Dental Implant Practices
Dental Implant Practices
Dental Implant Practices- How to integrate dental implants into your practice and into bone. Breaking through the barriers in implant dentistry for the general dentist.
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051 Single Implant Placement with Philip Gordon, DDS
                                       051 Single Implant Placement with Philip Gordon, DDS                            Dr. Philip Gordon grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and has lived here most of his life. He received his bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of...  Read More
050 Millennial Dental Implants with Peyman Raissi, DDS
                                       050 Millennial Dental Implants with Peyman Raissi, DDS                            ? Dr. Peyman Raissi DDS AKA Dr. Peyray as he is more affectionately known in the Social Media, is one of the biggest rising stars in Dentistry today. Don’t let his young age...  Read More
049 Implants and Endodontics with Sonia Scheerer, DDS, MS
She is native to the Northland, she graduated from NKC high school in 1982. Dr. Sonia Q. Scheerer earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from University of Missouri-Kansas City, School of Dentistry in 1993. She served in the United States Navy active duty for 10 years. Her tour consisted...  Read More
048 Attachments International with Darwin Bagley
Darwin Bagley, C.D.T., A.S., is Senior Director of Technical Services at Attachments International. He is also part of the tech team with Implant Direct. has over 30 years of experience in the dental technology field. He has lectured worldwide to Universities and dental study groups on...  Read More
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