During my first ever work placement, I shadowed an implant specialist. During this time, I learnt a few things about :        In general, people don’t know what they are            Aftercare advice available online is minimal            Patients are surprised by how little pain they are in...  Read More
Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it can quickly take its toll on your health. With all the indulgent food and drinks available in abundance, it can be easy to fall into bad habits. Your teeth take a particular beating around the holiday season. People quite often eat a lot of sugary...  Read More
Despite the whole country having access to NHS treatment, it would seem that there are still huge divides in dental care throughout the UK. A recent report by the Nuffield Trust found that there is a “consistent gap” between the dental health of people from well-off and deprived areas. People from...  Read More
One of the most satisfying parts of being a dental nurse is helping patients who were once terrified of visiting the dentist conquer their fears. Like any other kind of healthcare, visiting the dentist is essential, but so many people avoid it because of their fears. If a patient has a bad...  Read More
When I speak to patients about getting their teeth straightened, they are often brimming with questions about what method would be right for them. When people think of braces, they often think they are limited to the tramtrack braces that were prominent 10 or 20 years ago. Nowadays, there are so...  Read More
As a dental student and intern, I spend a lot of my time telling patients that dental work won’t hurt. I have to ask them to differentiate between pain and pressure, because the former can be prevented, but the latter is just an uncomfortable fact of dental work. We can’t numb the...  Read More
As part of my dental placement, I get a lot of opportunities to speak to patients. A lot of them are more willing to open up to the dental student than to their own dentist. This means that I learnt a lot about some dangerous dental trends that seem to be widespread. Here are just some of the crazy...  Read More
This month, we looked at an area I hadn't even considered until now: elderly patient care. I've focused so much on working with children and the challenges this presents and just assumed that dental care gets easier as you get older. This couldn't be further from the case. Some of the challenges...  Read More
Spotlight On Careers: What Does A Treatment Coordinator Do?
In my time shadowing dentists, dental assistants and other practice staff at in Lymm, I got to know a lot about the different roles available. One of the most interesting areas I got to work in was treatment coordination, which is a multi-faceted role with many different challenges. In this blog...  Read More
My first week in dentistry school was a blur. Between finding the right classes, lugging around giant textbooks, and getting well and truly lost in the library, it barely felt like I did any actual learning about anything relating to dentistry. To add to the confusion about whether or not I had...  Read More

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