Dean writes Agent Straight-Talk, a consumer blog on dental insurance and discount dental plans. Dean shoots from the hip highlighting best practices and trends within the dental insurance industry.
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What Kind of Mileage Should I Expect with this Dental Plan?
Have you ever thought about how shopping for a dental plan is like shopping for a car? A new car, that is; we don’t offer pre-owned insurance plans and would discourage anyone from enrolling in one.If you haven’t thought about the new car/dental plan analogy, that’s okay;...  Read More
Quote Us on Our Dental Plans - Anytime!
You know you live in an instant gratification society when the thought of making instant oatmeal seems like it takes too long. And how many people check their wi-fi connection if it takes more than a minute to stream a two-hour movie? The stuff we want, we want it now. Need more proof? What about...  Read More
A Father to Son Heart to Heart About PPOs
Patrick PPO knew something was wrong as soon as he got home from work and saw his son Pat sitting on the front porch.Walking up to his son, he set down his laptop bag, loosened his tie and sat down next to Pat. “Something wrong, son?” Sniffing, Pat wiped his sleeve across his nose and...  Read More
PPO's Offer Freedom and Flexibility
How many of you have ever bought into the illusion of a one-size-fits-all purchase, only to learn later that the outfitted size is for someone taller/shorter, skinnier/heavier, narrower/wider, or younger/older than you?News flash: people are unique. Not only do we come in different shapes and...  Read More
She Can "Bearly" Contain Her Excitement
Once upon a time there was a young woman named Goldie Lockes. A native of California, she had graduated from a local high school where she had perfect tooth brushing attendance four consecutive years.Goldie also gained some local notoriety after getting 5,000 signatures on a petition suggesting a...  Read More
Tooth, Justice and the American Way
They are America’s mightiest dental heroes, created to fight bad oral health and tooth decay no mere mortal can withstand alone. These heroes know that tooth brushing, flossing and oral rinsing are good habits, but more is needed in this age of super-sized soda drinks, sugary foods and...  Read More
The Dental Plan Dating Game
Hello, and welcome to the Dental Plan Dating Game! At this time we’d like to introduce you to our three contestants.Bachelor #1 is a local guy who prides himself on frugality and prefers working close to home. He likes being organized and knowing where every dollar spent on his dental care...  Read More
Dental Solutions for Everyday Problems
Last month’s Back to School series brought back fuzzy memories of “story problems” from grade school math. You remember the ones, right?They contained scenarios like, “There was 1/2 of a pizza left from supper last night, and you ate 1/3 of it for breakfast. What fraction of...  Read More

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