Dental FraudBusters!
Dental FraudBusters!
"I am on a mission to help dentists better understand, prevent and confront issues related to fraud, embezzlement and employee dishonesty in their practice"
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Bill Hiltz
Bill Hiltz

Fifty Shades of What?!
"Fifty Shades of Fraud" or "Fifty Shades of Error?All dentists lose money to one or the other.Does it matter if you lose $100 to fraud, or $100 to an error or omission?No, because the burn is, you're still out 100 dollars.When unnecessary mistakes are made repeatedly, and on a daily basis, the...  Read More
Which of these fraud (embezzlement) scenarios is worse?
Would you choose Ma Barker or Robin Hood?Which of these fraud scenarios is worse? If you had to, which one would you choose? #1: A patient pays $100. Your employee steals the $100 and records a write-off of $100 on the patient's ledger#2: A patient was expected to pay $500, and pays $400. Your...  Read More
47 year old female dentist sentenced to 30 months in jail for healthcare fraud.
47 year old female dentist sentenced to 30 months in jail for healthcare fraud.The dentist in this case did three things that landed her in prison. She:    1- fraudulently billed insurers for services never rendered    2- billed insurers for services rendered using inappropriate billing codes that...  Read More
How to steal from a dentist
This post discusses some of the schemes used by employees to steal from a dental practice. These methods are not specific to dentistry, nor do they require cunning skill and intellect to perform.I have been uncovering these schemes repeatedly in countless practices since 2004, so I feel it is...  Read More
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Patient and Insurance Refunds - Are you doing it right?
"I have noticed an increase in the number of cases involving theft of patient and insurance refunds over the last 2 years."Bill HiltzHere are are a few suggestions to help when processing refunds: Secure your merchant terminal so employees cannot issue a refund to a credit or debit card without...  Read More
Open a can today.
Open a can today.  Read More
NEVER give employees authorization to use your company or personal credit cards
Half a million dollars, 5 years in prison.She used the doc's credit cards to pay for her son’s pre-school tuition which she deducted on her 2016 tax return. b*tch!The lesson here is NEVER give employees authorization to use your company or personal credit cards. If you must, then put controls on...  Read More
“I’ll just let her go. What could possibly go wrong?”
“I’ll just let her go”These are the first words that many dentists think when confronted with employee dishonesty.They rationalize that the best solution to their dishonesty problem is to terminate the person’s employment and “move on”.No rational person enjoys confrontationConfrontation is...  Read More
The most powerful embezzlement deterrent ever!
Every employee that steals follows the same pattern of thinking.Motive –> Opportunity -> RationalizeMotiveThe employee feels pressured to steal. The reasons vary, and the list is extensive. Often the employee needs money to satisfy a debt, make up for a loss of spousal income, wanting to satisfy an...  Read More
Dental Practice Exploratory Fraud Examination
A couple of years ago, if I saw an offer like this, I would have said it was too good to be true. Today, I am pleased to say that this is a genuine offer from dentistry's leading embezzlement and forensic data expert. My knowledge and experience in this area is second to none. I've never been wrong...  Read More
A little bit about some of the things we do.   Read More
This excerpt was taken from a client “assessment” interview I conducted about 5 years ago.This dentist suspected his office manager was stealing. His suspicions were correct, he just did not know it yet. In this part of the assessment interview, I’m asking him about check writing...  Read More

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