Oral Health & Hygiene
Oral Health & Hygiene
Oral health is important for your over all health. Taking care of the body is important and so is your oral health.
OC Dental Implants

Benefits of All on 4 Dental Implants over Traditional Implants
Dental implants are an ideal way to restore proper function to the mouth while preventing bone loss and tissue degeneration. Traditional implants involved placing one metal rod into the jawbone for each tooth that has been lost. The All-on-4 dental implant method is much newer and only requires...  Read More
A bone graft is used to recreate bone and soft supporting tissues that have been lost as a result of periodontitis or another gum disease. Click on the link to learn more about dental bone grafting.  Read More
Do you have a missing tooth that is affecting your self-confidence and making you feel embarrassed in front of others? OC Dental Implants, led by , offers same day dental implants that will help you regain confidence by replacing lost teeth with natural teeth.Dr. Frangopol will first understand...  Read More
Dental Implant Surgery: After-Care Tips for Speedy Recovery
Here are some dental implants after-care tips by Dr. Frangopol for a speedy recovery of your dental implant surgery:The First Two Days: The phase of first 48-hours phase are crucial after dental implant surgery, as precautions during these hours will put your implants on a speedy recovery track....  Read More
All About Full Mouth Reconstruction
, also called full mouth restoration/rehabilitation, is the systematic approach to restoring all(or nearly all) of your teeth in both the upper and lower jaws simultaneously. This is not just a single treatment but a set of procedures designed to replace multiple missing teeth, set improperly...  Read More
Sleep Apnea : Symptoms, Cause And Treatment
Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that occurs when the tongue or other soft tissues in and near the mouth obstruct the airway during sleep. It is a serious health issue and has many different possible causes. It can be really dangerous if left undiagnosed and untreated. There are three different...  Read More
Why Good Oral Hygiene Is Essential for Athletes
Usually oral health is overlooked by many athletes and it’s because they aren’t aware of the poor oral health consequences.    Read More
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Full Mouth Reconstruction
Make your smile shine with complete full mouth reconstruction treatment, which is specifically designed to provide maximum benefit to the dental patients.   Read More
What all you Need to Know About Oral Cancer
According to a recent survey, oral cancer accounts for more than 35,000 diagnosed cases each year in the U.S alone. This number reflects unawareness of the people towards oral cancer. This is actually the main aim behind Oral Cancer Awareness Month to make people aware about important facts related...  Read More
Studies Reveal Flossing doesn't help! Docs Still Recommend Flossing Teeth
To floss or not to floss has become a popular dilemma for the whole world right now! After US Department of Health and Human Services removed the dental floss recommendation from the latest dietary guidelines, a series of debates took off over the matter of dental flossing. Science reveals that...  Read More

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