial test, rely on experienced, skilled, and reputed medical practitioner. 

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