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Couch-Potato No More: 5 Effective Ways to be Highly Productive

Couch-Potato No More: 5 Effective Ways to be Highly Productive

2/11/2019 2:12:08 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 16

On average, a person spends for 30 hours watching television per week. Upon hearing this, you must now hate television. But of course, we all have our favorite TV shows, which makes us want to sit for how many hours and wait for the next few hours for it to end. 

            These bad habits of mine were luckily got rid of and I shift to a digital antenna. It was the best decision that I ever did because I was able to minimize my utility expenses; I’ve got more time to do more productive things rather than to sit all day, and it made me more active than before.

            If you’ve noticed that even if you already have thoroughly plan your day and no tasks have been completed, well, you should analyze the time your pressing on just to watch television. You’re wasting it to something that has negative effects on you. This is now the right time to change your lifestyle and replace it with good habits.

      Here are effective tips that are worthy of your time rather than watching television:

  1. Sharpen your pencil and engage to new experiences.

If you want to divert your attention and not on TV, why not use your free time to learn new things and experience new things. There are so much in this world that you can try on! Not only will it lessen your time to couch-potato, but this can be an opportunity for you to channel your inner strength. See, letting go from your bad habits is not as difficult as it seems. See the list below and try a new hobby!

  • Discover a new skill. Maybe you’re an avant-gardein crochet, knit, dance, paint, rock climbing, draw, fishing, and many more!
  • Read a book or blog. This is a better option rather than sitting all day. 
  • Visit a museum. Oops! When was the last time you visit and stroll in a museum?
  • Learn to invest. There are legal lending firms where you can loan some money so you can start investing. You can depend on a reliable licensed moneylender if you want to fulfill this plan of yours.
  1. Be active.

This is one of the few things that keeps us from doing when we just watch television the whole day, and I believe that engaging in active physical activities is a good remedy for it. In addition, it’ll help you to improve your well-being and mind.

Here’s the list of various activities that you can start on:   

  • Go camping. 
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset.   
  • Train and try doing a marathon.   
  • Go for a good swim.   
  • Meditate. 
  • Look and be fascinated by the stars on a starry night.   
  • Be with nature. 
  1. Do household chores just to get away from your television.

There are many things that you can do even if it’s inside your house. Nearly everyone finds this fun and engaging, too! 

Listed below are a few of the things to do at home:

  • DIY projects. Use your creativity and finish a project you’ve always wanted to! Why not start now? 
  • Spend your time cooking delicious meals. 
  • Fix something that you can manage. It will lessen your expenses rather than hiring one, but if it needs professional maintenance, don’t hesitate to call one. 
  • Improve the status of your finances. This is about how much you save than spend. Have that financial freedom wherein you can enjoy life without worrying how much monetary income you’re making. If you don’t have enough money to cross the next payday, try searching for licensed lender reviews to help you with it.   
  • Start your own garden. Who wants fresh food? EVERYONE DOES   
  1. Improve and strengthen your relationship with other people.

If we are technology-dependent, then most likely, your time for your family or loved ones will be lessened. Television is keeping you away from maintaining physical affection and to spend time with your beloved.

  • Unexpectedly call a friend. You don’t know that he needs someone to talk to right now and you should be there for him.
  • Plan a together-time with someone who holds dear to you.  
  • Cook for your family. Make an effort and start by cooking and preparing for a meal for them will surely brighten up everyone’s day!
  • Send and write someone a letter. It’s a lovely gesture of saying that you care enough for them that you are extending such effort 
  1. Be sincerely kind to other people.

I truly believe that a good deed gives an unending ripple effect to others, too. Whether the act is small or big, it doesn’t matter because others considered it as a blessing and something to be thankful for.  

  • Donate blood.
  • Foster and adopt a stray animal. 
  • Volunteer. 
  • Donate any pre-loved items at your house to unfortunate people.
  •   Always wear a smile, because there might be someone that’ll brighten up their day.
            Couch-Potato No More: 5 Effective Ways to be Highly Productive
    ow, do you still want to watch television all day long? Think again.


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