The Mentors of Dentistry
The Mentors of Dentistry
The Mentors of Dentistry Podcast was started with the mission of creating high value information for individuals interested in dental related topics. Ultimately, we would like to create content that will help all dental professionals.
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Experiences in a Hospital Based Dental Residency with Dr. T.J. O'Shea
Dr. T.J. O'Shea joined me to discuss his journey that led him through his hospital based residency at the University of Michigan. We talked a lot about his experiences in the residency and treating medically complex patients. We also discussed his current job in a group practice in Detroit, where...  Read More
Episode 8-Special Needs Dentistry in the OR with Dr. Jordan Blankenship-Sniker
We had another great interview on The Mentors of Dentistry Podcast! Dr. Jordan Blankenship-Sniker joined us to discuss her journey in making OR based hospital dentistry available to her patients. Dr. Jordan did a one year residency after dental school out west in Utah and is currently in private...  Read More
Dental Surgery from Residency to Practice with Dr. Alex McRee
Dr. Alex McRee joined me for a spontaneous episode one Saturday morning to talk about his experience in residency and transition into private practice. We focused on his surgical experience and how he has leveraged those skills gained in residency to help multiple private practice dentists broaden...  Read More
Making Money After Dental School
We had third year dental student Dallin Gomez on the show! Dallin created a Facebook group called "Making Money after Dental School Mastermind." It is a spectacular group where a ton of information is shared about how to become successful after dental school. We discussed his journey into...  Read More
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