Doctor Demographics
Doctor Demographics
I write about where to put a practice, the market conditions that are influencing the places where dentistry works best, and the trends that are helping or inhibiting practice.
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Key to Great Dental Sites: Single Family Dwelling Units
We are always looking for the characteristics that will indicate a promising place to put a practice.  True, wealth is great but the distribution and percentage of single-family dwelling units (SFDUs) is proving to be a great demographic factor in where to look.  Unfortunately, some places are...  Read More
Practice Doldrums
Every practice (and every business) goes through cycles of high production/collection as well as lows.  These cycles are sometimes bewildering and often frustrating.  Still, they can be understood.  By using the metaphor of "the Doldrums" we can understand these cycles and what to do to anticipate...  Read More
Practice Doldrums
There is a cyclical nature to practice.  Sometimes it is based upon time of year.  Sometimes it is based upon your geographic setting.  This session discusses how to read these trends and what to do about them.    Read More
Gentrification and Your Practice Site
Gentrification has become a hot topic in site selection, community development, city policies, and budgets.  It is both loved and hated.  This session of our podcast puts to bed the issue of whether it will help or hurt your office site.    Read More
What State is Right For You
While demographic companies can be very helpful to choose a specific site, the hard part is choosing among the larger geographic options.  This session discusses the dominant factors in choosing which state to consider.    Read More
Political Debate and Practice Locations
The great political debate has stretched the truth about America, places to practice, and the outlook for practices.  This is a fun session.   Read More

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