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Doctor Demographics
I write about where to put a practice, the market conditions that are influencing the places where dentistry works best, and the trends that are helping or inhibiting practice.
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Three Demographic Factors that Spell Success or Tragedy
There are three important factors that will spell success for a practice site.  And, no, one of them is NOT competition (which may surprise you).  Rather, they are more important and relevant to the profitability of your practice operations.  Three Vital Demographic Factors   Read More
The Geriatric Dental Practice
It may seem that all the "good spots" are taken.  What we may need to consider is how to serve an underserved population better in order to make our practices grow.  This session deals with the idea of age related demographics may be fertile ground for existing and new practices.  The Geriatric...  Read More
Profitability and Working with the Poor
Some dentists complain that all the "good locations" have already been taken.  That is because so few consider locations that do not fit a narrow calculation of what makes a reasonable place to  build a practice.  This episode deals with those locations that will work well for serving a broader...  Read More

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