The Efficient Practice
The Efficient Practice
Welcome to The Blog! Here you will find topics we've all dealt with whether its administrative and goes along with the day-to-day ins and outs of running a dental business. Here we keep it REAL with simple/actionable solutions. Let's Discover!
Dr Evelyn Samuel

018 How To Create A Stress-Free Day: 5 Simple Tips To Start Today!
How To Create A Stress-Free Day!In this episode of The Efficient Practice Podcast, I discuss 5 Simple Tips To A Stress-Free Day in the dental office.  And yes, the office can be a calm place.  Let's face it, dentistry can be stressful, and we often spend more time with our dental families than with...  Read More
017 How to Hire The "A Team" (Six Tips You Need to Implement)!
017 How To Hire The A TeamIn This Episode of The Efficient Practice Podcast,  I discuss six tips to help you hire the "A Team."  Over the years, I've spoken with many colleagues, and this is the area that doctors report as being one of the biggest challenges in their practices.  We know that your...  Read More
016 The Quest For Financial Independence with Stanley T. Funches, Sr., CFP®, ChFC®, CRPC®, MBA
The Quest For Financial IndependenceIn This Episode of The Efficient Practice Podcast, I Interview Stanley T. Funches, Sr., CFP®, ChFC®, CRPC®, MBA who was born and raised in Clinton, Mississippi.  He later went on to study Finance and earn a BSM from Tulane University and later a MBA from Samford...  Read More
015 "Dentistry Uncensored" with Dr. Howard Farran
Dentistry UncensoredOr Watch The Video: In This Episode of the Efficient Practice Podcast, I interview the Maestro of Dentistry, Dr. Howard Farran who is a living legend and pioneer in our field.  Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, is a practicing dentist with more than 25 years of clinical experience,...  Read More
014 The Power of Social Media and Its Use to Rapidly Scale Your Dental Practice with Dr. Anissa Holmes
014 The Power of Social Media w/ Dr. HolmesOr Watch The Video:In this episode of the Efficient Practice Podcast, I have the great pleasure of interviewing arguably the top Marketer in the World for Dentists and my friend of many years, Dr. Anissa Holmes.  She has received critical acclaim for the...  Read More
In this episode, I interview Naren Arulrajah who is a self-described “serial entrepreneur,” enthusiastic about serving others. For more than ten years he has helped dentists, doctors, lawyers, coaches, consultants, and other professionals find practice success with personal fulfillment. Naren is a...  Read More
005 Motherhood and Dentistry with Dr. Cyndi Blalock
In this episode of The Efficient Practice Podcast, I interview Dr. Cyndi Blalock who is a general dentist and high-performance coach, speaker, and the creator of She Grows Her Practice, an online community where she helps purpose-driven women entrepreneur doctors and business owners break through...  Read More
004 How To Be A $10,000 A Day Dentist With Dr. Bill Williams
In this episode of the Efficient Practice Podcast, I interview Dr. Bill Williams who is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry and the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics. He is a past president of the Georgia Academy of General Dentistry and traveled the USSR and...  Read More
003 Your Personal Brand with The Savvy Executive
In this episode I talk with Lora Dean, a Senior Executive who serves as a Chief Operating Officer and the founder and president of The Savvy Executive. As a senior executive Lora has oversight for a $100 billion budget, has lead human resources activities for over 15,000 employees, directed major...  Read More
002-Success Tips For New Dentists with The New Dentist Coach
002 Success Tips for New Dentists With The New Dentist CoachIn this episode, I interview Dr. Darwin K. Hayes, The New Dentist Coach who is the Lead Co-Director of the General Practice Residency Program at BronxCare Health System (formerly Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center) in the Bronx, NY - the 2nd...  Read More
001 What They Didn't Teach You In Dental School!
In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing New Dentist, Dr. John Mark Burney. Dr. Burney is an associate dentist of the Blue Diamond Dental, P.A. dental team located in Wilmington, Delaware, and he also proudly serves as a soldier in the Army National Guard currently holding the rank of...  Read More
000 About Me: Efficient Practice Podcast with Dr. Evelyn Samuel
000 About Me: Efficient Practice PodcastIn this About Me Episode, I talk about my journey to achieving my lifetime goal of becoming a dentist, why I created the Efficient Practice Podcast and my ultimate goal of helping dentists/small business owners to have better practices and a better quality of...  Read More
An Excerpt From 100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry- A Cluttered Desk
An Excerpt From 100 Things I HATE/LOVE About Dentistry-A Cluttered DeskI absolutely cannot stand a cluttered desk. The truth is, a cluttered desk makes me feel extremely nervous and unsettled...I do not like disorder. Then why, you may ask, is my desk at this very moment in complete disarray? The...  Read More
An Excerpt From 100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry
An Excerpt From 100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry                                                       Running the BusinessRunning the Business... Let the church say, Amen.Dentists are skilled clinicians with great hands, artistically crafting the most beautiful anatomic design in an...  Read More
How To Have Productive Morning Meetings
How to Have Productive Morning Meetings:The importance of the morning huddle is paramount! It sets the tone for the entire day. To ensure that the office environment is harmonious, patients are seen on time and patients have an exceptional experience, a quick few minutes of planning is...  Read More
An Excerpt From 100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry
An Excerpt From 100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry“How can you hatepracticing dentistry? This is what you do, it’s your profession.” I hear you ask. Let me clarify the statement, I don’t hate practicing dentistry…I hate practicing dentistry in conjunction with all...  Read More
Handling Patient Stops: Why Patients Say No To Treatment And How You Can Get A Yes!
Handling Patient Stops: Why Patients Say No To Treatment And How You Can Get A Yes!First and foremost, what is a patient stop? A patient stop is simply all the reasons patients give you for saying no. Examples are costs, not understanding purposed treatment, what family members/friends have told...  Read More
How to Properly Answer Your Phone: The True Reason Patients Aren't Scheduling!
How to Properly Answer Your Office Phone: The True Reason Patients Aren’t Scheduling!So, I do a workshop for dental office personnel called “Telephone Bootcamp.”  This stemmed from my office protocol of training my new hires.  Before anyone is allowed to answer the phone in my office, they must go...  Read More
There's A System For That!
There’s A System For That… In our ever changing and evolving digitized world, there is literally an App (application) for everything. I surmise that the same is true for dentistry. When I set up my first dental practice, I was determined to run it like a large scale out and out REAL business.  I...  Read More
Want to Start A New Dental Practice?
“If It Is Both Terrifying And Amazing, Then You Should Definitely Pursue It!”Does the thought of pursuing your dream paralyze you with fear? Well, that’s pretty dramatic. But, does rationalization and thoroughly thinking things through keep you stagnant? I’m all for thinking...  Read More
Streamline Your Business to Focus on What's Important!
Streamline Your Business to Focus on What’s Important!Are you spending too much time focusing on too many little things? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the minute details of running your business? Now, many of you that read this blog and follow me are dentists or in the medical field;...  Read More
You Get What You Think You Deserve
Welcome to the Efficiency Institute and my very first blog here! Now, I’ve authored a book and articles and published scientific research. I even blogged on dental procedures for patients, but not for my coaching business. Naturally, I have pondered and pondered on what pearls to disseminate...  Read More

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