3 Simple and Effective Ways to Increase New Patient Appointments

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Feeling the need to expand your client base? As business owners, it’s only natural to want to reach as many people as you can, and as medical practitioners, this desire is only compounded by an inclination to help the most patients as possible. One of the most reliable and cost-effective ways of achieving this aspiration of growth is by boosting new patients. Read below to learn some tips on how to encourage patients to recommend your practice to others. At Crescent Lake Dental, Dr. Glen Marsack and staff work together to provide great service and create a positive experience to their patients and make it more likely that they’ll recommend the practice to friends and family.
Service First

While this might appear obvious, it never hurts to be reminded that fostering a helpful, reliable, and friendly business environment ensures that customers will speak highly of your dental office. Encouraging staff members to be warm and welcoming to everyone who walks through your doors is a great way to have patients think highly of your practice, desire to come back, and be likely to recommend your services to their friends and family. Of course, a friendly setting must also be backed up by dependable dental care. Making sure that your staff is always attentive to patients’ needs and continuously highlighting proper oral hygiene habits is crucial—after all, who wants to repeatedly visit a dentist who leaves them with unresolved issues? When patients leave your office happy and healthy, they’ll want to tell others all about how you eased their dental pain or fixed their smile.
Maintain a Solid Online Presence

Although some dentists may find this task daunting, extending your business into the digital world does not have to be complicated or exhausting. Simple steps like curating a Facebook page or running a blog on your company website can allow great avenues for potential patients to find your practice through search results. Furthermore, having these online outlets allows clients to directly ask questions about procedures, proper hygiene, and how to arrange an appointment. This personal touch can create a further bond between your practice and its patients, leading to increased customer loyalty and a likelihood of referrals. Additionally, when other people see how your practice cares enough about its patients to interact with them on a regular basis through multiple ways, what they will really be seeing is a dedicated team that can be trusted with sensitive health concerns.
Monitor Review Websites and Reply to Online Reviews
This final action is easy, effective, and can be performed in-office. Anytime a patient leaves a review, always take time to respond to a review. These reviews offer you another avenue for interaction, as taking the time to respond to both positive and negative feedback demonstrates that you and your team is always striving to improve the patient experience. One final benefit is that if patients take the time to post online about their time spent at your office, chances are that they are going to mention it to friends and loved ones as well. 
To Wrap It All Up…

New patients are earned through great service and a positive image. By following the outlined steps, your dental office will be filled with more patients than ever, both old and new!
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