The Operatory Podcast
The Operatory Podcast
The Operatory Podcast, hosted by Bryan Laskin, DDS, is all about creating new perspectives and "burying the dinosaurs" in dentistry. Guests range from those giving their take from "the other side of the chair" to other experts in the dental field.
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Episode 86: 3 Steps Of Transformation
Change is always happening in dental practices, and very often it's for the better. But what about the process of change? In this episode, Dr. Bryan Laskin and David Pryor dissect the three steps of transformation and how to prepare for them when making a change in your practice. 3 Steps Of...  Read More
Episode 85: The Secret To Retiring Early with Adam Reisch
One of the biggest problems today in dentistry for dentists is planning retirement. Dr. Laskin and Dave talk with Adam Reisch from  about retirement planning and practice evaluation.  The Secret To Retiring Early  Find us on Radio!  Read More
Episode 84: The Power of Emotional Grit and Virtual Reality with Jennifer Fernjack
In today's episode Dr. Bryan Laskin and Dave talk with Jennifer Fernjack about patient anxiety and how to overcome extreme dental anxiety. Dr. Laskin and Jennifer  discuss the benefits of OperaVR for both patients and the caregiver.  The Power of Emotional Grit and Virtual Reality Find us...  Read More
Episode 83: How To Instill Confidence In Your Patients And Team
How do you get patients to say "yes" to dentistry? You may know full well what is necessary, but sometimes convincing your patients can be a struggle. So how do we decrease that friction and get on the same page with our patients? In one word - confidence. Listen in as Dr. Bryan Laskin and Dave...  Read More
Episode 82: We Failed You
How did we fail you and what can we do about it? What’s the difference between and regular VR headsets? Dr. Laskin and David Pryor help debunk the misconceptions of dental anxiety. We Failed You Find us on Radio!  Read More

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