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7 Ways To Take Part In Children’s Dental Health Month
February is Children’s Dental Health Month and a chance to renew your commitment to your community51 million. That’s how many school hours children miss each year because of dental health problems.The, in addition to the missed hours, students who are absent due to oral painare four...  Read More
How To Create Dental Patient Education Videos That Inform & Convert
Do you want to better inform every dental patient? Education videos are a great strategy, especially for marketing-savvy dentistsHave you ever explained a dental procedure to a patient and watched his eyes gloss over? Dentistry is a complicated subject. Describing your diagnosis and solution...  Read More
7 Dental Office Customer Service Techniques the Pros Use
Learn how your dental office customer service skills can make your practice shineHave you looked at any reviews online recently? It’s almost always customer service that either wins a five-star review or gains a two-star rating. Restaurants with perfectly-cookedfood get knocked for poor...  Read More
How a Dental Fee Schedule Can Help With Invoicing
Learn how a dental fee schedule can save you time,money, and make your patients happyOne of the first questions that patients ask when planning treatment is “how much is this going to cost?” Do you havea dental fee schedule you can quickly reference to answer their question? This list...  Read More
3 Umbie DentalCare Employee Profile: Doug MacNeil
At Umbie, we are going to start a blog series showcasing our wonderful employees. We're featuring interviews each month, structured as a light Q&A. This month we're introducing you to Doug MacNeil, our Conversion Team Manager.What is your role with Umbie DentalCare?Conversion Team ManagerHow...  Read More
 3 Tips For Smoother Implementation of New Practice Management Software
We have experience a lot of growth this year and have onboard a lot of office onto Umbie. Switching practice management software can be a scary undertaking, but implementation can be very smooth if you just follow these 3 simple steps.Step #1: Measure Twice, Cut Once“Before anything else,...  Read More
Streamline Practice Operations With These Practice Management System Features
Administrative tasks take up a large sum of your day. These are duties are responsibility that all practices must deal with. Not only do tasks like billing, documentation, and patient management take valuable time, they can also cause loss of revenue if not handled with proper care. Here are four...  Read More
The Embezzlement Triangle
Our last blog we discussed the startling fact that over 60% of dentists are victims of in-office embezzlement at some point in their career, and on average, will suffer a loss of over $100,000. Even more disturbing than the probability of being stolen from, is that the thief is usually a longtime,...  Read More
Practice Embezzlement - In Whom Can We Trust?
Dentists are plagued with the potential of being victimized byembezzlement. Experts estimate that over 60% of dental practices willsuffer from embezzlement with loses that average over $100,000. What areeven more disturbing are who embezzles and why they steal, how theysteal, and the warning signs...  Read More
Cloud Computing: The Myths Explained
There are a lot misconceptions floating around about cloud computing. If you’re considering moving to an application that runs in the cloud, here’s some clarity on the top myths surrounding the cloud and the truths behind them.Myth #1: I don’t know anyone who uses cloud computing....  Read More
What Makes Umbie Unique
Since starting Umbie in 2011 the one question we receive most often is: What makes Umbie different? Here’s a quick look at what makes Umbie DentalCare unique: Umbie is a true cloud-based software.Others claim to be but are not.Umbie is not only hosted on a cloud environment but is also...  Read More
 3 Ways To Drive Patient Engagement
There are many advantages to having your patients more engaged withyour practice. Patient engagement can decrease no shows, increasepatient appointments, and help bring in new patients.Here are three ways to drive patient engagement using:Let your patients know they have a patient portal available...  Read More
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
The United States is celebrating 237 years of freedom since declaringindependence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. This Declaration ofIndependence was founded on the premise that all men (and women ofcourse) are created equal, and that we have unalienable rights, namely:Life, Liberty, and the...  Read More
How Do Your Patients Perceive Technology in Your Office?
The dental office has changed drastically over the last fewdecades. Between swapping shag for Berber carpeting, substitutingmercury amalgam fillings with composite resins, and capturing digitalx-rays over film, advances in technology have proven worthwhile to boththe dentist and the patient.A...  Read More
Not All Clouds Are Created Equal
Not All Clouds Are Created Equal When we think of clouds we all like to imagine the large whitecumulus clouds within a bright blue sky, and not those grey intimidatingstratiform clouds guilty of those rainy days. So it should be nosurprise that many cloud technologies use white fluffy clouds in...  Read More
Avoiding Technology Anchors
The rapid progression of computing technology not only offersthe opportunity and the ability to leverage technology by improving theseveral facets of personal and professional affairs, it can also anchor aperson, staff, or business to satisfice with their current technology.Satisficing with...  Read More

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