The Operatory Podcast
The Operatory Podcast
The Operatory Podcast, hosted by Bryan Laskin, DDS, is all about creating new perspectives and "burying the dinosaurs" in dentistry. Guests range from those giving their take from "the other side of the chair" to other experts in the dental field.
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Episode 149: How To Make Rest Massively Productive With Amanda Leaveck
Ever heard of the phrase, "no rest for the weary"? Well, Dr. Bryan Laskin is joined by Amanda Leaveck in this episode to discuss how rest can actually be majorly productive for high-level achievers.  Learn more on how to "live deliciously" by visiting . How To Make Rest Massively Productive ...  Read More
Episode 118: Reopening Successfully After COVID-19
There are three different approaches dentists are taking during this time; respond, react, or relax. Dr. Laskin and Dave Pryor discuss how dentists are choosing to spend their time during lockdown can impact their practice post-COVID19. Spoiler alert: Tiger King will not prepare you for a...  Read More
Episode 117: How To Protect Yourself, Your Team And Your Patients During COVID-19 And Beyond (with Dr. Don Gallo)
Dr. Laskin is joined by Dr. Don Gallo, Chief Clinical Officer of Dental Care Alliance, to discuss how dental offices can navigate PPE and infection control during this crisis. They discuss how dental offices are staying safe during COVID-19 while seeing dental emergencies and how to continue...  Read More
Episode 111: Smart Steps To Take During The COVID19 Epidemic
Dr. Bryan Laskin is riding solo on this episode of The Operatory Podcast to share with the dental world 5 smart steps to take during the COIVD-19 epidemic. Smart Steps To Take During COVID19   Find us on Radio!  Read More
Episode 99: Boost Your Production Immediately With This Simple Mindset Shift
Patient anxiety is a big part of working in dentistry. But, as Dr. Bryan Laskin and Dave discuss in this episode, it is also one of your biggest opportunities. Listen in as they tackle the familiar subject of anxiety in the dental chair and how you can see it as an asset instead of a pain point. ...  Read More
Episode 94: Why Traditional CE Is Going The Way Of The DINO And What’s Next with Elijah Desmond
Dr. Laskin Speaks with author, speaker, Dental Hygienist and founder of , Elijah Desmond. They discuss why the old way of delivering CE courses needs to be buried at sea and why dentistry needs to get on board with a fun and more engaging CE experience.  Why Traditional CE Is Going The Way Of The...  Read More
Episode 90: The Value of Clarity Breaks
Taking a break is easily overlooked. But in Dr. Laskin's case, it was once the most productive three days of his entire year. In this episode, he and Dave discuss the value of clarity breaks, the need to take your mind out of the work, and how it often leads to tremendous outcomes.  The Value of...  Read More
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