Doctor Demographics
Doctor Demographics
I write about where to put a practice, the market conditions that are influencing the places where dentistry works best, and the trends that are helping or inhibiting practice.
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Dentistry: Death By Regulation
As a demographer, we are tasked with trying to predict the future.  I know, right? But something has been driving me crazy when it comes to figuring out where to put a practice: someone else who does NOT practice, acting as though they are working in the public's best interest.  In other words:...  Read More
In Defense of the Little Guy
I have a certain orientation when it comes to working with practices: I tend to think about dentists (as individuals) rather than practices (which may be large or small). Therefore, my thought is to look at the world from the point of view of the individual; the little guy.  And this may be a...  Read More
Millenials and Dentistry
Pictured are just a few of MY Millennials.  So, are they important to a dental practice.  Frankly, they ARE important but only indirectly.  This session explains why you need them in your neighborhood.                                        Millennials and Dentistry                              Read More
Common Qualitative Research Problems: It's what you THINK you know that is the problem
There are lots of places to get demographic information.  But there are limited places to get those numbers interpreted. In short, you can be making some huge assumptive errors and this session is all about that.                                         Qualitative Resarch Problems               ...  Read More
Dentistry and Charlottesville - Chaos Prevention
This podcast was inspired by real events that happened to my friend and client in Charlottesville, VA this last weekend.  It is a reminder of what to do when chaotic events not in your control overtake you.                                        Dentistry and Charlottesville                      ...  Read More
Get Me Out of Here: When Disaster (REAL Disaster Strikes)
Everyone has a bad day.  Not everyone has a disaster in their career.  I  have some perspectives on what to do when that happens.                                        Get Me Out of Here                              Read More
Historical Drift and Your Patient Base
The term "Historic Drift" was coined by me to describe how the distribution of a patient base in the geographic area around a practice site changes over time. It is no one's fault that it changes but according to our observations, it happens. This is important for buyers, sellers, brokers, and...  Read More
Growth Projections. Lies, Myths, Hopes, and Follies
Too many dentists are relying upon statistical projections of growth or stability and taking serious risks when they do so. This episode is about mitigating those risks and putting these numbers in proper perspective. Growth Projections. Lies, Myths,...  Read More

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